The Hidden Landmines Awaiting the Next Protest

“I’m not, by nature, a hater. I generally don’t hate. I try not to hate, but I’ll tell you this:… I’m learning….”

-Stefan Molyneux

I’ve done some thinking on the latest protests, to give them the kindest label I can think of. Much has been said both in favor of and against them, the voices of reason in my opinion being against, because the other side is literally egging them on by calling whoever they attack “Nazis”, thus dehumanizing them and making any act against them justifiable. Sure, they’re throwing rocks and bricks, wielding hammers, setting businesses and cars on fire, shutting down public transportation, outright shooting and beating people that wear head gear they don’t; it’s all O.K., because they’re Nazis, right? They’re faceless enemies, therefore all acts against them are justified, right? Well this is the question I’ve been mulling over in my head today, and it is this:

“I’m next. What happens then? ”

Most of you should know by now that I do NOT agree with the majority, that I openly oppose what these evil vermin foot soldiers of evil, these literal domestic terrorists, stand for. What happens when, not if, they find out about me? I’m nobody right now, I’m just a jackass on the internet with no followers willing to back me talking about what I believe in, but what happens when others hear about what I’m saying? What happens if I become visible enough for the SJW’s to train their turrets of phobistry-laden slander upon me? What happens if an angry mob decides I’m a dangerous brown flavored Nazi, and therefore it’s O.K. to punch me in the face, to hit me with a hammer or a brick? Hell, what happens if I should, like I literally missed by a window of minutes this Friday, happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time? Here’s the answer:

I will kill them all. And I will not hesitate until everyone around me is dead or dying, or I myself cannot move anymore. And that’s the danger these people will inevitably end up facing.

Here’s the thing about most of these attacks, most of the people that have been attacked were not raised in a violent society, were not trained in violence, and for the most part do not have violent tendencies. Most of the people that have been targeted with physical violence were versed in using words, not war; they use reason in lieu of Rugers, and though by Poseidon I praise them for this, that also leaves them vulnerable to these kinds of attacks, with little ability to defend themselves.

So what happens if it’s me? I may have an unbelievably high IQ, I may have spent the past few years learning how to reason, I have learned to be peaceful. But I grew up in the perfect storm of the kind of childhood that has led so many others like me down the path of destruction: poverty, single mother household, black culture, mind and soul crushing education, mass bullying for over a decade, dodging bullies, knives, gunshots, cars, rocks, legal actions, etc. I’ve also been trained for more than a decade in combat martial arts, have been subjected to immense pain, beatings, psychological abuse, and now I have a very high tolerance to pain across the spectrum, and am well versed in, frankly, dismantling other human beings. A recent thought comes to mind of an incident, with some girl threatening me on the other side of a door, and as she pulled it open, I remember thinking about the knife close by, how as she pulled the door handle her hand was too occupied to stop me from thrusting the blade right into her right carotid, and after watching her for that one second that she realizes what just happened, sweeping her too close together feet out from under her and stomping right on her chest crushing her sternum destroying her lungs and possibly jump starting her heart, just so she could suffer the feeling of being breathless as her literal lifeblood bled out before her eyes, as her vision faded to black.

You feel that cold draft, raising the hairs on your back and arms? Feel that intangible sense of danger, that tingling creeping up upon your spine? That’s just an inkling of what I’m capable of.

And I’m not the only one. Out there, right now, there are people not only with my beliefs, but outright Trump supporters, outright against this narrative, who have much better training, much more experience, and much less restraint than I do. Out there, right now, there are Marines, Army Rangers, Navy SEALS, unregulated militia, other combat martial artists including those who trained me, established gangsters, other people who wield violence like you wield toast on Sunday morning, there are people like this out there right now that have close to or the same viewpoints I do, and I know this, because I know people in ALL of these fields. They’re out there. What happens if you attack them?

The same thing that would happen if you attacked me, though I daresay the results would be even worse. And that’s the problem.

I’ve looked at the people that have been attacked in the past few days, people I listen to, even have corresponded with, people I look up to:

Lauren Southern, pushed and shoved for standing up for her beliefs;

Mike Cernovich, pepper sprayed and narrowly avoided having his party suffering from an acid attack;

Roger Stone, poisoned;

James O’Keefe’s attorney attacked;

Gavin McInness, forced into a fistfight;

A son and his father beaten at the University of Washington, where a gay jew was having a speech, where meanwhile a father was beaten trying to save the son of his that was being attacked for wearing the wrong fucking hat!

