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Embrace The Horror, Part 1

Think I make these up? Watch below and think again! Play this in the background for max effect:

15 Minute Philosophy: Deathcare

In case you thought I was crazy for not trusting our current (((healthcare))) system, here’s the audio from a front line nurse that’s not doing tik tok videos. Listen for yourself:

MP3: 15MinPhi-DeathCare

But wait, there more! Someone got me the full audio of her 23 minute recording, and I decided to record that as well:


15 Minute Philosophy: Origins

During the Masculine Geek live recording, Rob of somehow brought up the idea of my origin story of why I’m called Bacon these days. He asked, and I deliver! Also of note: found out live on the show that I am banned from going live on the instagrams due to a Karening. DM me for the back up account, which is where I’ll likely be streaming from.

MP3: 15MinPhi-Origin-

CRAPPY MAY 4TH: Laughter At Humanity Show Goes All Night Long And Talks Geeky Spectacular

“May the 4th be with you.” – Darth Vader, allegedly 

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You asked for it, and now it’s here: this show now goes all night long and leaves you messy downstairs and in dire need of a cigarette you never knew you’d need! Is it worth knowing how to work on your ride, and which kind of character can you really get along with? Crack open a craft Crowlers, break out the discount champagne flute, and tune the fuck in, down below!

Sunday Beer By The Lake Prelude:

MP3: Sunday Lake Preramble

And now, for the main show:


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End Times Report: Reno And Rantfest

But wait: there’s moar! Found a positive story about Reno, and did a completely spontaneous show where I ended up creating another group of superfriends; the first 5 minutes alone is worth tuning into! Check em out down below!

MP3: Positive Reno Story Show

Impromptu Saturday Night Rant Fest

MP3: a lot of you fucks show


End Times Report, Extended Friday Night Special

Had a good time at the park and beyond recording with Atham, and I think this came out good! Govt, COVID-19, Cigars, girlfriends collecting too much shit, we covered it all! Mix a margarita, spark a stogie and listen, down below!

MP3: Something involving Atham

15 Minute Philosophy: Dread

“Winners always have a solution for every problem; losers always have a problem for every solution.”

15MinPhi Dread

Funny enough, just like most arguments against any leftist antihuman, the vast majority of what you need to destroy any argument they make is time. This article has been running around in my head for the last couple of months now, and the icing on the cake happened yesterday afternoon. What happened yesterday afternoon? I went to Walmart to pick up a few sundry items, going to the liquor section to check out which is how you avoid standing in line with the muppets also at Walmart. While there, I was actively making fun of the muppets wearing surgical masks (aka the pinnacle mark of the muppet class), why they wouldn’t work against what they were wearing them for, and especially railing against the apparent mouth breathers that didn’t bother to cover their noses as well. My whole point, and keep in mind I was laughing the entire time, was to “enjoy the show”, especially since she gets to watch them for a living. She didn’t quite see things that way. She actually thought, given what I was saying, I was angry and miserable, let alone invested in this entire fucking retard pandemic. This is noteworthy since, given the argument I’ve been having with the Liberal Alpaca Wangler the last few days, she also thinks I’m always angry and in combat fight or flight mode because of my mindset and what I’ve had to say about the humans these days, even after telling her about how fantastic a time I’ve been having as of late. Quite the interesting correlation if you ask me. This isn’t the first time this has been the case: often times if not every single time I come up with some solution to an possible calamity that doesn’t require squeezing a lime into, somehow in her mind my investments never seem to pan out for various reasons, and that I’m ultimately going to destroy myself, get shot, have my stuff taken at gunpoint, and that’s if I don’t die of butt cancer because I haven’t eaten plants in the last few months. I could go on about all the things she thinks will go wrong with any fucking thing I do, in the name of “helping” mind you, but I have other things to do this decade aside from typing. Let me preface the following with the fact that actions speak louder than words: one of the reasons we’re friends is because when it comes down to it, she and I have far more in common than we have differences, and she is a producer in her own right, so ultimately most of the following does not necessarily apply to her.

“close third for the headlining quote.”

So where does this behaviour come from? Why would a supposed friend, let alone your enemies, try to convince you that whatever actions you are taking are wrong and ladle on the worst consequences imaginable for every desicion you make? Why do they, ultimately, try to inspire dread upon your psyche?

First, since the action is to talk about your upcoming demise for said actions, we have to look at the motivation: the question is WHY, what is the motivation and driver behind this? In Wrangler’s case, well for one, she was programmed from before birth as a liberal, and has had that reinforced for the past 5 decades: much of her surface thoughts, which is where most of her criticisms come from, are from that conditioning. Not a criticism of her: no one could really help it at that point. So, as I often bring up, the actual end of the world comes along, whether that’s in the form of a world war, or the more likely case of the U.S. dollar finally losing world reserve currency and the entire planet goes into a recession, it always pays to be well stocked and prepared, especially since most of what you’d need is stuff that can be used during peace time, therefore it can easily be cycled through if need be. But that mindset goes against the liberal narrative of “others will always provide or be in control of you”. Therefore, whatever preparations I come up with always seem to have some sort of flaw to them: the frozen meat I have stored will go rancid should the power go out, if I just cook it or keep the lights on by other means people will come steal it at gun point (by the way, great argument against gun control), and for whatever reason in order to survive an apocalypse you must have a supply of dog kibble available (if you think my imagination can make this shit up, that’s been a frequent thing that’s been brought up: apparently everyone will die without their goddamn dog kibble, because unless the govt keeps the lights on, liberals will have to run on fucking dog kibble for their daily and nutritional needs. Talk about a loser’s mindset, but more on that later.) Again, I could go on, but that’s old territory already covered.

“this beats kibbles n bitz every day of the apocalypse.”

