Early Thoughts on the Riots and Protests

To the people that are holding riots:

Oh man, I have many things to say about you motherfuckers. But there’s one thing I want to point out, and I have to say, it’s very self indulgent for me, and that is you have proved me right.

Remember when I said that verbal threats precede physical violence? I told you that when there is a threat, or when you are trying to dominate someone, the first thing you use is your voice. And once that fails, sometimes you can run, but many tines the only other option is to induce violence. Keep that in mind.

Now look at what Donald Trump has had to go through for the past 2 years. From his run for nomination, to the debates, to the final run for presidency, everything about him has been viciously attacked. He’s had his physical appearance made fun of, his personal commentary and mannerisms mocked, his statements about every single political issue slandered, his personal life attacked from every angle, his businesses scrutinized by the molecule, damn near every scandal imaginable thrown at him. Every single weapon that the entire media, every established politician, and the entire indoctrinated public could bring to bear was used against him.

And against all of that, despite all of the negative press, he won. He walked through all of it. And now his opponents are violently pissed.

Why don’t they, say, take a step back, acknowledge they lost, shake hands with their competitor and try to work together, figure out why they lost and come up with a better strategy to win in the future? Because, to them, this wasn’t a competition, this was a life or death fight. Until Trump won the presidency, this was verbal warfare. But now that their voices have failed, they are now resorting to physical violence. Now that they are realizing their words don’t work, they are clogging up freeways, attacking Trump supporters, and basically trying to burn down the building where they lost the fight. To them, physical violence is all they have left.

There is much more I want to say. And I’ll likely make it an article. But I wanted to point out this instance of the voice of violence failing and physical violence coming right after. And spoiler alert: I’m going to point out how the other side uses verbal abuse or verbal warnings, and how their physical violence works when their verbal violence doesn’t work. And let me tell you, just like how their verbal violence is much more efficient and damaging than yours, their physical violence is much more effective. You think these angry riots are dangerous? Just wait until you see what the other side can do. I’m not kidding when I say if it comes between you and them, you will die. Please, don’t find out for yourself.

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