Growth Through Experience: Laughter At Humanity Show Completely Professional Spectacular

“What weighs an ounce today weighs a ton tomorrow. – Terrence Popp

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Welcome to the completely smooth running show, where nothing ever goes wrong, ever! Nick Schulaner attempts to chime in to drop another story of marketing misadventures, and we get some feedback on the previous show! Is there an external solution to what ultimately is an internal problem, and did I actually get tagged in an after the bar altercation caused by an American Native? After you recover from the side splitting bout of laughter at the thought that anyone can land a hit on me aside from my old masters, Make yourself a frozen cadillac margarita and tune in, down below!

Episode 1: Racist Native And Marketing Story

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Episode 2-Child Of Truth and Dopamine Rush

MP3 Download Here: Internal Solutions

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