How To Judge Women You Date: An Objective Guide

Hey there. Its been a while. I’ve been on vacation, and had quite a bit to work on, one of the jobs being this. If you somehow have found this and were waiting, it is my hope this was worth the wait. This thing you were waiting for was a guide, and here it is!

You know, this might be a controversial topic. If you’re surprised I’d bring this up, Hi! I’m a dick! Nice to meet you!


Who this guide is for:

As simply as possible, straight males that want to date straight women, and want an accurate, structured way to choose the best ones. Additionally, this guide can be used by straight women who want to date straight men, and would like to improve her chances of attracting a suitable man. Dating will be defined here as a relationship that is sexual in nature, with a time frame from a one night stand or a casual FWB, up to an long term relationship or even finding a partner for life.


How it works:

It works as an overarching scoring system ranging from 0-4, 4 being the highest. Each of the four points represents 4 different categories, each category with its own point scale from 0-10. The four categories are Physical Beauty, Sexual Performance, Personal Relationship, and Financial Independence:

#1. Physical beauty

Yes, this is judging a book by it’s cover. Guess what? That’s what the cover is for; its advertisement. And like a good cover tells you whether a book is good, so too does a woman’s appearance tell you what you’re in for. No, its not 100%, just like nothing about humans is ever 100%; its merely a (very good) indicator of what you’re getting.

This is broken into 4 hard categories equaling 10:

Face(head), 3. Both are important, so the points are split between the 2:

Facial features, 0-1.5: From the “fat girl with the cute face”, to the “one that’s hot from the neck down”, this can make or break a body.   Facial beauty are fairly subjective, and different features look different on different races, but there are a few universal preferences, such as facial symmetry and straight teeth. For scale: 1 point for a good face, up to 1.5 for an exceptionally beautiful one, down to .5 for butter face and 0 for terrifying. Points off for excessive piercings, particularly tongue because that’s a red flag of poor oral skills.

Hair, -1 – 1.5:   Just as important if not more so, hair can either highlight a great face or serve as a red flag. Naturally colored or not, length and health of hair is key. This is graded on a sliding scale, starting at 1 point for shoulder length, to 1.5 for mid back and longer. vice versa for shorter length, from .5 for neck length, down to zero for a “pixie” cut. Shaved heads, partial or full, get a full negative point that counts against any points gained from good facial features.

Breasts: 2

Size, 0-1: Obviously within reason, bigger is better, a good set has enough to hang at least a little. Meaning the best cup sizes will range from a large B up to DD; sorry A and F cups; they’re just either not enough, or too much to play with. In regard to implants, they generally bring a more negative score, but execution is key. If they make an otherwise unremarkable B a great C or D, great. Otherwise, the more noticeable, the worse score. Yes, I realize cup size can change with band size. I’m assuming a bit of intelligence and running knowledge of breast on your part.

Shape, 0-1: Melon or pear, small or large nips, how they look in a bra, a shirt or by themselves: it matters. You could have the perfect sized D boobs: no one wants them to be 90% areola or hanging around your navel. A great way to judge this would be how they look in a shirt, in a swim top, and (preferably) how they look hanging free.

Ass: 2

Shape, 0-2: I was originally going to make size a factor, but unlike breast size, it simply needs to have a presence, but not an overwhelming one; proportional to body size is ideal. Firmness, as well as how it looks with a good pair of jeans (or panties) on, make even the smallest of butts look great. A classic example of a great ass would be the “apple bottom” shape, while one like Buffie’s (look her up) may not be ideal.

Body: 0-3

Body shape and symmetry, 0-2: This is basically how everything is packaged, with the classic hourglass/coke bottle shape being the ideal. Think ’90’s Selma Hayek, or for a more cartoonish  example, Jessica Rabbit. The closer to this shape(within reason) the higher the score, and vice versa. Meaning if you have a big gut, flabby arms, chunky legs, etc., those are points off. The score gets lower as well if you have rail thin legs, skinny arms, or are basically a stick (think make up models that fat chicks say are fat shaming them).

Excess body fat, 0-1: Women biologically will have a higher percentage of body fat than men, but its generally proportioned in different places, like their breasts. That said, you know when there’s too much; this is where the term ‘toned’ comes in in reference to body parts, like arms, legs, buns (ha), and stomach. Full points for a well toned body, though a little (a liiitle) cushion is good; there’s no need for everything to be rock hard muscle. Start shaving off the score the thicker the fat gets.


