15 Minute Philosophy: Eating On The Go

“Because sometimes you gotta work with what options you’re presented with.” 

15MinPhi Eating On The Go

A couple of days ago, I appeared as a guest on a YouTube channel called FORMULA EOSBM, which I believe is mainly a fashion channel. To get one thing out of the way: one thing I took from this channel is that the philosophy behind it is that how you dress contributes heavily to your mindset, something I didn’t quite get but was interested in the concept. Then I realised I was literally dressed for battle while heading to work after our discussion, in part for the express purpose to get myself in the mindset that everyday I am entering a warzone and I needed to act like it; a lesson literally learned the hard way after having to fight a couple of spergs off out of basically nowhere, let alone working in Antifa country. So I can personally attest to the “dress for the part” idea.

“Function over Form though: that’s a real hammer.”

That’s not what we talked about though. The topic of discussion was on personal wellness and all the ways people that follow her channel do what they can to get there. There was a lot more that her following had to add, and you can find it her channel here:


Specifically, this video:

“Hint: I don’t eat anything in that thumbnail.”

The reason I was invited on this particular program was because of a previous video where they were talking about fitness and nutrition, something the… Excuse me… #WorldsGreatestNutritionist may know something about. Specifically, I had things to say in the comments section they I would guess like many others had not heard about in regards to what was healthy and what wasn’t, to the point they asked me to come on and clarify just what the hell I was talking about which since at the time I was working (texting while driving is kinda part of the job) I wasn’t able to, but promised I would come on at a later time to give them some of the things I had learned over the years of research and experience I had gone through. There was a lot unpacked there on the subject of nutrition, and again, check the video out: not just for my guest appearance, but what the other guests and Marchele herself had to say, as I myself gathered good things from it and will be listening back to it sometime this week as of the time of this writing.

“Spoiler alert: those first two ingredients? Avoid at all costs, in particular that first one.”

But one question I got, as (wasn’t aware of it beforehand, but was cool with it) this ended up being an open panel, caught me a bit off guard: previously we were talking about how many meals you should eat in a day, how many I do (1, if I remember to eat: ask Bowl Of Chaos how she knows), and historically that humans aren’t meant to graze all day and that’s a modern problem that alone puts metabolic stress on our digestive system. We also talked about whether hunger pangs were even a sign we were hungry or a habit we developed, with as little as drinking a glass of water would get rid of, something one of the other guests confirmed.

More on that, here, and hit the subscribe button if you don’t mind, thank ya: https://youtu.be/7p_tYHY9nkA

But the question was that, for whatever reason, you should find yourself in transit to either home or another place and you had to find something to eat, and given the other advice and information I had laid out beforehand it would seem very limiting, as they said, to try to pull into McDonald’s and order something to go. I do think I came up with a halfway decent answer, and as I said previously, the question is why: why do you have the cravings in the first place? But for my tastes at least (no pun intended), I didn’t do that question the justice I think it deserved, and truthfully, when you’re in that state of mind of “I need to eat something!”, you’re not thinking philosophically, you’re thinking necessity; you wouldn’t have the time to weigh all of your options so to speak.

“Benefit of being a #roguephilosopher FT… Win? (Murphy’s Diner in SLC, second day.”

So how would I tackle this particular scenario of having to find something to snack on the go? Luckily, I just went through a fairly long distance trip where I spent almost a week without the ability to cook or prep anything to eat the entire time, so I not only have the theory and experience of others, but my own real world choices, complete with the consequences.

“From The Landing in Pullman. I REGRET NOTHING!”

The example of my past trip: My buddy over at NickSchulaner.com spent about 6 days together, which also gave me a bit of insight into his diet. He eats far more carbs than he realises. Example: when he took me to one of his local places in Pullman, he had just the fried chicken sandwich and fries, while I, with the philosophy that I’m likely never going to visit this place again and am on vacation, went all out: fried chicken sandwich, double stacked bacon hamburger, and carne asada fries, complete with their own home made queso sauce (something I know how to make: look up sodium citrate. You’re welcome.). On the way to SLC, we stopped at Subway, given aside from the breakfast of bacon eggs and slice of sourdough toast he made us that would be the only meal we would have between our refuelling stop and breakfast/lunch the next day (is there a word for that? Asking for a friend here.). While he had just the philly cheese steak and a bag of cool ranch doritos, I had that as well. Double meat and cheese. With meatballs. And bacon. On our first breakfast/lunch stop (there is a word for that, but it keeps fucking escaping me….) was at a local diner chain, and while I pretty much watched everyone there carb the hell up with syrup loaded pancakes and toast, I had a meat loaded omelet, hash browns and a spicy fried chicken sandwich with pastrami (missed out on that when it was all the rage back then), though with a side of cheese fries one of my buddies ended up eating most of. I believe that night during the bar incident night two of them went and got a giant pizza so there was that, but wasn’t my decision, though at least at that time and for now I have no regrets.

