Vindication And Schadenfreude: Laughter At Humanity Show Halloween Can Go Fuck Itself Special

“Mmm… the coffee’s good….” – D.T.

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Ah Halloween: it’s spooky, an excuse for questionable life decisions, and not worth going out anymore as far as I’m concerned unless it falls on a Saturday. All was not lost though, as I did make the night work in my favor, though at the expense of some unwitting targets that happened to walk right into my line of fire. Is it truly a loss when someone walks out of your life and into anothers, and what’s it like to meet the love of your life and the deal breaker is the tattoo you already regret? Add a decent size cube of dry ice to give that glass of bourbon the desired spooky effect, turn the lights down low, and tune in down below!

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Halloween Russian Ex Show

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