15 Minute Philosophy: Threat

“Most of humanity today have such a false sense of security, have been so removed from reality and natural selection, they don’t recognize just what kind of danger they’ve gotten themselves into until it’s almost too late.”

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Wednesday, 3 minutes after 11 PST in the morning as I begin to write this, comfortably in my soon to be past bedroom. All is quiet, with not even the trains going by right now. It’s been well over a week since all hell broke loose here, and last I heard I had to be moved out ASAP for the “safety” of the other tenants, lest I flay them alive and handcuff their children apparently. So what has transpired since then? What villainous dastardly deeds have I committed since I was declared public enemy number one? Just what kind of danger has been there really for everyone else since I’m still on the premesis?

Obviously I cannot speak for the other households here, but I can speak for my own. I’ve continued to go to work, with traffic picking up a wee bit in the last few days. A new and final carb is being tested out for the diet and nutrition research I’ve been doing the last couple of years, with delicious results. Finally bottled the tequila being infused with pickled jalapeƱos, and enjoyed them along with steaks and premium wine and cigars at a buddy’s place. Speaking of which, there’s a pineapple sitting in the window to ripen up before I infuse it with a bottle of bourbon. I’ve installed a new (to the car at least) radio head, so now I can listen to my podcasts through the speakers in my car via a hard connection rather than bluetooth, solving both the problem of every bluetooth speaker ever’s charging port breaking, and possibly being contact traced via bluetooth. I’ve gone on a couple of livestreams, and told my side of the story on the events that happened here to various degrees of comedic effect. Allie, one of the kids frequently on the premesis, discovered helium and wanted to show me her new singing voice as I was on my way to work. Speaking of the kids, while gone for a little while which isn’t out of the ordinary(pretty sure the rain was also a factor) , they were back in full force this weekend, along with others I didn’t recognise. In all, despite the emergency get out of dodge call because I’m more of a danger than coronavirus infected murder hornets, life has pretty much gone back to normal here.

So about that “imminent threat” I pose meaning I have to upend my life for the “safety” of others. In fact, let’s talk about that word, because it’s fast becoming the new N bomb as far as I’m concerned, especially when it comes to women. Yes, I said it: women. Show me a male that does things outside of his line of work for “safety” and I’ll show you a man that was broken before he even had a chance to grow up. Only when it comes to women, female and otherwise, is “safety” a priority. Who went full retard on my balcony at 1:30 in the morning? A woman. Who called the cops out of fear of confrontation? It wasn’t the man that came outside to find out what was going on and ended up defusing the situation. Who were the subjects of all this being started in the first place? A pair of girls that apparently are allowed up well past midnight on a Friday evening outside of their place of residence. All of these women who fear for their “safety” are the ones making all of the racket and calling guess the gender to come rescue them. Call me crazy, but back when I was growing up, damsels in distress were at least sexy and in real danger, for some odd reason often being tied up on train tracks. These days, no real danger, and certainly not sexy at least up here: all the reasons to panic fear, all the accusations being levied, have been in language only, having no tangible presence in reality. I could be wrong about this and a process server is on his way right now to serve me, but as of this writing I’m the only one to have taken any legal action since all of this went down. Quite the opposite should be happening if I did what they said I did and still posed a threat to what should be the most precious thing to them. But it’s not. Because it’s in their head, not in the real world. Furthermore, to take action takes work: in this example having to file police reports, request subpoenas, go to court at 7am, etc. Legal work, but work nonetheless. Much easier to call the landlord and make up a bunch of bullshit to get me outta here. There’s another reason I think all of this was a setup from the get go, but I’ll save that crazy theory for another time.

This isn’t just about The Incident though: I’ve been waiting to write this for a long time, because I see this just about everywhere. If you’ve heard of clown world or my theory of Retardism, then you’ll know where this is going. The reality is that most of humanity today, at least in the 1st world, cannot recognise what is a real threat to their lives today and what isn’t, at least in the real world. Consequently if not because of, threats in language (not afraid of coronavirus anymore? No problem: murder hornets!) freaks them the fuck out. Again, best example is what I’m going through right now. The threat I “pose” with my mere presence, in their mind at least, isn’t real, but she wasn’t worried about disturbing the murder hornet’s nest (see what I did there?) unarmed until there was a machete pointed at her throat, a true testament to not recognising true danger until its almost too late. Every mask wearing Corona Retard up here keeping 6 feet apart is worried about the pandemic, and shaming others giving this virus the real level of worry it actually warrants, yet they’re perfectly OK walking in the middle of the street staring straight ahead or at their telephone-equipped brain replacement, assuming my 1 ton and change chunk of steel and fire on wheels will go from 40-0mph in time, all because they’re in between painted lines on the asphalt. Speaking of cars, that’s one of 2 places everyone, men and especially women, feel seemingly invincible, if their behaviour is any indication: they’re willing to cut you off, speed up just to get in front of you, and all kinds of behaviour that would be unacceptable otherwise. Not all by a long shot to be fair, but more than enough to be of notice. The other place, of course, is the internet: arguments, insults, threats of bodily harm, you name it. I don’t even need to go into it: keyboard warrior has been a thing since before I ever had an online presence. Funny to see how people act behind the veils of their perceived safety, even in fairly tight knit groups.