“Dee’s SLC, also a local chain; first day there. Forgot about the cottage cheese: Had a hard time trying to finish it, which should help hammer my point of prioritising protein.”

Breakfast/lunch the next day (WTF IS THAT WORD!?), was at another diner, where I had 3 eggs over a chicken fried steak scramble, Bacon, and a crěpe that was recommended to me. Dinner was the Meet Up at an Outback Steakhouse, where I had the steak and shrimp dinner with mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. Lunch after the guys at MasculineGeek.life, RobSays.net and TJMartinell.com came over to our AirBNB to hang out and smoke cigars we went to Rob’s (the guy hosting the SLC Meet Up) Favourite Mexican Place, a hole in the wall joint called La Fountain in West Valley. They had the choice of having 3 of the main dish of choice, or 2 and a side of rice and beans. Given I was on vacation and hadn’t had it in years, I went against my instincts and got the steak enchiladas with the rice and beans (everything there was delicious, and service was fantastic by the way. Highly recommend.). Dinner since we found out Nick had never been to an In N Out was not a single nor a double, but an animal style 4×4 (you have to ask for it by name, ask me how I know) which is 4 2oz. Patties and slices of cheese with caramelised onions and whatever the hell their special sauce was. I have the tradition that the only time I go to McDonald’s is on some kind of adventure or trip, and I made no exception: got a Double Quarter with cheese and a Double Fish Filet: that lasted me the entire trip back to Nick’s place. Dinner was a bunch of wings I brought with me in the vain hope there would be an oven along with some of Pullman’s finest cheese, and breakfast we had basically the same eggs bacon (candied this time: again, a treat I brought with me thinking we’d have an oven.) and slice of sourdough we did before.

“Pictured: a much better start to your day than cinnamon toast crunch. Yes I said it: fight me.”

Now if you add all of that up, that sounds like a whole lot of food. That’s because it was. Again, keep in mind a few things: 1. On vacation, meaning I had exactly zero shits and change to give about my diet (though I’ll tell you the… gastrointestinal discomfort was oh too real), 2. Even if I did, I had to rely on what other people had on their menus and where I could go to get them, and 3. I’m only gonna visit these places once perhaps in my entire life, so why not get the best experience I can. Even with all of that considered, I still managed to keep it protein heavy with not as bad at the other things involved all things considered, and rather palatable to boot! Also to consider given the volume of food: I not only wasn’t “hungry” at all that entire trip, meaning I really didn’t “have” to eat, but a lot of that food? Leftovers. A lot of that came back with me and was dinner the night I made it home.

“Pictured: #winning”

All of that said, would I do it like that again? Yes and no. Yes, because FUCK YEAH I HAD A GREAT TIME. No, because even the way I did it isn’t good long term, fact being I gained about 10 pounds over 6 days for starters (how actual weight factors into health is another discussion entirely). Now, if I had to rely on the culinary skill of others on a more regular basis like you if you are reading this, or if I had to prep and eat on the go, that is a different story altogether. To get this out of the way: the first question I ask when someone has a reaction to something that isn’t related to active hostility or any other type of actual emergency that they think requires action is “Why”. And the answer was that they either were thirsty instead (you do get water in many dishes, given you need water to make things like pasta and rice), or their psyche was conditioned to eat on some sort of regular schedule: 3 meals a day plus snacks in between FTWinningNooooo.

“Especially when it’s mostly this. Follow her on Instagram by the way: she has a lot of good truth memes like this.”

