One Day Late: Finally Posting The Weekly Sunday Podcast

Recently I decided that, due to the scheduling on my end, that Sunday would be the best day to record and post recordings. So of course that’s the exact moment all of my devices decided to revolt en masse and prevent me from posting yesterday. So here’s the newest podcast, involving how (I believe) spam callers called both of my parents a day apart from each other, chewing out some poor fat front desk manager at a overpriced hotel, and of course, another reading of yet another vegan article. Went a bit over so I had to lower the bitrate to fit it in (uploads are limited to less than 64 MB), but hopefully it is enjoyable for you. Cheers!

Listen Directly Here:

MP3 Download Here:

Fuck You Save File

(Yes, that’s exactly what I named the file. No, I’m not changing it.)

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