Hell, just looking this up again, a poor dog walked by it’s owner was beaten in NYC, and I’d guess it had no idea of why it was attacked and now has a straw in it’s neck to help drain a wound.

The list goes on and on. People that have the “Wrong” opinions, are the ones targeted, and in general they aren’t the ones that don’t use physical violence. What happens when it’s one of us? What happens when they throw a brick at one of them, and they snap and kill everyone around them? What happens when you’re clicking the buttons in your SJW Minesweeper, and end up hitting an actual live mine?

You see these people are using the collectivist weapons of shame and mob backed attacks, because they have targeted people that don’t generally fight back. It is only a matter of time until they run across someone that can and will return fire and take down everyone that will make the latest mass shooting look like a party favor fight. I would even guess they have run across people like this, and the reason you didn’t hear about it is because they didn’t go off, so to speak; they kept themselves restrained, they didn’t act on their base instincts or training. I guess this based on what i know of myself and the many servicemen I’ve known; they hold back a lot, let me tell you. But that resistance is fading, and fast. They are getting tired of this, of being attacked, of being marginalized or beaten, they are getting close to their breaking point. Even those that are champions of non-aggression are tiring of this, are starting to harden under the heavy rain of your attacks.

That quote at the beginning of this? That’s from Stefan Molyneux. He’s literally the guy that promotes the non-aggression principle and peaceful parenting. He’s someone that I’ve lightly chided for actually being surprised, possibly for show but given his track record was genuinely shocked, by the irrationality of those he was trying to reach. I’ve made fun of him for not realizing the reality I figured out a long time ago that many people are incapable of reason, but I never held it against him because he, like I did, was doing everything he could to reach every one of you with reason and evidence, because he believed that if it was laid out enough you would listen and change your minds on your own. It’s truly a noble cause, and I’ll champion it until the moment I die.

You’re hardening even him. Your irrational mob mentality efforts flavored with pussy hats, along with this entire election and the idiots and rumors and outright lies, have hardened him. You’ve taken the most peaceful person on the fucking planet and are sharpening him from being a shield into a sword. I have to say, he’s a lot like myself: I would not make a quote like that without substance, and the fact that he even entertained saying that, much less said it out loud, is frankly chilling.

If you can do this to a peaceful person like that, just what do you think you’re doing to those that are veterans of fucking WARS? Many of them, like I do, just want peace, but everything you’re doing is bringing the war RIGHT BACK TO THEM. What to you think is going to happen when you have belittled these warriors, and once one of them shows up at a rally, or happens to be passing by, you attack them? Like i said, if it’s me, I’m killing everyone. I’m not stopping until I’m stopped; if my hand is forced, if I have no other option but to fight back, if I am forced to choose between survival and death or dismemberment, I will take out everyone in my path, and I will not stop until there is no one left that can move or I am dead, because at that point my legal problems will not matter.

And keep in mind: even in my classes and squads, I was always the NICE one.

Keep protesting violently. Keep attacking people. Keep relying on the fact that while there are thousands of people behind you, those you attack generally don’t fight back. You know what., keep being violent assholes, keep picking on innocent people. Because one day, soon I’m guessing, you’re going to pick the wrong person to lynch, and he will behead your entire mob. And that’s the only way you will even begin to learn your lesson; because you don’t listen to reason and evidence, you have to learn through experiences that are painful and costly. The only way you will learn that trying to enact change through violence is to experience violence against yourself. You won’t get it, until you are threatened with death, assuming you survive it.

Do me a favor, folks. If you do nothing else for me, please do this:

Prove me wrong. For the love of God, don’t prove me right.

Thoughts on the Verbal Weapons of the Left

A message to the media, the Stupid, and the fearmongerers:

Yes, you are now my mortal enemy. I hate what you are doing, the extent of which I will explain in detail later on. But I want you to do just one thing, and I believe you are and will continue to do it well:

Keep doing what you are doing.

