15 Minute Philosophy: The 95%

“Strike me down, and I’ll become more powerful than you can ever imagine!” – Ben Kenobi


Welp, it’s about that time: the silencing and banishing season is upon us and less than 2 months until Wabbit Season kicks off my twitter account gets the silent treatment for the next 12 hours, just like the first account before it got banished permanently without the possibility of parole; @thegoddamnbacon if you wanna see for yourself. Reason I think this happened specifically? The MAGAssholes apparently weren’t as couth as I thought and took yet another page out of their leftists buddies book and reported the above comment, of which you be the judge dear reader/listener and point out where I said I wished any harm to be done, only that it needed to happen.

“Nuance is HAAAAARD.”

Not to be outdone, but Drew (Baye.com) and earlier when all hell broke loose Doc (SafetyPhD.com) got their accounts locked. Drew is a strength trainer and Doc is as his site suggests is a safety specialist, so of all people you would think they would be safe. Guess not. If you take nothing else, aside from vetting your teams against the following, get in contact with them offline from these platforms, as several other members of Team Let Em Burn have done with me recently. Also, as I will be doing, make back up accounts: as I said, this is exactly what happened the last time, and I expect this to be no different which means shit I’m gonna have to make a new avatar again….

“Update: I’m outta here!”

“Meanwhile, I’ll sit here holding my breath.”

But let’s take this forced time out and make good of it. I made the point as you can see in the caption of the 95% being the main cause of the cluster fuck we call reality (and anarchy apparently) these days and the gruesome yet necessary solution to the problem. So what is the 95%? In short: politically that’s almost everyone as the term implies. You have your leftists that amount to about 50%: the Democrats, Marxists, socialists, commies, and every other flavour of rape and murder, of which since they are the glowing definition of Retardists they believe the opposite and would call you the same. The other, harder pill to swallow is the other 45% are those on the “Right”: your “veterans”, your citizens, your militiamen and  Patriots; type that last word in my search bar (before THAT’S somehow banished!) to see what true ugliness I managed to dig up from “our team”. They are just as much Retardists as the left they “oppose”: they only say the right things, for follows no fucking less. To touch on that, people have used my low amount of follows as an attack on me: does that mean you fucking retards doing so worship Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian? Or, to take a “Christian” example, Joel Olsteen? Because those don’t seem like very moral and intellectual figures to follow, yet most of the 95% seem to follow them.

“What is this Quality over Quantity you speak of?”

I guess at this point we should define what Retardism is, given I’ve been throwing that term around for a while now. Luckily I already got ahead of myself and wrote about it in an old This Week In Philosophy post, Edition 2 specifically. So here that is, and I’ll do my best to fix the pictures and their captions to make more sense:

“Part 1: Defining Retardism

“The weak follow religions they were indoctrinated into, believing they have no master.”

It’s been over a year since I wrote the Veganism As A Religion article. Some people found it eye opening, or at least interesting. Others (you can guess who) absolutely hated it, if they read it at all. Suffice it to say that, at the least, it has held true, if not prophetic: far from just being content not eating actual food and subsisting on what food eats while “doing no harm”, they have an inherent, emotional drive to prosecute the “non-believers”, sinners of their worldview, despite all contrary evidence and while believing they follow no doctrine.

However, it goes deeper than that. Almost inexorably vegans also fall in line with environmentalism, climate change activists, feminism, gun control, body positive, and other varying socialist cult movements, all of which degrade the quality of human life, and to a degree all life, though they believe the opposite to be true. Why is this the case? It is the brain virus I coined the term for about 3 months after writing that article, realizing that veganism was merely a symptom of the problem, not the cause. The cause is Retardism.

Retardism has many roots: genetic, epigenetic, cultural,etc. Ultimately, it is anti-progress, anti-human, anti-life as we know it. It is the equilibrium to sentient & societal accomplishment, the equal and opposing action to the advancement of humanity. It is no mistake that the worst solutions, if they have one at all, are promoted as the best, and the best are demonized as the worst. In the case of veganism, the worst diet (outside of the modern American diet) is portrayed as the healthiest. What’s more: it attaches morality to the movement, giving them license to go after those that don’t subscribe, all the while saying they’re doing the least harm and say that all life is precious.

Again, I go into this in the article, but look at what the Cover Chick is holding aside from your attention. That rose was indeed alive, and likely wanted to continue living, yet was cut for cosmetic reasons. Are cultists like @jeffbellamar going to come after her for that? No, and the reason is because humans cannot sustain themselves on red roses like they can on red meat. They will, however, shame you for enjoying a steak dinner, protest outside of farms that feed “precious lives”, and even celebrate the death of those that dare question them. However, though they may be agents of destruction, they are not the the reason behind the movement. They are merely pawns in the movers hands, NPC’s to the puppetmaster. A head of the Hydra, fueled by the heart of it.