BUT let’s set the scenario that, say, I’m on a recon trip in a place I might want to set roots in, a month minimum. What am I eating? First stop? McDonald’s. Now one of the first things I tell any client I have is get rid of the ingredients that ruins fast food (more on that here: http://thegoddamnbacon.com/edited-and-consolidated-the-4-ingredients-that-ruined-fast-food), the second is to prioritise protein since that is what your body is satiated on, and third to pick an energy source: carbs or fat. Not saying either is the wrong choice, but mine is fat, so we’ll stick with that. As a side note I made as well that I’ll make again: if you’ll notice, aside from the booze, the only thing pictured is coffee and water; if it isn’t coffee or liquor, it’s water I drink. Don’t drink your calories, which was another critique I had, alongside getting your water in: trust me, chances are you aren’t drinking enough. So my first stop at McDonald’s? Double quarter pounder with bacon and cheese, no bun, probably with onions pickles and maybe a lettuce wrap if I can’t eat it with a knife and fork. Dinner at a sit down spot? First thought: what medium rare steak is on the menu, and what kind of meat can I get as a side? Now most places’ sides are free, and that’s because they’re carbs which have high profit margins given they are dirt cheap, to not speak of sugary drinks including fruit juices: that is why those are usually included in meals. So if, say, wings or shrimp was on the menu, I’d pay more than you would if you got pomme frites or basmati rice or something like that. But I’d likely have to eat a lot less frequently than you would, not only equaling out if not lowering my food bill, but also freeing up more time to do other things: time is the only resource you can’t make up for.

“… Well, I sorta did this. The official meet up dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Fantastic time.”

Eating in? These days, whatever you would’ve been able to dine in these days you can have as take out or delivery, not much would change. To throw some other options in there for the rest of you: chicken/turkey/duck (I would prefer duck, which like red meat is the only one that has iron in it) paired with pasta, a carb that all things considered isn’t all that bad in my books. Same with meatballs and spaghetti come to think of it, emphasis on meatballs. Pork chops and green beans if you have to eat something green, maybe black eyed peas or corn on the cob if you want. A snack should you need it? Jerky and cheese sticks are always a great option (paired with water), but yogurt (full fat Greek for me) with blueberries/raspberries/blackberries isn’t a bad option. Precooked? I don’t care if I get shade for this, but those rotisserie chickens most stores have to go for less than 10 bucks ain’t bad in a pinch, and I myself have been eating premade pork ribs and wings, let alone all kinds of decent sausages.

“Eh, not bad nutrition wise all things considered. La Fountain by the way in Went Valley, Utah, highly recommended.”

And let’s not forget the staples that should be in EVERYONE’S diet: Bacon and eggs. I eat eggs in various capacities every night and keep vey well stocked on them (now adding pepperoni toppings as an experiment). Bacon if you can cook it in an oven you can make a whole batch of it for several meals, but pan fried is just fine, and the bonus of that is it greases the pan to fry your eggs, ask me how I know. Pro tip: start with the pan cold. This is something you not only can make to go, but also get in almost every location (add cheese of your choice for maximum results!).

“For all of you “but I have a sweet tooth!” people out there, there’s always the Jim Beam Peach soaked Candied Bacon, just saiyan.”

One last thing I can think of that every red blooded American loves: PIZZA! That’s a treat I order for delivery after making it home after a decent trip or hike or an at home date (protip: order pizza and get the first hot and heavy session in bed out of the way. By the time you’re done the pizza will be hot and ready at your front door, and you can enjoy that while you both recharge and get hot and ready again.) My way of ordering pizza: brooklyn, Chicago or thin crust, double sauce, double cheese, double meat including pepperoni, bacon, Italian sausage and philly cheesesteak, and also onion and Bell pepper. Essentially, get all the things you really like in a pizza, with just enough crust to deliver it to your mouth, which when you think about it is the reason the dough is there in the first place.

“SOMEBODY SAY PIZZA WITH A SIDE OF MEATBALLS!?” (Johnny Mo’s in the Eastlake neighbourhood of Seattle, a must try. Tell Em I sent ya if you go!)

There’s a lot of other things you can get on the go or take with you or make quickly at your temporary accommodations not listed here (soups for example just came to mind, which have plenty of water and make for a great start to a meal), and if you want more examples, contact me and ask if you want something more specific; this is what I thought up over the last few days. One final thing I want to leave you with is take your time eating it: that’s what I did on my own vacation, and would do in any extended scenario where I couldn’t make myself, and really that’s what I do anyway. Keep in mind that it takes quite a few minutes for your body to let you know you’ve had enough if you actually needed something to eat in the first place, and as I said on the show humans over our history of evolution went long stretches of time without getting ANY kind of calories; we simply aren’t designed to graze most of our waking hours, and that puts a lot of stress on our digestive systems when we do. Besides, eating isn’t a competition: what’s the rush anyway?

“… Well shit, this answers that question….”

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