An Interview With: Patty

“If we had to worry about everyone else’s feelings and back story, we’d never get anything done.” 

Special Shoutout:

So this particular Monday night, I had quite the surprise for the show, as I planned to do the live narration alongside other side stories about how pretty much everything that’s gone on over the last few years was something I saw coming. How in the theme of things should I continue to get blindsided, as Patty, one of the Hall Of Famers of the Gary & Dino Show 3rd Man Militia, reached out to me and asked to come on the show to talk about a couple of past events, with several of the 3rd Men joining in the chat. So how did this impromptu interview go? First make sure you have a steady Internet connection and a supply of booze on hand, and tune in down below!

MP3: AHI Patty

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