Full Speed Bacon: Laughter At Humanity Show Can Finally Have Guests Again Spectacular

“Never underestimate the unseen costs of fucking up the first time.”

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Finally, shit’s starting to work again, even while shit is falling apart! Worked through some technical (and electrical) difficulties and got shit done, and unlike a famous former basketball player on a helicopter this past weekend, all without dying! Did Rajon have something interesting to say on his first ever, and do some companies actually look DOWN on more efficient marketers? Bring that imperial stout in like a wrecking ball, and tune in down below!

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Stand Your Ground: Laughter At Humanity Show Would Castration Bring World Peace Spectacular

“I’m not leaving just because you’re offended.”

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If you aren’t offending humans just by doing what you normally do, can you say you even live? That’s how I roll, and it never gets old! Does plant oil fry your brain just like your onion rings, and do some vaping humans realize what they are? Kindly crack open a stout and tune in, down below!

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Standing ground and new device show

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Most Widely Used Cooking Oil Causes Genetic Changes in the Brain

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Bacon’s Gone Carnivore: Laughter At Humanity Show 13 Lies Retards Believe In Spectacular

“Pareto was generous: it’s more of the 95/5 principle.”

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You read that right: I am indeed doing #worldcarnivoremonth, and so far so good! “But Bacon, won’t you die of gut rot and rickets!? Not so fast, you fucking fruits over at Insider.com! Did I recruit some help to find the overarching beliefs that go against humanity, and did some mommy fail her daughter while the father wasn’t available for comment? Crack open a can of coconut coffee porter and tune in, down below!

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Carnivore Bacon Vitamin C

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13 reasons why carnivore

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Carrnivore part 3

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The Art of Being Wrong

Death by Environmentalism: The 3 Moral cases for Fossil Fuels

Hatred Of Effectiveness: The Reality Of Plastic


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This Week In Philosophy: Edition 3

Thank you for tuning in the the 3rd edition of This Week In Philosophy, which isn’t so much of a weekly thing as it is an compilation of musings and thoughts I have on Instagram, usually on the spot when a thought pops into my head. As much as this can be entertaining and informative, what struck me as equally if not even more important about doing this is to have these words and lessons learned on a platform that isn’t controlled by others: digital book burning is real my friends. There’s no particular subject matter in these, though they may follow a pattern given these are written chronologically. It is my hope you find this worth your precious time to read. With that, read on!

Part 1: Family

“The family you have is the people that choose to be with you. It no longer matters whether you are genetically related to them or not.”

It, today at least, really is a choice. For the last 2 million or so years, the family you had was the one you were born into. For obvious genetic reasons, they were who you would associate with first, and part with last. These days it really only means that in the superficial sense, making holidays more bearable with those you didn’t choose to be born with.

These days, you have a lot more choices, primarily through the internet. With that, you have a much broader variety to choose from, from all kinds of groups, races and tribes. With that, you can find your tribe as they seem fit, much better than before, when you were stuck wherever you were born. Gone are the days you had to stick with your literal brothers, picking other people in their place.

I may have to do so. My own brother, the kid I grew up with in the household I am currently writing this in, damn near left the house because I didn’t agree with him, with every stereotype getting involved. And trust me: much as I love giving him shit and vice versa, that hurts. At the same time, people I only know through Clarey’s and Gary and Dino podcasts are looking forward to meeting me. Family is now chosen, not born. And I must live with that.

Fine: you may have kids, only for them to hate you. You may nave neighbors, only to love them. Unless you’re willing to really put in the time and effort, it really doesn’t matter anymore. So spend the time with those that want to spend time with you. Will blood save you when the next world war comes around?

Part 2: Deal Breakers

“Tattoos are a fine way of making a woman sexier with her clothes on.”

A while back I wrote about mistakes, easily avoided mistakes in particular, with tattoos on women being the example. The reason I picked that example, aside from the fact it riles up the right people (because it’s true and they know it) is two-fold: 1. I actually care about my lady followers, along with female beauty, not just for my eyes but the eyes of your future soul mate, and 2. This particular mistake is scaleable.

