Bacon’s Gone Carnivore: Laughter At Humanity Show 13 Lies Retards Believe In Spectacular

“Pareto was generous: it’s more of the 95/5 principle.”

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You read that right: I am indeed doing #worldcarnivoremonth, and so far so good! “But Bacon, won’t you die of gut rot and rickets!? Not so fast, you fucking fruits over at! Did I recruit some help to find the overarching beliefs that go against humanity, and did some mommy fail her daughter while the father wasn’t available for comment? Crack open a can of coconut coffee porter and tune in, down below!

Episode 1:

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Carnivore Bacon Vitamin C

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Episode 2:

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13 reasons why carnivore

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Episode 3:

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Carrnivore part 3

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Reference Articles Here:

The Art of Being Wrong

Death by Environmentalism: The 3 Moral cases for Fossil Fuels

Hatred Of Effectiveness: The Reality Of Plastic

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