Freedom Versus Security: Laughter At Humanity Show Dispensing Relationship Badvice Spectacular

“The fastest way to make a woman miserable is to give them everything they ask for.”

Everyone wants to feel safe, particularly with a partner. Sadly, that doesn’t happen often these days, with that prospect, in my opinion, going down by the day. Got a few people either asking for help or simply telling me about their woes; figured I’d give it a swing to give them a bit of help. DO I actually have advice that isn’t 100 offensive, and do I now have a new punching bag group of people to pick on? Take a shot of your bottom shelf bourbon, don your offense-resistance body suit, and tune in below!

Episode 1: Passive Aggression & Case #1

MP3: detach 1

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Episode 2: Case 2 & 3, and plug for Curse Of The High IQ

MP3: Detach 2

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Curse Of The High I.Q.:


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