As always, I like to have an actionable solution. What can be done with them? Recognize they are merely a flavor of Retardism, the opposite of the truth, and treat their convictions as such. Even better, should you choose to engage them at all, understand that reason and evidence will be ineffective in changing their minds, given they were never reasoned into their mindset to begin with. Instead, and far more effective, is mockery and ridicule: it still won’t change their minds, but at best it’ll give them pause, and at worse it’ll get under their skin. And since they make the world a worse place to live in, why the hell not?”

That was the first part of a post published on November 4th, 2019, well after the last one was written out on a bike ride a couple of days after the Halloween that emptied the last of my own humanity: either ask me, find it yourself, or wait until the next Halloween to find out. But this was not a new concept to me even then: before that I simply labelled them The Stupid for at least 4 years, before realising stupid can be fixed and I needed an actual term that defined the problem better. By the way, in case you were unaware, here’s the definition of retard, ripped straight from Merriam Webster:

retard verb

re·​tard | \ ri-ˈtärd \

retarded; retarding; retards

Definition of retard (Entry 1 of 2)

transitive verb

: to delay or impede the development or progress of : to slow up especially by preventing or hindering advance or accomplishment

chemicals to retard the spread of fire

intransitive verb

: to become delayed : to undergo retardation

retard noun


Definition of retard (Entry 2 of 2)

1\ ri-​ˈtärd \ : a holding back or slowing down : RETARDATION

2\ ˈrē-​ˌtärd \ offensive : a person affected with mental retardation

3\ ˈrē-​ˌtärd \ informal + usually offensive : a foolish or stupid person

“https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/retard#synonyms for moar.”

How does that apply here? Think of transportation, a bicycle to make it simple. The idea of transportation is to get from point A to point B as fast efficient and intact as possible. To do that you need motion, mainly acceleration and sustained velocity to do so. The opposite of that, as stated above, would be to retard acceleration or velocity, ie your brakes. Obviously when applied correctly this is a good thing, and as an aside one reason I don’t just slam women for being women: they often err on the side of caution by nature and put the brakes on anything potentially risky, and that’s a good thing when checked. But, when applied all the time, good luck getting fucking anywhere.

“Why won’t this door fucking open?”

And as stated above, that’s what you see not just in politics, but anything not directly bolted down to reality: language, unlike it’s intended purpose of describing the real world, is instead used to distort and “manipulate” it. And given all politics is in language, the usual suspects and the ones listed above, the talking and posturing and redefinitions and projections and even threats can go on without impunity.

Until you make it real.

This is one such example:

“Part 2: Arguing With Retardists

“Explanations are an Avenue for Attack.”

A while back I wrote an article about dealing with nitpickers, which highlighted different ways that humans that oppose your actions or ideals will try to stop you, and different ways you can deal with them, if you choose to entertain their feedback in the first place. An expansion pack to this will be written, since there are other tactics that aren’t in the first one. The larger point I’m making here though, is for the average person not to bother with them in the first place, because they’re merely a waste of your time. Today’s example highlighting my point perfectly is the easily predictable @jeffbellamar, which you can follow along with by swiping to the right.

As you can see, Jef went for the easy target that I laid out in the Veganism Is A Religion article, going after my name and going on about the myth of bacon causing cancer, instead of addressing any of the points in the post he was tagged in. So already you can tell an intellectual conversation is off the table, though luckily in my case, I have quite the canon of work in the field, so all I had to do to refute this is link to my own article, complete with citations.

Did he address or counter with any facts of his own, or disprove anything in the article? Hell if I know whether he bothered to even skim it, because he went right to another myth in the form of another attack, talking about doctors not recommending bacon because heart attacks. At this point it should be obvious there’s no point really engaging with her anymore, unless they’re willing to put skin in the game, so not only did I tell zer as such, I linked the Combat Martial Arguments article as well, giving him the playbook both of us were using, actually making his job easier.

Again, no reference to anything in it in response, but the fact I charge anything sure got his attention, though at best he misunderstood who I was charging and asked if my 250 followers pay for my “services”, which is also a dig at my low numbers that implies he prefers quantity over quality much like his diet. What’s more: he also throws in an attack at the lovely ladies posted on this page, so we can assume he’s sexist on top of being vegan. It is at this point I give him a quote of $20 to thoroughly answer his questions, which is really below market prices, while also pointing out his tactic of switching topics after being proven wrong.