Sometimes I’ll select a model or cute girl to post, only noticing a small patch of ink later. Those, though it’s a bit of a let down, I can live with: show me a woman that hasn’t made a mistake in the past, let alone men; all of us fuck up in our own way. But some fuck ups either can’t be undone, or the process to unfuck it is so arduous it’s nigh unfeasible. Take Olive Ashly for example: the cover pic is a throwback of when she was actually hot. The pic after is one, where she is no longer hot. Is she still in good shape? Yes. Does she still have her god granted physical attributes? Yep. So what changed? She marred her hip, not just with an ink blot, but an entire stroke of a brush. Doesn’t really matter the pattern it takes: ink is ink.

If you listened to the latest show you’ve heard the testimony of a lady that got ink, realized it was a mistake, and after finding out it was a deal breaker for the love of her life, went through far more pain and money to get it removed. Call him whatever lazy feminists will, but he was the one committing to her, and she made the (right) choice to do it. And this was all over a small one on her shoulder. Could you imagine if she had gotten a sleeve, or a hip wrapping like Olive? Forget what pain and agony let alone the time and money it would take to erase that: he might not have even asked her out in the first place or, if it was the Olive tat, saw it after having rocked her world in bed, and never moved things beyond being fuck buddies. In either case, her deal breaker costs her a good loving relationship.

There are many things that can be deal breakers. Some are specific to certain people, therefore you won’t know until it’s too late, if you’re informed of it at all; not much you can do about those. The rest, however, are pretty universal: being fat and out of shape, having ties to past relationships such as kids, unmanageable amounts of debt, a criminal history or drug habit, be a vegan animal rights activist with ink to show your submission to the religion of retardism, or too many or too ill-placed tattoos. As I said, everyone makes mistakes: it’s whether those mistakes can be rectified before it’s too late.

Let’s go back to Olive: she looks damn good and shapely even when covered neck to foot. Let’s say she was lucky enough to pick me up from the bar, dressed pleasantly but not provocatively, and we start undressing each other in the bedroom: what do you think my reaction would be upon seeing… that? Chances are I’d still give her the ride of her life, change how she walks and make her want to bond with me, and maybe keep her around for a quick lay at best. Another scenario: let’s say I meet her as she was when I first saw her profile and we actually started a a committed relationship, and one afternoon we’re getting hot and heavy and suddenly… that’s there. It at the least will raise some serious questions because, whether women know it or not, that’s an external sign of an internal problem. In either case, her best scenario is now finding a guy she isn’t as attracted to but is willing to look over that red flag to have a family with, not just picturing but reliving her moments with me as she’s conceiving her children. Sad as that is, it’s better than most others, all because she “fucked up”.

In the real world, that’s not gonna happen: she’s too far away to be even that lucky to have that experience. I have since unfollowed her: was nice seeing her pics over the years I did follow her, but attractive as her physical body still may be, I don’t want to look at that, and neither does most of my audience, whether they choose to admit it or not. Instead, I’ll post pics of the lovely Lynn Lynn, who is just as good looking as Olive but doesn’t have at least that particular deal breaker. Sad to see her go even though I’m the one not looking anymore, but that’s why pictures are important: they last forever, a reminder of what was before it was no longer. And even when you’ve moved on, isn’t it nice to have a relic of the past?

Part 3: Individuality and Freedom

“People aren’t afraid of anarchy, they’re afraid of consequences.”

America. The United States of America to be exact. Though it’s militaristic might leaves it’s origins in it’s shadows, so too is it’s individualistic spirit a shadow of it’s former self. Back before ‘Murica was ever a thing, there were tales of a foreign land, a free land without much structure, with no guarantee of safety, but also without rulers. And, though they lived in the relative security of the most successful and prosperous nations of the time, despite having their only relationships and family heritage in that land spanning back generations, they flocked into boats to cross the most vast ocean on the planet to reach it, with no guarantee of ever making a good life on the other side, if they survived the endeavor at all. Some, ironically enough, even sold their physical labor in exchange for passage from the bastions of security, into the wilds of the then unknown, all in the name of freedom and marking their own path, some never seeing their loved ones again in the process.