Sexual performance, 0-10

This really comes down to what’s on the table and what isn’t. And many times that changes as the relationship goes on, so this should be paid the utmost attention. Full points if there is total satisfaction, half if it could improve, zero if that part sucks:

Willingness to please, 0-4: simply put, does she love giving you what you want, or is it like pulling teeth to get it? I’ll make this easy to grade:

Blow jobs: -1 – 3: This gets the lion’s share because of one fact: this is the act where the only pleasure she gets is from how much pleasure she is giving you; it’s the selfless act of giving an orgasm. To grade: 3 points if she can’t get enough of your semen, 2 if it’s a strong part of your sex life, 1 if its kinda there, 0 if you have to ask for it every time, -1 if it’s nonexistent.

Other needs: 0-1: dressing up, sex in weird places, anal, etc. If you get this, 1 point.

Her sexual satisfaction: 0-3: Altruistic as this may be, the reality is that guys indeed get off when she does; we place a high value on our ability on her being pleasured, and fact is her body will feel much better when she’s turned on as opposed to if she’s a “cold fish”. However, while her enjoying it depends on what you do, a big chunk is dependent on what’s in her head. Meaning her upbringing, beliefs, and social beliefs about sex will affect her ability to enjoy an orgasm, if she can have one, leading to…

Vaginal orgasm, 0-2: Pretty simple, does she get off from how you fuck her or not? 1 for yes, 2 for multiple, 0 for none. This is important because the amount of pleasure she can get will directly reflect what she’s willing to give you, and how much she will want you to fuck her; someone that gets off on your dick will want it more than one that doesn’t. More pertinent: if she can’t have one, that’s a red flag for other problems.

Other kinks, 0-1: This could be as simple as her getting off to you going down on her, to liking wearing that nurse outfit, to being into your BDSM bedroom habits. If she’s in, 1 point.


Frequency, 3 points: How often do you have sex when you’re around each other? Neither of the above makes a difference if it never happens. This can be boiled down to 2 areas:

Her desire, 0-3: how much does she want it? If every time you are with her she’s pulling your pants off, 3 points. If you have to make a Herculean effort to get her interested in you, 0.

Availability, -10-0: again, she could give the most mind blowing head you could ever have: it doesn’t matter if it never happens. Meaning negative points count against anything in this category. 0 if you have access to her sex anytime you’re both available, to -10 if she’s never available.


Personal relationship, 0-10:

This is how you get along with and relate to each other. Some guys may not see this as important, but unless you’re paying a professional to fuck you (at which point you’re not exactly dating), chances are you’ll have to interact like human beings at some point. So I’ll break this down into 4 areas:

Private interaction, 0-2:

Simply put, how well do you get along when you’re only in each other’s company? 2 points if you get along most of the time in general, 0 if she’s constantly complaining or nagging you about things you do, or if you’re usually annoyed by her habits or demeanor. Anything in between that gets graded accordingly. I did give this a low score relative to how important it is, and that’s because the following two are a big part of this.

Activities, 0-2:

Do you two enjoy the same activities? For those you don’t, are you able to tolerate the differences? Activities here means whatever media you consume together (like watching Netflix or playing games), outdoor activities (hiking, parties, going to the bar, hitting the gym or shooting range, etc.), and any vices you may have (alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, crystal crack salts, or abstinence of them). Full 2 points if you can each enjoy what you do and don’t like in harmony, 1 if there’s friction between some of them, 0 if you’re completely incompatible.

Beliefs, 0-2:

Akin to the above, do you have the same beliefs, or are at least able to live with the differences? These can range from the major ones (belief or disbelief in religion, politics, do they like bacon/are they vegan, etc.) to the relatively trivial (which teams you root for, pancakes vs waffles, what her that dress really does make her look fat). And just like the previous one, 2 points for relative harmony, 0 for complete discourse, and anything in between for any overlap.

Social interaction, 0-4:

Unlike the previous three, this measures how she behaves when you are around other people, and how she treats you in a social setting. 4 points if she’s generally supportive of and complements you (she has positive things to say about you to others and backs you up when needed) is well mannered around others, and doesn’t cause you too many grievances in public. 0 if she does pretty much the opposite of this.


