Retroactively Vested Interests: Laughter At Humanity Show What’s Really Your Motive Special

“That which is false requires constant¬† reinforcement.”¬†

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Achtung: Drop that tofu and pick up that iron! Why? I explain as much somewhere in between ranting about follwer’s feedback about tattoos and reminiscing about just how good Eastern European are at servicing their men. Does an exception really prove the rule, and is there a reason people cover for other people’s actions despite the obvious flaws? pour some of that Bacardi into that tofu containing dumpster, set it ablaze, and prepare to sip the rest while listening, down below!

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Tattoos feedback show 2

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Vegans And Vaginas: Laughs At The World Podcast

” Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is sit there and look pretty.” – The Goddamn Bacon

Tee Hee Gents! This this episode of what I’ll call Laughs At The World Podcast, I (shockingly) mock vegans that go back to eating real food, including one Anne Hathaway and her dizty commentary and still decent looks. Apparently 84% of humans [Citation Needed] that are vegetarian/vegan revert back to eating meat of other animal products. Garlic in the front hole is a thing these days because female conformity and reasons. An explanation of the “Why Women Shouldn’t Vote” line is included, along with making fun of guys that buy penis supplements instead of a set of weights. Am I a sexist dick that hates women and thinks vegans should be spatchcocked over an open flame? find out for yourself, down below! Special thanks to Aaron Clarey & TJ Martinell for their help in improving the quality of this cast, and as always: Take Care; Stay Free!

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Sunday Podcast Vegans And Garlic

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