Thoughts on those threatening to “Move to Canada”

To the people that said they would “move to Canada” if Donald Trump was elected:

This is one of two things I wanted to point out tonight, hopefully they are short. It’s not a new thing for people every 4 years to say they’ll move to the nation of maple syrup and poutine off our northern border if they don’t get the candidate they don’t like. They did it with Obama, they did it with Bush, and they probably did it with Clinton (I don’t remember back that far and don’t feel like looking it up. Feel few to confirm or debunk that here). There are quite a few directions I can take this, but one question stands out to me, mainly because of the multiculturalists:

Why Canada?

Isn’t it interesting that, with all the countries people use as their bug out location in case of presidential defeat, it’s chiefly Canada that’s the destination? While many of the people that (say they) want to leave today love to talk about how everyone on the planet is so equal, how all cultures are awesome, how we should basically be more socialist and how western countries full of white people are evil, the one country they want to move to is to a western country full of white people? What, no one wants to move to Venezuela? No one wants to go to North Korea? No immigration to Japan, or Norway (I bet the rebuttal to that is “It’s too HAAAAARD!!!)? No one wants to go to South Africa or, for that matter, any other part of Africa? Come on, no wall jumpers going to Mexico? Come on they have several summer vacation destinations for crying out loud!

Isn’t it interesting that, when you don’t get the president you want, you want to leave the western white country you think is going to hell, to another western white country. Why is that? I get they have many of the same ideals as we in the U.S. do. The fact that most of of Canada speaks the same language we do has to be a plus as well. The funny thing is that if you really believe in your own rhetoric, that the west is racist, that white people are evil (even if you yourself are white and haven’t been very evil), and every other race is super great and we should totally welcome them, that when you think the shit is hitting the fan in your own country, the one country you choose to pretend to move to is culturing the closest to our own. You don’t choose to move to countries like, say, Syria, where you insist we take refugees from. You don’t list Venezuela, which practices socialism like you always want to see here. You don’t pick Mexico, Guatemala, or other countries where groups like MS-13 operates. No, you pick Canada. Because, despite your rhetoric, despite your supposed ideals, you don’t believe what you are saying. If you believe in your words, you’d name the places I pointed out. You don’t.

So go ahead. Try to move to Canada. That’s the safest choice after all, should you make it.

Just don’t expect those of us that can actually use critical thinking to take you at your word ever again.

You fucking hypocritical coward.

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