Shit Show Express: Laughter At Humanity Show Recording Marketing Fucktardery Special

“True Humility is the only antidote to shame.” – Iroh

(Show Note: the live recroding went too long to be uploaded as one show, so I had to break it up into two separate files.)

Well this show went off the rails quickly! So be forewarned: there were several technical failures live during the show, as the internet and bluetooth gremlins were very active during the recording of this show; the quality of these recordings range somewhere between below my already low standards and unlistenable slop. Are marketing professionals all they say they’re cracked up to be, and are youtube superchats just to harry youtube celebrities really worthwhile? Gird your earholes, take a shot of your finest well bourbon, and listen below!

Part One: Assplaining

Part Two: Clarey And Schulaner 2

Play Directly Here:

Find Aaron Clarey at his sites:

Find Nick Schulaner and his actual marketing services here:

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