Valentine’s Weekend Shenanigans: Laughter At Humanity Show Cigars Are More Manly Than Vaping Spectacular

“You don’t find love, you create it.”

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Oh the smell of love is in the air:  candles… wine… ovulation,…an overheating engine again!? Tis the season for online models to stupidly showcase they’re getting their holes filled in the name of love (sorry horny guys)m picking up chicks at the bar who broke up with their hole filler day of, and impressing them with a stogie girthier than the average cigarello! Did (((Clarey))) really sell off his greatest book to stay out of the limelight, and is willpower being erased from humanity as surely as critical thinking and common sense? Crack open a bottle of Carlsberg Pilsner (probably the best beer in the world!?) and tune in, down below!

Episode 1

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Chicks dig cigars Valentines Show

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Episode 2

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Can’t stopvaping Show

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Episode 3

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Nturtition people show

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