Keep pushing the exact same points you’ve been pushing for over a year. Keep up the race baiting, victim baiting, and calling everyone that has actual facts that disagrees with your narrative a racist sexist misogynistic bigoted islamophobic xenophobe. Keep saying that, essentially, everyone that you disagree with are evil people. Keep demonizing everyone you don’t like, who live in the real world.

Keep doing what you are doing. Because I want you to continue destroying yourself.

Like I have said several times now, for the longest time you have used your weapons of mental and social suppression well. When someone said a fact you didn’t like, you could call it racist or sexist or the other dirty words, and either have it silenced through shame, or have that person socially destroyed. And while that’s a good power to have, like most powers, it has corrupted you, and you have abused it in ways that are increasingly absurd.

Enter The Donald (in your pussy, probably). He jumps in, runs fofor the most powerful position (tee hee) on the planet, and all of you throw everything you have at him. You used every weapon you could think of and trump up against him. And despite your best efforts, he beat you.

And what did you do in response? Did you do any self reflection and try to figure out why you lost? No, you doubled down on the same language that just failed you. The same weapons you tried to use on Trump that didn’t faze him, you continue to use on the people, to try to take him down and keep us under control.

Go ahead. Keep doing that. Because the people are starting to wake up. They’re starting to recognize the tricks you’re using to evoke a response in them, and they are finally starting to resist. And the more you keep using the same weapons, the more the people become resistant to it, to the point that we will become immune to it.

So keep going. Keep calling Trump a racist sexist bigot. Keep using those words. Saturate us with them. Because one day, probably soon, they will become meaningless, and you will have played a great part in disarming yourselves. You will have destroyed the arguments you stood on because in the end, you had no real ground to stand on, no facts, only words.

Early Thoughts on the Riots and Protests

To the people that are holding riots:

Oh man, I have many things to say about you motherfuckers. But there’s one thing I want to point out, and I have to say, it’s very self indulgent for me, and that is you have proved me right.

Remember when I said that verbal threats precede physical violence? I told you that when there is a threat, or when you are trying to dominate someone, the first thing you use is your voice. And once that fails, sometimes you can run, but many tines the only other option is to induce violence. Keep that in mind.

Now look at what Donald Trump has had to go through for the past 2 years. From his run for nomination, to the debates, to the final run for presidency, everything about him has been viciously attacked. He’s had his physical appearance made fun of, his personal commentary and mannerisms mocked, his statements about every single political issue slandered, his personal life attacked from every angle, his businesses scrutinized by the molecule, damn near every scandal imaginable thrown at him. Every single weapon that the entire media, every established politician, and the entire indoctrinated public could bring to bear was used against him.

And against all of that, despite all of the negative press, he won. He walked through all of it. And now his opponents are violently pissed.

Why don’t they, say, take a step back, acknowledge they lost, shake hands with their competitor and try to work together, figure out why they lost and come up with a better strategy to win in the future? Because, to them, this wasn’t a competition, this was a life or death fight. Until Trump won the presidency, this was verbal warfare. But now that their voices have failed, they are now resorting to physical violence. Now that they are realizing their words don’t work, they are clogging up freeways, attacking Trump supporters, and basically trying to burn down the building where they lost the fight. To them, physical violence is all they have left.

There is much more I want to say. And I’ll likely make it an article. But I wanted to point out this instance of the voice of violence failing and physical violence coming right after. And spoiler alert: I’m going to point out how the other side uses verbal abuse or verbal warnings, and how their physical violence works when their verbal violence doesn’t work. And let me tell you, just like how their verbal violence is much more efficient and damaging than yours, their physical violence is much more effective. You think these angry riots are dangerous? Just wait until you see what the other side can do. I’m not kidding when I say if it comes between you and them, you will die. Please, don’t find out for yourself.

Thoughts on those threatening to “Move to Canada”

To the people that said they would “move to Canada” if Donald Trump was elected:

This is one of two things I wanted to point out tonight, hopefully they are short. It’s not a new thing for people every 4 years to say they’ll move to the nation of maple syrup and poutine off our northern border if they don’t get the candidate they don’t like. They did it with Obama, they did it with Bush, and they probably did it with Clinton (I don’t remember back that far and don’t feel like looking it up. Feel few to confirm or debunk that here). There are quite a few directions I can take this, but one question stands out to me, mainly because of the multiculturalists:

Why Canada?

