This Week In Philosophy, Edition 1

This is an idea I recently thought of, in part because my social media is at an ever present threat of being deleted, but also to have a consolidated area for some of the short thought pieces I post. Gathered here are the posts I’ve made over the past week or so. Will this be an ongoing feature? No idea, but here’s the first one; hopefully you find this useful and entertaining!

Part 1: Wasted Energy

Part 2: “Stay Free”

“Never fully commit; Always have options.” A lesson I constantly reiterate, not just for you guys but for myself. A small example from today: was about to cut up some pineapple and mangos (hint for the guys that like to get a bit of service down there: taste matters just as much as scent does ;), and for the life of me I couldn’t find my pineapple corer, so I almost had to cut it up in a different, albeit a bit messier and more time consuming manner.

Luckily right before I gave up on it, I found it. This really makes no sense in reality, but it is almost as if once I was prepared to move on to another option, it simply “showed up”. I bring this up because this has been an interesting observation for me lately: one conversion program fucks up the audio file and I find another, suddenly it’s working fine. One girl starts getting flaky and you start talking to others (or you spend time on a bike ride or other activity that ultimately makes you a better person), somehow she starts finding time to respond to you. One employer gets lippy and kawantahahaeey and you take other job offers, out of thin air the find more shekels to keep you in their ranks.

I’ll be writing specifically about the catch-22 of commitments, but the takeaway here is this: either what inspires you to seek alternatives will fall back in line with whatever you make use of them in the first place, or you find an equal if not superior replacement and the original no longer matters. If you were wondering where the “Stay Free” part of my closing quote means, that is it, in part at least.

Stay Free.

Never Fully Commit.

Always. Have Options.


Part 3: Certainty

“The cure for doubt is certainty.” Certainty.

It is one of the mindsets that only comes with experience and hardship, pain and conflict. And it is one of the most important mindsets to craft for yourself if you choose to succeed in your endeavors, in particular if they walk the path not quite as travelled.

Along your path in life, you will encounter resistance the faster and more efficient to are. Much of it will be external, be it lazy humans who simply don’t operate at your capacity, or people who see what you’re doing as non compliant with “society”. They will throw roadblocks in your path in the form of doubt, whether they’re conscious of it or not. Example: a friend of mine knows about the Smith & Wesson Retirement Plan I may or may not take, and much like any other musings I have, she’s gone to great lengths to inform me I might not be cognizant enough to carry it out.

The much more dangerous resistance, often affected by external forces, is internal. Sometimes, especially when you are younger or are just striking out, you will doubt yourself, getting in your own way of progress. Example: the illusion of choice. It has been said that the way to make a man miserable is to give him options. What if you pick the wrong one, when another would be better? What if the grass is indeed greener on the other side? What if @jajutsu_ actually accepts a dueling challenge and her fencing skills indeed are better than my own?
What’s the answer?

Certainty, is the answer. Find the most effective solution and act upon it, only course correcting when a better path opens up. Will you fuck up along the way? Yes, and assuming it isn’t fatal or debilitating you will be better for it. Will you get flak from others? Only if you’re doing it right. Fine, some things aren’t in your control: focus on what is. Maybe the hot redhead wasn’t as good a choice as the cute brunette that can wield a sword: see the upsides, not the down. Perhaps her blade work is a shade faster than yours: use the environment to your advantage or, even better, use your confidence in your own skill to sow the seeds of doubt in hers, ensuring victory, before the battle even begins.

Certainty. No matter what path you take, the ultimate certainty is that your time is finite: you are going to die. Are you going to spend that time worried about what could have been, if you’re making the wrong choice, if you may lose? Then you are making defeat a certainty. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather take that chance that my actions are the correct ones and worry about them when proven wrong. Are you strong enough to trust yourself with the power of certainty? The choice, my friends, is yours. Choose wisely.


Part 4: Offended Humans

Swipe to see the best backside pics of @lindseypelas I could find, which is harder than it seems. Why her today? Read on, in Snape’s voice if it makes it more entertaining. Over the weekend my buddy and I were talking about just how much weaker humans as a society are getting compared to previous generations, not just physically,but mentally and emotionally as well. Today’s example: one of the highlighted commenters was the gentleman @jvierra6 who, as I’m sure his dear single mother taught him, left a lovely message on her post, which clearly made her happy.

