Racist Jujitsu Instagramer: The Laughter At Humanity Show Exploding Car Spectacular!

“Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know you lost an customer because you won’t tell me what’s in your gluten free buns!” – Some salty chick

Holy Cow this week was filled with fucktardery galore! Decided to crack the headset open to see how well the microphone cuts out the driving sounds, since I might be going on a road trip soon and don’t want to miss a show. Did I successfully circumvent construction and stupid humans, or did I go down in a blaze of glory? Find out below!

(Note: I’m working on putting both recording together into one track: stay tuned)

Live From The Cockpit Here:

Direct MP3 Here:

Car exploding rant

Second Car Recording Here:

Direct MP3 Here:

Car Ride Home

This particular show I had a bunch of notes to get to, , a few of which were questions answered that nobody asked for, such as which styles of combat martial arts are and whether I have racist genes or not. There is a call to action since Instagram is shadowbanning my account, including my own #thegoddamnbacon hashtag. Did a PNW chick passive aggressively exit a burger joint over a fake celiac free sandwich, and are Acura owners simply assholes that couldn’t afford Audis? There’s one way to find out!

Regular Sunday Show Here:

Direct MP3 Here:

Sunday Laughter At Humanity

Drunken Sunday Night Show 3 (damn do I work hard for you fuckers) Because I was annoyed at work and need to let off some steam, and had a couple of other things I needed to get to., so enjoy the extra content! Is leasing a Mercedes AMG A great investment to show off your high testosterone, and is carnivorism just another form of self identification? I don’t know: listen below and find out for yourself!

Sunday Night Making Fun Of Carnivore Dude Brahs & High Testosterone Guy With The Mercedes AMG Here:

Direct MP3 Here:

Sunday night carnivore cast


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