LESBIAN DATING ADVICE: Laughter At Humanity Show Thanks All 13 Actual Mothers Out There Spectacular

“We’re getting closer and closer to the hill where the guns and blades come out….” 

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What a weekend Fornicators! From talking to guys on the East Coast at midnight PST, to dealing with a warm up exercise to summer, to getting the boot from the 3rd Man Militia chat and talking to the Masculine Geek squad instead, so chatting with my mom for a while, to being right about the superflu as per usual; action packed! Speaking of which, what’s it like dealing with moms: being raised by one, how they are dating and in bed, and whether just getting one past her goalie qualifies getting gifts! Is it getting more ridiculous in Cascadia by the minute, and do lesbians know more about dating straight leaning women than men that date straight leaning women do? Crack open a scotch ale and tune in down below!


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