Isn’t it interesting that, with all the countries people use as their bug out location in case of presidential defeat, it’s chiefly Canada that’s the destination? While many of the people that (say they) want to leave today love to talk about how everyone on the planet is so equal, how all cultures are awesome, how we should basically be more socialist and how western countries full of white people are evil, the one country they want to move to is to a western country full of white people? What, no one wants to move to Venezuela? No one wants to go to North Korea? No immigration to Japan, or Norway (I bet the rebuttal to that is “It’s too HAAAAARD!!!)? No one wants to go to South Africa or, for that matter, any other part of Africa? Come on, no wall jumpers going to Mexico? Come on they have several summer vacation destinations for crying out loud!

Isn’t it interesting that, when you don’t get the president you want, you want to leave the western white country you think is going to hell, to another western white country. Why is that? I get they have many of the same ideals as we in the U.S. do. The fact that most of of Canada speaks the same language we do has to be a plus as well. The funny thing is that if you really believe in your own rhetoric, that the west is racist, that white people are evil (even if you yourself are white and haven’t been very evil), and every other race is super great and we should totally welcome them, that when you think the shit is hitting the fan in your own country, the one country you choose to pretend to move to is culturing the closest to our own. You don’t choose to move to countries like, say, Syria, where you insist we take refugees from. You don’t list Venezuela, which practices socialism like you always want to see here. You don’t pick Mexico, Guatemala, or other countries where groups like MS-13 operates. No, you pick Canada. Because, despite your rhetoric, despite your supposed ideals, you don’t believe what you are saying. If you believe in your words, you’d name the places I pointed out. You don’t.

So go ahead. Try to move to Canada. That’s the safest choice after all, should you make it.

Just don’t expect those of us that can actually use critical thinking to take you at your word ever again.

You fucking hypocritical coward.

Thoughts on New Year’s Themes, and what they mean to me

I no longer have resolutions for the new year. I now have themes, and the change came this year but I now realize it extended into years past.

2014 was the year of Challenges for me; I moved to a low rent place to save up money because I was making a major move, and even spent a year homeless, living out of my car in snow country, working two jobs to save up capital I needed to make the transition. I slept in my car in below zero conditions, I bathed halfway using a truck stop shower and swimming in a lake, I brushed my teeth and changed my clothes in a public bathroom, and I got most of our stuff into storage because I would not be able to take it with me.

2015 was the Year of Survival.. I slept on my dad’s couch for almost half the year, part of which was without any income. The housing and employment I had planned ahead fell through. I had to take temp jobs just to survive, I had to ground my car and travel by bicycle, in freezing rain, to work in a warehouse lifting heavy boxes. I ended up finding a much better job during this, got my car back into working shape, went back to that storage facility to get some of the stuff we had there(Most of it was thrown away), looked at many places and finally found a place that I still live at to this day. Then my car had several issues, which led to me using my bike again to work in freezing conditions, and cost me thousands of dollars. But I made it through.

2016 was the Year of Recovery. Early in the year the engine failed and I lost my car for several months, leading me to rent a car during that time to work. I did get my car back with a rebuilt engine, got several bills taken care of, got the chance to go on several trips, and was able to gather many resources to make my life a lot more comfortable and cut my costs of living to the bone. Most importantly to me: this was the first year I was able to send out gifts out to the people that helped me get to where I am now, people like my parents, my employers, my instructors, and my partner. I spent almost $400 just on New Years Eve, and was comfortable doing so.

2017’s theme actually came to mind from the movie Battle: Los Angeles. For those that didn’t watch the movie, it’s a military action movie with an alien invasion, and honestly the plot of the movie kind of parallels my own life. Of course in the beginning they get the soldier love propaganda out of the way, then they encounter the enemy that Challenges them. the squad that is featured then has to Survive the onslaught. They make it through, though with losses, and start to mount a counter offensive, during which they make a Recovery. And then the lead character realizes they, after all this time, they have the advantage on the enemy, and he rallies his soldiers with one word:


That word marked the turning point of the entire movie. For the first time, they weren’t getting the shit kicked out of them, they finally had a chance to strike back, and even the ability to Advance was the biggest part of that. For the first time, from the moment he says “Advance!”, they stopped retreating, stopped surviving, and started fighting back! And they made ground! They got the enemy to surrender, they made plans to retake the city they lost, and the movie ends with them going back out to kick more ass.