So what separated these people from those that stayed? What drove these people to seek out new and unknown lands while leaving the safer, more familiar ones behind, later to defend them against their former culture? Many books, movies and presentations have been written about the political reasons behind this, but there’s a, dare I say it, spirit behind the movement, a drive to leave that which is familiar and seek out that which is not. That spirit, for lack of a better term, is individualism: the ability to be self sustaining and affirming enough to leave safety and pursue new achievements, new lands, free of rule, willing to face the results of their actions.

A while back I ran across the question of what was the best symbol for America. Last night I was going through some old notes and came across the answer I thought of off hand: “The best symbol of America is a man.” And I have to say I stand by that statement, for what is a man really but a wrecking ball of experiment, a conduit of energy and creativity. Just as a Woman is the embodiment of Security, a Man is the embodiment of Individualism. And, though there were women that attended those first forays into America, it was mostly men that led the explorations and later occupation of the “new land”. Just as it has been women that were tasked with the role of maintaining the homestead and supporting the man, it has been men that were tasked with the role of the risk taker, often to the point of being disposable, and it it’s men’s love for women that drove men to protect them, along with the homestead, from the all too often horrors of the unknown, of the wild, and of other cultures.

But that role cannot be fulfilled if you prioritize safety, particularly your own, over discovery, over freedom. There’s a reason men’s IQ’s differ so vastly while women’s are relatively the same as a whole: even mother nature realizes man’s role as the risk taker of the two. And it is men, out of their love for women, that strike out into the unknown frontier, the fog of war, the far reaches of true anarchy, to not only advance society, but to protect those that depend upon them, often laying down their lives in the process. It is women that help to raise and nurture men, but it is men that protect their freedom, without which there is no security. It is women that secure the home, but it is men that ventured out to supply it. It is women that make sure things are safe, often for the future of society, but it is men that took the risks to advance society.

No one role is more important than the other. I’m reminded of two things. 1. Aaron Clarey’s analogy of the warship and the harbor. Without the warship to defend the harbor, the harbor is open to attack. Without the harbor, the ship inevitably falls into disrepair, leaving the land open to capture. 2. The Yin Yang symbol. Often it is seen as merely the symbol of balance. In fact it is more than that: it is the symbol of the Oneness of Opposing Forces, the ultimate complementation of one another, of balance. For far too long there has been a misbalance: a celebration of collectivism and conformity, of falling in line and believing what you’re told, doing what you’re ordered to. I’m not saying these are bad things: these are the traits of women, and they have served well in the past to raise the next generation and keep the husband from blowing the nursery up with experimental rockets. But, left unchecked, society does not grow, and will ultimately collapse in upon itself. Society, much as we value security and safety, cannot survive and grow without the spirit of individualism and freedom that made it what it is, and made the birth of the most free country ever to exist on the face of this planet possible.

Want to celebrate what made the drive that made what you have now possible? Today, embody the spirit of individualism that made it so, even in the face of those that tell you to conform. In a society that only celebrates women, take a stand and celebrate, in their own words, the other half of the human race, the ultimate symbol of individualism and America.

“Below are some screenshots of hashtags relating to men & women, showing their popularity of usage. You can draw your own conclusions.”

Happy International Men’s Day.

Part 4: The Alpha Male

“Your code is there to help you, not for others to exploit, navigate, or circumvent. When you hold yourself up to a certain standard, others see that as an opportunity to exploit or take from you. They see virtue as vulnerability – and without proper safeguards, that is what happens.” – TJ Martinell

Recently I got into a discussion with a handful of people online, in a roundabout way at least, what an “alpha” male really is or is not. In particular, the discussion centered around whether raising someone elses children was “alpha”, and if “pumping and dumping” was behavior worthy of respect or shame. Plenty of opinions on all sides, some more wrong than others, all with an endless supply of rationale behind them. But the question remains: what exactly IS an alpha male?