Take the 3rd Man Militia for example. Great group of guys and girls by far, don’t get me wrong, and I could have this whole thing misunderstood, and hopefully so. But apparently there’s been talk of some wrong doing of mine to another 3rd Man, to the point that Charlie (JakobCharles.fm) reached out to say I should apologise to her (notice a theme here!?), for whatever unspecified reason, leading me to think even he doesn’t know what the problem is. I still have yet to hear back from her, but why is he the only one saying anything to me about this, while apparently everyone else is talking behind my back? Am I really about to be excommunicated from a group I’ve had nothing but good things to say about over fucking rumors? Again, that’s an open question, and this all could be just over inflated nothingness, but that’s my point: I’m not the most imposing figure and certainly not the most prone to initiating violence, but could you imagine any of them saying whatever this shit is to me to my face if they can’t even do it online? By the way, if there’s any teeth to this, the next 3rd Man Drinking Zoom Chat is gonna be very interesting, because as I told Charlie, I’m done trying to appease people I’m accused of doing wrong to without concrete evidence. Speaking of my stature, again, not the most imposing figure, and for the most part most people get the sense to not fuck with me. But the sheer amount of people, sober or otherwise, that have seen fit to say all kinds of things to me personally is shocking. Granted most people don’t know my background of combat training and experience, or the true degree of physical ability I have, and in fairness I worked in the past to downplay whatever power or martial skill I have to lure unsuspecting dopes into underestimating me. But you would think at a minimum someone walking around as easily as you are with an extra 50lbs of metal attached to him would give at least a bit of a pause. Perhaps the fact that there’s always law enforcement to back them up is enough to ignore any impending retaliation I might have, but the 2nd amendment exists for a reason: they might not get there in time. It’s not until I actually start moving do they suddenly realise pissing me off or attacking me wasn’t the greatest decision in their lives.

Which brings me to solutions. With much if not most of humanity today freaking out over perceived if not made up threats while ignoring if they’re able to even recognise real ones, what’s a Man to do? Simple, if action even needs to be taken: make it real. Bring reality to the situation. My current situation may be too far gone, but who took action and filed a report as soon as possible and, more importantly, who didn’t? “Actions speak louder than words” is a saying for a reason, and after this is all said and done I will be vindicated. Someone (vegans for example) want you to make some sort of argument or some other version of wasting your time providing evidence they’re not gonna listen to anyway? Charge em for it, and even better, provide links they can easily and verifiably transfer funds to (By the way, if you’d have some extra trump change laying around and want to donate to a good cause, PayPal.me/PayBacon or Venmo @Bacon-Maldito, just saiyan!) Speaking of which Rajon sent me a tweet from some guy saying grappling is superior to striking, of which I had my own reply on that, of which he went to tough guy mode. What did I do? Same thing I do to any internet tough guy: told him to sign up for a local martial arts or mma tournament (now that I think of it, probably not that many going in right now, whoops!) and send me proof, and I would drive to it to confront him in person. Care to guess what the success rate of shutting people up is? If you guessed 102% with a 2% chance of error, you win a prize! Some Karen or Kevin tries to tell you to put on a mask or stand on a square painted on the ground? Tell them to come physically make you. Perhaps not all of you can do this, but if they actually try, they’ll quickly realize the error of their ways once they can’t call the cops because you’re crushing their trachea or smashed their kidneys, ask me how I know! Point being is that everyone can and often will run their mouths and say whatever it is they think is safe to say and try to get you to appease and pay or whatever they can get away with. Until it costs them something. So make it cost em. As for the idiots that can’t (or won’t) realise an actual threat to them or theirs, first make sure your ass is covered: see the previous 15 Minute Philosophy post Alone for more. After that, as Rob Says: “let ’em burn”, even hand them the fuel to do so if it profits you. And don’t bother feeling sorry for them or theirs: for one, it ain’t gonna do anything, and they’re not gonna learn their lesson without suffering in the first place. And after all, this same idiot would likely drag you into their own misery if they could if they haven’t already tried. Why in fucks name would you feel sorry for that instead of lighting a cigar on their burning body, roasting smores on it, kicking back and enjoying the show?

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