Infuriating Human Fucktardery: Laughter At Humanity Show The Solution To The Forced Sterile Life Spectacular

“No one ever said it was easy being superior.”

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Humanity is at an all time low: Half the time you can’t get the services you need without someone fucking up, fun places get ruined because of one (or several) drunk jackasses, and most things you can’t rely on, even your own devices. Meanwhile, if you’re a man, good luck finding a partner to spend your time with as The Great One points out, which many internet personalities responded to and I end up finding evidence even the ones guys do get look for back up plans. Is it worth ever expecting critical thought from anyone in society today, and is there any solution to superior people going the lone wolf route that isn’t cripplingly depressing? Crack open your finest cask of barrel aged tequila, squeeze a slice of lime, and tune in down below!

Episode 1: Park Show About Humans Fucking Up

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People fucked up show

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Episode 2: Full Show Weekend Wrap Up w/Sterile Solution

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Solution to superior sterility show

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Anarchy Moment 0244 – The Dead Ends and Destruction of a Sterile Life.

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Post Margarita Podcast: The Laughter At Humanity Show Double Special

“Sometimes it’s best to simply stick with what’s already working.” – The Goddamn Bacon

My Fucking God. This was needlessly tortuous to get uploaded and I ended up sacrificing my goddamn workout to get this up. This is actually take 2 of the Cinco De Mayo Margarita fueled recording I attempted on the “Studio” recording app on my phone last night: it saved in some unreadable format even though it was set specifically for mp3.

Anywhore, here’s a brief recap of my bar weekend, involving making fun of the fat glasses makers, talking with the grandmaster about another black belt, holding off the worlds most excited dog during sex, and freaking out some skinny cute blond majoring in “physical therapy” with the arm weights, Jessica Taylor style.

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morning after podcast 1 laughter at humanity podcast again

Second recording: involves taking supplements, some lessons about nutrition and why some women walk sexier, and finally getting to 1/2 the articles I wanted to read about millenial burnout and lessons from a former feminist. End story of experience with a wiccan girl.

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morning after podcast 2 laughter at humanity show

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