Ironically, he is just that. He IS. Nothing more. Nothing less.

In the past, the term Alpha came from observing wolves, usually a pack with a leader, with any extra males called “betas”. Whether this holds true in nature is another discussion entirely, and as per usual detractors of anything even remotely approaching human excellence were quick to nitpick the analogy to death: “that’s not how wolves REALLY operate, durrrrr….”, missing the point entirely. The analogy still holds true however: whether lone, or with his own tribe, an Alpha Male is his own man, that creates and owns his actions, and leads by example. He may seek guidance when necessary, but ultimately controls his own destiny and those that choose to follow him. Whether others see him as “alpha” or not doesn’t matter: only his mindset and actions determine that, not other’s opinions of him.

Funny enough, the term “alpha” is a given title, not one the bestowed upon seeks: those that stand out, who are interesting in and of themselves and accomplishments, are the ones that earn it. But, as all titles and labels are subject to, they can and have been corrupted. Such is the nature of language, the greatest gift of mankind, and the greatest curse: the ability to manipulate the minds of others through words, whether the argument is based in reality or not. Ultimately alpha, like MGTOW or PUA, is just another title in language, that anyone can call themselves, whether or not they exhibit the traits of one. And it is far easier to adopt a title than to earn it. In the same vein, it is easier to label behaviours that benefit you as “alpha”, and shame others that do not.

Speaking of which, let’s go back to the behaviours mentioned at the beginning. Is it “alpha” to raise another man’s kids? Depends on him. Depends on what you mean by “raise” for that matter. Does mentoring or teaching over an extended length of time count? If so, then sure it is: that man is helping others in his environment and society to be better, more productive people. I myself was raised in part by a man that was not my biological father, and I myself have mentored and taught many kids, teens, even adults: I’ve never said biology was the end all be all. However, is taking care of her kids from cock’s past the price you pay to stay in the relationship? That, my friend, is settling, and those on their own path do not settle.

To address the other, is “pumping and dumping” alpha behavior? To ask that question is to pose another: why is that even a term, and how is it being used? Usually this is in reference to men that have sex with women and not commit to them afterward. Does that mean women cannot or do not do the same? I’ve told stories on this very channel of women that have picked me up from the bar, or invited me over for my “company” only. Whether you believe women are the “gatekeepers of sex” or not, the reality is women like to take it as much as men love to give it, though men, being the bearers of testosterone and agency, are often the pursuers; women are, after all, built to receive. So if the act of pleasure itself isn’t necessarily the issue, what is?

It is that women are not the “gatekeepers” of sex, but the gatekeepers of procreation. It takes two to tango, but only the woman gets to choose whether that dance brings a new life into the world 9 months later. Therefore, it is ultimately the woman’s responsibility of not only who she sleeps with and whether it’s with or without a condom (which are the only ones she shares with men), but whether there aren’t other barriers in place, whether there are viable eggs waiting to be fertilized, whether there’s have a plan b pill at the ready, and whether she’s willing to terminate any pregnancy should she fuck up the first dozen or so steps to get there in the first place.

But, as stated before, women like to “take” it as much as men like to “give” it, whether they admit it or not: they just tend not to like being accountable for it. That’s why “pumping and dumping” is often used as a shaming phrase by women against men and reported as “not respectable behavior”, especially when it comes to determining what an “alpha” male is: another man’s kids is a disadvantage in the dating market to say the least, and women know it; ultimately that sentiment serves women, not men.

And, as a final look at the term “pumping and dumping”, aside from women choosing to be the second party and whether other men should “shame” that behaviour themselves, it begs the question: what else do women bring to the table? Men, as will most creatures, will take what value they can get, and it’s been no secret that men value sex with women (I’ve heard some women even sell sex: who knew!?). So if the only thing men are seeing women valuable for is having sex with and nothing else, 1. Why do you have nothing but your body that is of value, and 2. Why should men govern what women let inside them? Talk about giving up agency to avoid responsibility. On another note, this is why “alpha” is primarily a masculine title: “alpha” is that which does and leads, and bar exceptions of women people love to bring up when a fact of life is said, you cannot lead if you’re built to follow.