My own contribution was to highlight the choice of words “I’m assuming”, referring to her intelligence, which I genuinely found amusing.
Imagine my, these days, not much surprise, the next time I log in to see my comment was removed for “bullying & harassment”.

I’ve been highlighting the sheer stupid things instagram has been doing the last few months, but think about this: just what kind of sand saturated south mouth really gets offended at the statement “I’m assuming”, which not only were his own words, but to the point he feels compelled to report it as bullying? It’s possible someone else did, to which I can ask the same of them. Either way, humans like that are merely a symptom of the disease of needing a”safe” community, which not only means the comment police deemed it worth taking down, but also sees it fit to hide such dastardly hashtags like “Sometimes You Have To Stop And Smell The Lavender” & “The Blanket Woke Me Up”, for fear of offending the masses into their safe spaces.

Humanity, is getting weaker. Make sure, my friends, you stay strong,so when the lights turn off, you won’t be plant food like these people. Happy Transformation Tuesday.

Part 5: Mother Fuckers & Fucking Mothers

“If you’re not a mother fucker you are a fucking mother.” – Rudy Ray Moore.

Motherfuckers. Fuckingmothers. Wonder where that came from? It stems from two observations I’ve had over the years.

1. Fucking. A woman is always taken, even if she is not. Doesn’t necessarily mean active coitus: be it attention and resources in exchange for her looks or her body, or your tax dollars at work in the form of monetary handouts. Whether it’s with someone’s eyes, phallus, wallet or time, she’s getting it from somewhere. What’s more: though she may initiate it, in the end, it always happens to her, thus the prefix “fucking.”

2. Mother. Women are not just built to take resources (quite literally in one sense), but to create life with them. The obvious path is procreation, but barring that, a woman’s inherent desire to create leads to anthropomorphization of other things she cares about, substituting them for her “children”. Dog mom. Cat mom. Bird mom. In the Hot Chick Of The Day @christine_fitness ‘s example, the Gym Baby she had with her husband. Thus the suffix “mother”.

Where does that leave us guys? Whether she actually has kids or not, if you’re fucking her with your time, you are, by default, a motherfucker. Hope this explanation helps. That said, celebrate by having an actual Hump Day by giving that mother that’s eyeing you the prefix she desires!

Part 6: Easily Avoided Mistakes

“Smart people learn from their mistakes. Wise people learn from the mistakes of others.”

Mistakes. Everyone makes them to a varying degree, as making mistakes is a part of making progress, let alone a part of living life. There are many variables when it comes to mistakes, but the type that comes to mind are the easily avoided yet are more or less permanent. In this example: tattoos on women.

The girl on the cover showed up in some random search I was doing awhile back, which I’ll guess had something to do with fitness or martial arts because she caught my eye rather quickly. Here you can see she’s very toned, clearly works out and takes care of her body, which is the single best thing to can do to be attractive, to say nothing of your health. Then I scrolled down her page and saw the tattoo of a plane on her left bicep. Not egregious & not highly visible, and in fairness she’s still pretty attractive. But my gut reaction was “damn, what’d you go and do THAT for?” Ultimately I moved on to another page, not bothering to follow hers, saving these pics to serve as an example.

Ladies, I’m talking to you. Men’s primary asset is his ability to produce for others, and that is where his mistakes can fuck up his life. He decides to make a thermite charge and he puts the detonation cap on wrong and blows his hand off? His capacity to produce is now limited. Fight this fact all you want: a woman’s primary asset is her body, her looks. Not being fat and out of shape is an obvious mistake that people following this page generally don’t make, but that takes months and lots of other steps to get to. But marring your body with tattoos, even small “cute decorative” ones? For $100 & 1 hour later, you run the risk of being passed up for someone that didn’t. @daniellachavezofficial knows this and what her primary asset is, and even states as such. Learn from these women.

Part 7: Vested Interests

“Pay less attention to what is being said and more to why it is.” Vested Interests. Got some rather interesting feedback on the Mistakes post. I won’t address it here: that’ll be a topic on the next Laughter At Humanity Show, so tune in to that. What I will address is the motive behind the statements.