Autonomy and Independence:

This is how autonomous she is, along with how much of her own weight she carries, financially or otherwise.

Finances, 0-3: This would be the first sign you’d get of whether the woman you’re with has her life together or not. The more she depends on you to provide shelter, food, spending money, cash for her bills, etc., the lower the score. If she has her own place (or pays her half of the rent), her own transportation, buys her own stuff, and generally takes care of her own needs, the higher her score.

Labor, 0-3: Related to the above, how well can she take care of herself physically. Are you always being asked to carry her bags, open the door, fix her car and drywall, and make her meals? Then she’ll get a lower score than a girl that wrenches on her own ride, can figure out a door hinge, and literally carries her own weight.

Mental/Emotional issues, 0-4: A bit encompassing of a few things, this is how well she can deal with and make decisions, her ability to handle her relationships with friends and family along with her personal issues, and whether she has any actual psychological or mental disorders along with any substance abuse issues she (or her family/friends) may have. If she doesn’t depend on you to constantly help her deal with any of the above, that warrants a high score, and vice versa if you’re always tending to her choices of employment and dresses, what to do about her mom cutting her out of the will, and consoling her while she cries about how her lithium prescription makes it hard to orgasm. I gave this one a point above the others because it is this one that has the biggest effect, and if severe enough can and will affect many of the other categories, let alone this one.

A side note just to be fair: a willingness to take care of herself counts more a lot more than if she’s forced to. Whether you decide to assist her in any of these is your choice, and makes a difference if genuinely appreciated. It becomes a problem if she becomes dependent, or even feels entitled, to your help.


How to use this guide:

I put in quite a few checkpoints in each category, so you can be as thorough as you want using this; you can even simply use the Beauty one as a standalone if you want. But the idea is to pick the ones that score as close to a 4 as possible. That said, as barebones and simple as this guide is meant to be, it still requires a bit of time and information. Meaning that this is a progressive grading scale: the more time you spend with her, the higher the score should go. With that in mind, there are several ways you can use this depending on what you’re looking for.

One Night Stand/ weekend vacation fling:

Basically you’re just looking to hook up with someone for a night or two, maybe a 3 day weekend’s worth. As such, while you may exchange a few words and possibly pay for an Uber ride and a room, chances are you’re mostly interested in how she looks and how she fucks. So with her, your primary interests will be Physical Beauty, then Sexual Performance, for a scale of 0-2.

Casual relationship/Friend With Benefits:

Whether this is someone you get together with when its convenient for both, adding to your bullpen, or just someone you’re interested in spending time with outside the bedroom (or backseat), this is someone you’ll be around a lot more than the above. This is where the other two come more into play; the more you’re exposed to each other the more you’ll see how well you’ll get along, and how well she tales care of herself or asks for help. Its here you’ll be able to judge her on a full 0-4 scale with confidence, and really see whether she’s worth keeping around or not.

Long term/exclusive partner:

Whatever you choose to call it, this is a girl you’re with for a long time and therefore are more likely to have more of a commitment and attachments to, such as moving in together, sharing expenses and assets, meeting each other’s family, even something unnecessary like get legally married or procreate together. And since this is the type of relationship that spans the most amount of time, here is where this guide’s index really counts: like the above, here you can gauge her on the 0-4 scale, but more importantly you can now also gauge whether she’s gained or lost value over time and see whether she will continue to improve or get worse. If you’re searching for this kind of relationship and are worried about ending up with a woman with good “front game”, this is a great way to spot them.


Like I said before, this may seem a bit complicated, and in a sense it is, which is the norm when you’re gauging humans. Once you start using it, however, it becomes easy to implement.  Whether you want to be thorough enough to start using Excel spreadsheets, or just need a quick check to make sure things aren’t going south, this guide should fit your needs so long as you keep the four categories in mind. Which even doing a quick gut check should be pretty simple, and can be asked in question form:

Is she hot, or is she still as hot as before?

Is she satisfying in bed?

Do we get along with each other? And

Am I having to pay or work more than my fair share?

And for the women reading this, these are question you can ask yourself to make sure you’re keeping your man happy and satisfied with you, which I would hope is important to you as you’d want your happiness to be with him. And should this not help, there’s always the trademarked Tom Leykis 8 words for a woman to keep a man: Long Hair, Stay Slim, Sex Anytime, Shut Up.

Either one should do the job. Happy hunting!


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