Rock Revival Review:The Veer Union, Smith and Myers, & Five Finger Death Punch

“You don’t convince humanity by showing them the facts, but by telling them a story. Music is just another way to tell a story.” 

Thank you for tuning into the second edition of this particular series! This time around, we have a selection of bands, from the latest to the legends, that are still out there actually speaking truth to power through the voice of music, showing that yes: some bands are brave enough to do so. How did that sound? Glad you asked, and hope you have your smoke and drink on hand: play it on down below!



Intro: Trouble’s Coming – Royal Blood

The Veer Union: Nightmare (Cover of Halsey), Save Yourself, Living Not Alive, Slaves To The System

Smith and Myers: Panic!, Bad Guy, Bad At Love, Not Mad Enough

Five Finger Death Punch: Blue On Black, Gone Away, Living The Dream

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