The previous posts was specifically about tattoos on women & my gut reaction as a man that enjoys female beauty. Whether you disagreed with my sentiment is up to you: everyone has the right to be wrong. The question is WHY the had the reaction they did. Without going into everything she said, one of the comments was admitting she, in fact, had a tattoo. Another guy stated he liked girls with them, and though he didn’t state it, leads me to speculate whoever his partner is also has them. In either case, both have skin in the game when it comes to the topic at hand, and not besmirching them in any fashion, upon hearing from a man giving feedback that goes against their interests, they felt the need to speak up with quite a fervor.

Sunk Cost Fallacy is a powerful force: It is much easier to defend a choice you’ve already made than to examine it and find out whether you made the right one. Whether someone is giving you advice, or feedback on an opinion or action, before contending with it, find out why they do, whatever the subject. My vested interest is enjoying female beauty and don’t wish to see some make that mistake. Is it tattooless women like @sweetqueenbianka that disagree? No, it’s women with tattoos that do, or men that shacked up with them. To take another egregious mistake of getting fat, also a turn off. Is it, again, Bianka that’s saying real women have curves? Nope, but “body positive” women sure are. Learning to listen to what isn’t being said is an acquired skill, but a vital one. Make sure you do.

Part 8: Picking Your Battles

Many serial producers of society also tend to be hard on themselves, working through pain to get shit done. Sometimes it’s worth it, pushing through the turmoil to accomplish their goals, ignoring the signals your body gives you to ease back on the gas pedal to do so. Other times, you stand to lose far more fighting through the pain to accomplish said goal which ultimately may not be worth it: destroying yourself, over a pyrrhic victory. A true master of combat, let alone any good business leader, knows when to close their battles wisely, either from experience or other wisdom.
Today, I myself worked through the pain of a mostly disable right calf muscle,with little use of my foot without pain or stiffness.

I made it through the shift, even made quite some coin in the process. In my defense I knew from experience I could power through. Tonight I am not pushing myself through other things I usually do, instead soaking in Epsom salt while talking to good people. If the problem is worse tomorrow, which is unlikely, I’m taking the day off. Another person close to me head severe and acute back issues on the job,and she managed to power through. Very impressive, and a testament to her constitution and determination (hey, sometimes, you really CAN take a woman seriously!), but it left her completely disabled and in need of serious medical attention.

Had a friend remind me of the saying, and these stories kind of hammer it home for me: many times,we have to relearn and reinforce the lessons we have learned, as well as the ones we give others. And if you heard the latest show, you’d know I could’vetaken that situation to anuclear level, but I didn’t. Pick your battles wisely. It does you no good to win the fight, only to lose the campaign.

Part 9: Color In Grayscale

“If it’s scary to think about leaving the tribe and forging your own path, just wait until you have no other choice.”

It’s not the most photogenic of days to be out on a bike ride, but even in the most desolate of places can you find beauty, vibrant color in a grayscale environment, joy in a world consumed by toxic depression. That is one of the many benefits that counterweight the challenges of being one of the 5% of humanity that is superior, and one that lends to keeping your sanity. While it’s easy to go with the flow of the 95% that are nitpickers, conformists, and inferiors that can only hope to impair your progress because they’re too fearful to make their own, who seek to ruin and destroy because that’s infinitely harder than to create, make that progress.

Go on that bike ride as part of sculpting that body capable of taking out nitpickers that can only fight via the internet. Enjoy the tasty nutritious snacks retarded vegans (but I repeat myself) scream will kill you and the planet. Enjoy looking at not marred by tattoos Hot Chick Of The Day @daretaylorofficial (or, if you’re a woman, become like her) making the world a more positive and beautiful place, even if, though nowhere near solely, just by laying there in a bikini and looking pretty.

It’s much harder than going with the crowd fighting over chicken sandwiches or whatever the latest craze is. But no one worth their bacon ever said being superior was easy, and who knows: perhaps you’ll find or attract another superior person along the way. Call me nuts, but I think the path is worth creating. What else are you gonna do with your life anyway?

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