The second is that she, like most of the people that try to inspire dread in you, is a woman. Outside of pissing off the female born twatcakes that deserve it, I don’t really like picking on the ladies that think they’re equal, but by Poseidon do you ladies keep on proving that wrong: given men are far more prone to take action and women rely on being acted upon, it’s no wonder the “fairer” sex has more to worry about since their built in behaviour means they inherently rely on others, whether it’s their man or their government, to do things for their satisfaction let alone their survival. It’s no wonder they have more built in panic fear, and I’m not saying this academically: Hot Russian Ex, Bowl Of Chaos, quite a few other women I’ve known, all have some form of nagging and complaining to do, which is all forms of getting others to do stuff they think needs doing, or “else”. What is this “else”? Doesn’t matter, so long as you fear it. Just another form of dread.

“getting outside everyday and enjoying views like this is certainly healthier.”

Speaking of the titular term, what is it supposed to do in the first place? While often wrapped in the warm feels of “just trying to help you”, even in the most caring of situations it is an agent of paralysis. If you have an action in mind, and something or someone keeps telling you why it’s the wrong one, you’re no longer taking action: as long as you’re listening to why your chosen movement is inevitably off a cliff, you are stuck in place. And, more likely than not, that’s the point. Keep in mind that people aren’t critical of things they don’t care about, especially if it goes against their self interest: if it stops you from acting against theirs, with minimal effort mind you, what is there to lose? In fact, it’s been a martial arts tactic I myself have used before: inspiring dread in your opponent is one of the best ways to ensure victory before the fight even begins. If you want a visual of that, google The Undertaker from WWE and watch pretty much any fight he’s in; that’s most of his sthick. And let’s go back to another point: minimal effort. Why is this so common? Because it’s free. It costs nothing to criticise. I’ve said it before: if words had a price tag, monetary or otherwise, most humans would shut the fuck up. That fact that it doesn’t take any real resources to inspire dread in those taking actions they don’t like, much like most parasites’ actions after other people’s money, makes it a prime tactic to use against any enemy; there’s a reason propaganda exists, and it ain’t for your benefit.

“The writers behind Deadly Skills are way ahead of you.”

What can be done about this? When faced with someone trying to inspire dread in you, it’s a natural reaction for a philosophical person to negate it using reason and evidence (remember when that was a thing?). In the “you’re just angry and in fight/flight mode all the time talking about stupid humans” case, I myself pointed out the fantastic weekend I had, filled with booze, cigars, recording shows, getting outside, talking to friends, good food, etc.(in fact, I’m chilling in my courtyard while editing this right now), and asking where the rage was in any of that. Care to guess how well that went over in convincing her that I wasn’t screaming at the world 25/7? If you guessed not a damn thing changed, you win the mystery prize of the day! What this did teach me, however, is one reason behind the spread of dread (sounds a lot like what’s going on now these days come to think of it) is because they possess it themselves: you cannot spread what you don’t already have. In her case, being a “liberal”, she has Orange Hitler at her head of state, and a majority of the policital state on the enemy “conservative” side. There’s not much any one person can do about that, meaning if that’s what you fear, that is where dread is coming from. There’s other reasons, like her environment (straight white males in mostly rural country town, draw your own conclusions): that’s just a couple of examples. So, as often as it is against actions and ideas they don’t like, the dread they try to inspire upon you is a projection of the dread they hold deep within. In other words, they’re already miserable and suffering, and you already know what misery always wants to expand upon.

“Pictured: abject misery.”

Finally, the last action you can take is in tandem with the final reason (at least what comes to mind) dread is being used against you. Nothing. Because you’ve won. You are correct, your actions are the right one, and should you follow through with them, you will come out as the victor. The reason they are trying to inspire dread on you is because, just like those that call you names, that’s their only recourse, that is all they have left to stop you with. Think about that for a moment: whatever person telling you that you’re gonna fail not only is afraid of their own failure, but the only thing they can do to stop you is tell you what you’re doing is doomed for failure? Just how pathetic is that? Honestly it doesn’t even warrant an actual argument, especially since that’ll only drag out moar reasons why whatever you’re doing is the wrong thing and consequences await you should you continue; the most effective thing you can do is simply pat them on the head and move on. “Well you stocked up on silver and tools? Marauders will just shoot you and steal them.” O.K. Boomer. “You got nonperishable food instead of dog kibble? You’re gonna starve.” O.K. Karen. “You don’t eat plants? I’ll visit you in the butt cancer ward.” O.K. Vegan “Sure you work out and eat healthy: you’re still gonna get old and sick someday.” O.K. Nonessential. As bad as a victim to a successful inspiration of dread is, there’s no worse suffering you can inflict on any human soul than not even giving their attempt to share in their dread with them; even those answers above is an act of mercy, as it at least acknowledges them as some form of an entity worth acknowledgement. But hey: maybe you’re more like Gina ( not as heartless as me and take joy in watching people burn on the pure of their own doing. No problem. Here’s a song you can sing them that I myself enjoy in particular, and for me at least, it comes at a very timely time. Actually plan to learn to play guitar just to play this song for a certain special someone, because why can’t a victory dance end on an inspirational note as well?

Shooting Stars – Rival Sons

Official version:

Live Version:

Acoustic version:

Downloadable Dare Taylor Here:

“pictured: not misery.”

Professional Podcast Storytellers: Laughter At Humanity Show Compiles 13 Invented Terms For Human Cattle Spectacular

“Masks are the new mark of the muppets class.” 

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Man oh man have I been doing thing oh so wrong the past year or so, and apparently everyone listed above has been as well. Did Cappy, Gary & Dino and The Great One get their official story telling certification, and what the hell was the rest of this show about? Crack open a can of Ninkasi Megalodom, pour into your finest stemware, and tune in, down below!

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