BURNING ALL BRIDGES: Laughter At Humanity Show Never Appeases Accusations Without Absolute Proof Spectacular

“Everyday is another day I wonder just what the fuck I’m gonna be blamed for next.” 

SLP: Walk In The Park

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The days keep going by, life continues to go on, and guess who gets blamed for something yet again! Go on, take your time figuring this one out, I’ll wait.

Everyone gather their thoughts? If you guess yours truly, congratulations: you win a prize! Case in point, Charlie of the 3rd Man Militia reached out to me over an issue with the group I’m apparently the root cause of. So what’s the latest accusation this time, and are there some people up here that actually have the stones to tell Karen to fuck off even though “people are dying by the hundreds” of the covidcrisis? Grab a well chilled can of cider and tune the fuck in, down below!

(Show Note: for whatever fucking reason the original file would not upload, so I had to split it into 2 segments. My apologies for the inconvenience hey, I CAN apologise for things I actually fucking did!)

Part 1

MP3: LAH Make It Real Pt 1

Part 2

MP3: Make-It-Real-Pt-2

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