Women Are Pornstars: Laughter At Humanity Show The Case For 1099 vs W-2 Relationship Extravaganza

“Every woman is on the market, even when they’re not.”

You heard me right mother fuckers and fucking mothers: All Women are pornstars in their own way, ranging from the pros you see on camera, the instagram models that do naked lingeire and yoga shoots, to wives buying sex sticks for their ass just to surprise their husbands with a different sensation in bed. Is it ever possible to “keep da gurlz” satisfied with just one guy, and did I find out some very info online? Pop the Cork on your most aged Zinfandel and sit in your happy place, because this show gets both raunchy and dark, down below!

Episode 1: Women Are Pornstars

MP3 Download Here: women are porn actresses

Media Player Here:

Episode 2: 1099 vs W2

MP3 Download Here: Relationships 1099 vs W2

Media Player Here:

Episode 3: Always Have Options

MP3 Download Here:Random Park Ranting

Media Player Here:

Episode 4: Russian Ex’s Blog, Part 1

MP3 Download Here: Hot Russian Ex Part 1

Media Player Here:

Episode 5: Russian Ex’s Blog, Part 2

MP3 Download Here: Hot Russian Ex Part 2

Media Player Here:

Episode 6: Drunk Mirror Reading

MP3 Download Here: hot shot extra material 1

Media Player Here:

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How to get the girls show: http://thegoddamnbacon.com/do-nothing-normal-the-laughter-at-humanity-show-hao-doo-eye-get-da-gurlz-spectacular

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