STATE OF EMERGENCY: Laughter At Humanity Show Launches Intergalactic Corona Month Spectacular

“And I remember looking at my wrecked car and thinking ‘I’m never driving again, ever.'” – Bacon, Ace Wheelman, Snowpocalypse Veteran

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Twas the night before the apocalypse… the pandemic spreadth, and HOLY SHIT WE DON’T HAVE ANY TOILET PAPER AND CANCEL ALL OF OUR TRIPS AND HUDDLE IN BED AND WATCH NETFLIX PANIC FEAR PANIC FEAR PANIC FEAR!!!!! Meanwhile while in the safety of my corona stocked basement and Nick gets a new router, Co-Host Atham talks about experiences the average person that’s binge buying Tito’s Vodka to make hand sanitizer would’ve been broken over. Are ghost planes really a thing, and which sinful city should you take one to visit? Crack open a coconut lime hard seltzer, mix in some tequila blanco, and tune in down below!

Episode 1

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Nick needs a new router show

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Episode 2

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PTSD & sin stories

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Episode 3

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Corona virus stories

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