Tattoos Versus Fatrolls: Laughter At Humanity Show Will Plug Every Goddamn Personality Possible Extravaganza

“Fat is a physical representation of laziness.” 

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Yes, that’s a lot of people to plug, and they’re more than worth checking out! With the unofficial co-host Nick in tow we cover how some women lost impressive amounts of weight, what nice guys really act like, and what it must be like to hear your ex wife getting pleasured better than she ever was with him! Is there more to dieting than meats the eye, and would you rather pick a girl with tats or fat? Crack open a chilled can of Mosiac IPA, and tune in, down below!

Episode 1

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Plug show number 1

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Episode 2

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Plugs 2

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Episode 3

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Plug and chaos 3

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Episode 4 (audio isn’t the greatest: so much for getting a directional mic)

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Tats vs Fats

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