A slave to form, Jef continues to press on, asking the same question again, this time raising my follower numbers to 260, so clearly he wants to emphasize that point. All I did was raise my price for being a pain in the ass, which he replied about donating to the special Olympics, prompting me to cite an excerpt about Projection and raising my price again. It has since shut him up.

The point I’m making is that this human is but a zombie: all attack against anything not vegan, no intellectual honesty available for comment. The only reason I even engage with humans like this are for sport, and to highlight as examples so you can see how these things operate; there’s a reason Yeff is so predictable to me. As you can see in the other pics, these cultists have no desire to negotiate, or even find humor: they exist only to convert and destroy that which gives actual people happiness, let alone health. The only thing you will do by trying to explain anything to them will only serve to give them something else to attack and defame: in their eyes, unless you fall in line completely, you will always be wrong and evil, and even then they’ll find something else to demonize you for.

There is no reasoning with these beings, so unless you have nothing better to do, don’t bother; they weren’t going to listen anyway, let alone interpret it coherently. And seriously, don’t you have something better to do with your time?”

So that’s one way of dealing with these retards. The larger point being the one I’ve been pointing out for seemingly forever now: if language had consequences attached, most humans would shut the fuck up. Other such ways was another reason my twitter account got silenced: remember who Quinn Wright is? Neither does anyone else, but he went with the Gorilla Warfare meme I later found out was an actual official meme thanks to @mictubis, meaning not only did this supposed comedian not even come up with his own material like this not a comedian does on the regular, but I’ve been waiting all this time for SEAL Team 6 to kick my front door down in vain. Care to guess what I did with that particular Character to silence him? The same thing every fighting tournament does to CYA.

“Anyone else notice the Ghei Hand? I just did. Not shocked.”

“No, Joe Curl, they ain’t coming for the Salt Lake Beat Down, which the Village By The Lake and more can be found at MasculineGeek.life, sign up TODAY!”

But ultimately, as the cover pic implies, the solution is that for humanity to become great again is to remove Retardism from it. Do not underestimate it, for it is down to the genetic level: you can see it in IQ as an example, someone can be born a legit genius (ask me how I know!) and his seed will go back down to the average. Even more damning, that’s how a lot of politics are passed along epigenetically if not hard wired genetically: found that out the hard way when my full breed brother that I’ve known for his entire life and grew up with went full Black Lives Matter on me and broke out all the fun Oreo names; coon, uncle Tom, you name it. He did not have any real political inklings until his late teens, and what sparked it off was my mom’s now husband asking what my politics were (don’t ask me why that came up because even I don’t know), and me responding with the point made in the Patriot article and not taking ANY sides of this shit show.

Understand what you’re dealing with now? I got disowned by my own flesh and blood because I didn’t goose step in line with the black culture narrative, the result being him leaving the house in tears: only reason I believe this didn’t end in an actual fist fight was because he was once a student in my combat martial arts school so he knew first hand just how poorly that would end on his part, see my point about bringing consequences to language for more. When I say the 95% need to be brutally and painfully wiped from existence, it is not in jest: I am as serious as death by terminally acute lead poisoning. Learning via reason, evidence and reality hasn’t been in the cards as far as saving civilization for a long time now, and hopefully the example of the last few months has shown you this on just about every side now. So logically, what does that leave?

“Those that cannot learn from reason and evidence will learn from painful experience.” – Stefan Molyneux

Violence. A final lesson I want to leave here, which those that have experienced combat will know first hand. Your first line of defense is your voice: “stop, I can hear you just fine from there” is a line we gave in class to arrest an approching possible threat. Obviously if he/she were to not stop upon that command, you were authorised to strike preemptively: clearly they have more in mind than just talking or selling you their works, and you don’t wait for them to move first, because you cannot confirm you will survive their first move. I am speaking in broader terms in this piece, but look at what’s going on now. Look at the cancer that has sprouted out of what was the smallest government and populace that ever existed. Look at whose marching in the streets and what they’re calling for. “Death to America.” Violence in the streets. Burn This Motherfucker Down. I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it: the best way to make fools suffer is to give them what they ask for. You really want violence, the end of capitalism and voluntary transactions, what have you? For those that can’t even learn from the present a la Africa and the Middle East let alone the past a la Rome and others, what do you think will happen should Team Let Em Burn and the rest of the 5% starts to move?

“For all the white women that really want this Black Lives Matter experience, careful what you ask for if you wanna get married later I’m just saiyan wait did it just get dark in her?”



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