When all is said and done, what is an “alpha male”? An alpha is a title, a label. Who is an alpha male is another question entirely. The two may be easy to mix up in language, but make no mistake: one does not need the other to be “alpha”; the man exists and does before the term, will after it goes away, and doesn’t care who calls him that or anything else along the way. And ask yourself, ladies: would you have it any other way?

Part 5: Hypergamy And Pair Bonding

“Rule One: Don’t Fuck Up.” – Aaron Clarey

True story: had the window open while she was orgasming and he was outside [EDIT](Also a true story: she also never had an orgasm during intercourse before me despite getting knocked up by her ex before, a fact he probably wasn’t too thrilled about). Swipe right for this decades final lesson. @nick_schulaner will get a kick outta this.

Hypergamy is real, and it is a bitch. Not a bitch like the following example is, but in the sense that it is one of the most powerful forces in female nature: both a necessity and a burden for women. It’s no accident that the Pareto principle played out in @theunpluggedman ‘s poll. But what does hypergamy really mean? While men seek women, women need men. They need men for their security, resources, and frankly agency: ever notice any woman that’s seriously into you somehow is into everything you do? It’s not just their bodies that are designed to mold around the man she’s with, but her everything, to the point she becomes a different personality. However, a woman can only go through that bonding so many times before not being capable of it anymore, and the harder she bonds, the worse it gets. And way back when resources were scarce she had to get the best man, so if a better one came along, she had to exercise that option.

That nature hasn’t gone away, in case you haven’t noticed. Take today’s example Bronte (by the way, you sure her parents didn’t want a boy? Who the hell names their kid Bronte?). In her story she made it very clear, in a very grating tone mind you, that she would either have a husband or be single in 2020, therefore don’t bother messaging her. But what does she have to offer her “husband”? Her looks? Even with all the help makeup and hair color has to offer, she’s still slightly above average at best, even up here in the PNW: my roster the past couple of years alone would show that. Her sexual abilities? I’m sure she’s had enough miles run through her to be proficient, but ultimately the female body is designed to receive: it’s the man’s passion that makes the experience the hottest for both parties. Her intellect and attitude? Not much on the former, and as our exchanges and her videos show, she’s enjoyed the attention of being the relatively hottest woman around her area a tad too much. And now she’s seeking commitment with all that to offer, and possibly having every kind of baggage a woman can have outside of having kids from other guys.

“Could you imagine “wifing up” that face?

I’m not saying any of this to demean her: she does a fine job of that on her own. But as someone that would be the type of guy she would seek out had she known so I was (as everyone that’s seen me in person and in action can and has attested to), I’d be a bit worried about catching something from her, let alone committing to what’s essentially a broken product, that thinks she’s a high value one to boot. And as I told Bowl Of Chaos before (the Indian) the man she would want to commit to has better options around or can import them, and the man that will commit to her she won’t be happy with, and I can tell you personally from my time to here, her options are limited already. Maybe she’ll beat the odds but in short, it’s over for Bronte: she may not have kids, but she soiled her youth and beauty with the sex organ between her ears; all she has to offer now is her decreasing ability to sit there and look pretty. And frankly, there are women out there much better at it than her, with more coming on the market everyday. Some examples? Becca Bowen, whose better looking, a sweetheart, and a natural blonde to boot. Dare Taylor, whose nicer, happier looking, and actually has real talent. Paige “Peanut” Michael, who has a serious work ethic, doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, and could crush most other women if she had to. These are women worth committing to, and even I would seriously consider it if it ever became a real scenario. But women like Bronte? Hard pass: I’d rather be alone, and frankly there would be a much more enjoyable conversation to be had.

