Real Life Villains: Laughter At Humanity Show Watches Some Problems Take Care Of Themselves Spectacular

“For God’s sake I’m wiping the boy’s blood off my foot!” – Former Sensei Darus Richmond

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Finally found the source of my oil leak, (Goddamn main seal again….) Nick got a shot at doing spots and fielding articles so I could focus on drinking, and even got to talk about an old classmate ruining some poor kid’s Karate Kid moment! Was the father available for comment in any of the stories, and what does it really mean when a girl repeatedly tells you she has a “boyfriend”? Strap in with a bottle of Founder’s Barrel Aged CBS, and tune in below!

Episode 1 (Show Note: I said it was a outside spinning crescent kick my instructor used to knock out his opponent at the tournament. It was actually a spinning hook kick which the striking body part is the heel, which is not padded unlike the side of your foot would be.)

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New sponsor & old villain employment stories

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Episode 2

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Picking on homeless single mommies show

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Episode 3

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Fuck the homeless show

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