National Socialist Cascadia: Laughter At Humanity Show Puts The Kibosh On Nightlife Spectacular

“I may not have the best memory, but for fascists like you I have a very long one.” 

Sunday Lakeside Prelude

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Guess I was foolish to think any area in Cascadia was safe: got told what to do with my body even in my own neighbourhood, though one was kind of expected (fuck you MetroPCS: already got your replacement ready!)

“Guess I’ll be getting more intimate with this wait that sounds way less creepy in my head….”

Making things better is that my phone ended up getting swiped out of my vehicle while I was gone for 3 minutes, with my own tracking security measures biting me in the ass. Just how cheery is THIS episode gonna be? Might require some decent bourbon, so pour yourself a carafe and tune in below!

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