For a lot of if not most women, it’s too late. But perhaps you’re not one of them, and you’re reading this, in which case, there’s still hope for you, in particular since you made it this far. Don’t be like Bronte. Be like Becca. Be like Dare. Be like Peanut. Most importantly, be like yourself, the best version of you that you can be. That way, not only will you attract the right man for YOU, but you will be able to bond with him, making the both of you the happiest, and possibly pair bonded for life. And if you’re a man reading this that does want to find a woman to partner with, be the personality she can bond with: always keep improving, never settle, and do not be afraid to lead her and give her direction; trust me, that’s what she’s seeking, and she’ll thank you for it, likely in the bedroom right afterward. Sure, life long relationships that are happy don’t happen all that often these days, but why not defy the odds?

… Oh and here’s the aftermath following typing this. Hahahahaha….:

Part 6: Burning Ship

“Best to know whether to save the ship or abandon it.”

I just did something I never thought I’d have to do on here. What is that you ask? I took screenshots of every follower I have. Surprised me to see, though it’s never been a huge one, quite the diverse group of you guys there are: I’ve always been a man that valued quality over quantity. The reason I took the shots is, in the event this page is taken down, I now have a list of all of you offline, so when a new chapter here is launched, you can be notified by me personally. I will continue running this page, right into the ground if need be. But it’s time to move on, diversify as some people say. I do get the feeling I didn’t get everyone, so if you think I might’ve missed you, feel free to DM me, or email at bacon@thegoddamnbacon.com

I honestly don’t like making posts like this. And after this post we will be going back to your regular scheduled content. I curate and write these posts because I believe you need to know what’s going on behind the scenes of this platform, now owned by facebook. You probably already know about the fact in the first pic about algorithm changes, but if you read to the end, you will notice there are no hashtags. The reason is because, as you can see, none of my new branded tags show any posts anymore unlike previously, and none of my content appears to show up anywhere else.

While it truly is an honor to be deemed such a threat by those that are too fragile to survive should natural selection be reintroduced into humanity, the reality is that my work here may be deleted at any time, perhaps after this is posted. Some, as you’ve seen, already has: the latest essay I wrote using a privileged see you next Tuesday as an example of what not to do is gone, over hurt feelings (funny enough, in real life and online, guys I have confrontations with never seem to report me. Wonder if there’s any correlation…): had I not saved it offline, it would’ve been lost forever. And that’s why I’m writing this.

“Models, selfie taking grandmas, even vegans are being throttled.”

If you’ve read this far, thank you: you’re the person I’m talking to. If you want to help me in keeping this page going: 1. Since I will no longer be using hashtags for at least a week, please try using them in some of your own posts: #thegoddamnbacon, #laughterathumanityshow,#roguephilosopher, #worldsgreatestnutritionist, #reallifesupervillain, and #neverbenormal. What this will do, since my own usage of them apparently doesn’t count, is give them some weight, which might make them relevant again. Just an experiment I want to try, and none of these are banned as of yet, so your account won’t get flagged. 2. Spread spread spread: share this content anywhere you can. Use it in stories, screengrab and repost, tell people about the page and what it’s about, print and mail physical copies to your grandma; however you can, every bit helps. Same goes for liking it: costs you a second of your valuable time, and helps give it traction. 3. Bookmark and visit thegoddamnbacon.com: that deleted essay I mentioned? It will be posted there along with other material that gets removed here. Soon it may be the only way to see my works. And you wouldn’t want THAT would you!?

World’s Greatest Nutritionist: Laughter At Humanity Show Ringing In The Roarin’20’s In Right Spectacular

“There are scant better feelings than being proven right.”

Show note: Apparently the glitches plaguing the device I record on have infected the shows, meaning the following episodes will have chunks of the audio missing, which is why it will sound a bit choppy. My apologies for this, and thanks for listening!

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It’s here! It’s not queer! And it’s got perfect vision bitches! The twenty teens saw me getting into plenty of panties in more than one way, into bottles of wine, and into and out of hairy situations, again, in more than one way; let’s see what the Roaring 20’s have to offer! Was I proven right about everything I’ve said about nutrition, and did a bikini barista get her panties in a was when she was told it’s too late to get a husband up to her standards? Pop the cork of that bottle of red you’ve beeen saving, and tune the fuck in, down below!

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