That’s what this years means to me. I’ve spent the last few years taking shot after shot, loss after loss, transitioning to a better place, observing and orienting to move forward, and here that opportunity has arisen. Now, I have challenges to face, but I am in a much better position to take them on, I have far more resources, skills and information to use, I have a much better chance of succeeding against any adversary, all while living in relative luxury. And today, I look at the challenges I have in front of me with bull’s eyes on their weak spots, ammunition at the ready.

That perspective could be yours. Many people today think last year was just a shit show of turd slurry. They think it was just horrible, butt they think that because they didn’t make any progress in their own lives. You, and other people like us, we did. We made strides in our careers, in our education, in our personal relationships, etc.We positioned ourselves to move forward, to Advance in the face of your enemies, guns blazing, dodging shots, and cornering our enemies, achieving our goals. And in my humble opinion, if you need a resolution, or what I call a theme or this year, it’s “ADVANCE!” Take what you’ve gotten from the past year, and use it to move forward. Take the lessons of years past, the struggles you’ve gone through, and use them to carve a path forward, and conquer your enemies.

You, and I’m talking directly to you: you have goals to accomplish. You have milestones to cross over, you have tasks that need to be completed. And everything you’ve done up to this point, all of the trials and tribulations you’ve been though, all of the hardships, everything leading up to this moment has prepared you for this moment! The time to take it is now. Move forward. take them down.


Thoughts on the Berlin Christmas Attack

So how many of you are celebrating the holidays right now? Whether you believe in the spirit of Christmas, or rather celebrate the Happy Holidays, whether you think the year was crappy or delightful, I’m sure most of you have some sort of tradition or party planned this month. It is my sad duty to inform you that, as of now, there are over 60 people that will not share your holiday spirit, 12 of which will never get that chance again.

In case you are not aware, a truck was driven through a Christmas market in front of a church in West Berlin. The truck was reportedly stolen from a construction site in Poland, and when it was recovered had a Polish man inside of it, dead, and not suspected to be the driver, unlike the 23 year old Pakastani man they caught fleeing the scene, who is the “suspected” perpetrator of this attack.

I’m not going to go into all of the details of this, because there aren’t that many definitive ones as of yet, but more important you shouldn’t just take them from me; you should look this up yourself. But this struck a nerve with me. I can’t explain why just yet, Maybe it’s because of the way I heard about it (I’m still listening to the audio now). Maybe it’s because of the timing; a time where most of us at least in some way are celebrating whatsoever the holidays represent to you. And now, at least 60 people who were killed and injured in this deliberate runaway of a 50,000 pound land missile, those people will not have the luxury you and I will have this Christmas, along with their family, their closest friends, The actions of one man has just destroyed the Christmas spirit of at least hundreds of people. So I ask, not with much of a narrative, since I’m typing this on the fly: who many people really care about this?

I hear all the time about how diversity is a strength, how we are all equal and we should be together and a collective. And in some cases, I can understand that. This Christmas, for example, is something we can all enjoy together, if we are all alike. Even if you don’t believe in God, or religion or if you believe in the Pagan holiday version, even if you are a religion that hates Christianity or Paganism you probably at least use the excuse of it to have a good time of it all. And it is alluring, even understandable, to only focus on the good during this time. 60 People no longer have that luxury. Their families will love forward with this black spot in history in mind as they unwrap presents in front of a pine tree that won’t quite have that intoxicating holiday smell to it anymore. Their friends will be brought together, not just because of the camaraderie of their relationship being reaffirmed during the season, but because of those lost among their ranks. And many of them won’t be able to say a word about WHY it happened.

Why? Bring up any conclusion to this you want; I say this is being covered up, at least the motive. I checked my facebook feed before I started writing this, I looked online for the media blow up; maybe I didn’t look hard enough, but there were few stories about this. Hell: one of the links I clicked to get more info to post here was only 3 minutes old. Had this been an attack on, say, someone brown in the U.S., you wouldn’t be able to escape the story, you’d probably even get the same point I’m loosely making here.

I’ll be honest: I don’t have an exact message for you here. From what I read, this man, the one suspected of committing this atrocity, was there for over a year, in a country among many that have taken in many like him, have seen the destruction they are wreaking right now, and are being silenced on fear of ostracization or criminal prosecution. Silence, that allow attacks like this to happen. Silence, that allowed the same thing to happen in Nice. Silence, that allows the kind of destruction that happened in Brussels, and the continued predation upon those in Sweden among many other victims too afraid to speak out even for their own self-interests or even survival. And in case you think, since most of you reading this are in the U.S., think this is a foreign problem, don’t forget the night club in Orlando. The suburb in San Fernando that was torn apart by what appeared to be a nuclear family. Don’t forget the victims of the amateur long pig carver in Minnesota, the butcher at the Burlington Mall of WA State. IGNORING THIS SHIT AFFECTS YOU TOO; you are NOT immune.

This, among many other issues currently plaguing us as a people, as a society, are being silenced, and it’s getting people killed. It is tearing families apart, it is losing people their friendships, it is costing us economically, socially, and spiritually as a group known as modern civilization. And if we, as a people, continue to turn a deaf ear and blind ourselves and other to the threats that come after us, make no mistake, we will die. It may not seem like it, it may seem like I’ve gone nuts for taking this stance, and I’d like to assure you I was nuts long before today; I hope that helps! But I know I’m not the only one that sees this. I’m not the only one that understands at least some minimal iota of what’s going on; some of you reading this right now are thinking the same thing (I know, because you actually read this far). Your alarm bells are going off right now, and have been for a while. And, I daresay, many of you have been silenced. Maybe you think this is an inappropriate topic. Maybe you think you’ll alienate others by saying something, maybe you’re afraid of being attacked, by losing friends and family, some of which you’ve known your entire life.

I hate to tell you this, but either way, you will lose them.

I’m known here for speaking about issues I believe in, quite too fervently in the words of some people. I lose friends all the time, I’ve lost several family members, I get in all kinds of verbal fights that sometimes turn into real ones. What I do here may seem petty and stupid at times, and I understand that, but don’t even think I don’t feel that loss I get when I have to combat those I care about to stand up for what I believe in. I may be glib about it, I may even celebrate it at times. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck, that instead of having a nice laugh and a good time with someone I used to hang out with, I’m kicking the shit out of instead, looking like the one asshole so insensitive it could be wiped with an extra coarse cheese grater without so much as a flinch. I’m used to being demonized. You think that’s easy? That’s what I’m asking you to do.

I know I’m not alone. I know you, right now, have heard at least some of what I have said, have maybe seen it in action, and have said nothing. It’s time to step up. It’s time for YOU to say something. Look into the facts, look beyond what the news outlets tell you, find out the truth, and get it out to people. You will lose family. You will lose friends. You may lose co-workers, even your job (O.K., maybe don’t take the soapbox at your source of income.) You may lose entire social circles, you may be hated and called all kinds of names. You must search for and promote the truth regardless. Because the alternative is all too much worse.

I asked a question at the beginning of this. About how many of you are preparing to celebrate the holidays, then brought up the ones that won’t be celebrating with you. Imagine this was your family, your friends, that was attacked. Imagine: you thought about your wife, your husband, your child, your brother; you took the time to think about what they might want for Christmas, what they already have and what they might want, and picked out the perfect present for them. You planned the perfect party, the most solid get together. You bought that Prime NY Strip roast, made the perfect mashed potatoes, boiled some Brussel sprouts for the weird cousin that’s going through their vegan phase. You’ve hung up the best decorations, Got the nicest tree with the greenest leaves and the shiniest tinsel to put your well-sought gift for your most loved ones.

And then the news comes in.

Your wife has been run over at a church by a crazy guy with a Semi loaded with heavy metal.

Your best friend was a bit too close to the shrapnel packed vest that some guy was wearing before it went kaboom.

Your sister happened to get in the way of the barrel of an active AK-47.

Your child, fresh off of school and excited about winter break and presents you spent all month finding for them, just to see their shining faces, they were too close to the crazy guy with the cleaver.

Your Christmas, ruined, marred by the death of those whose lives you wanted to celebrate while they were alive and happy and loved you back.

I’d like to hope this doesn’t happen, that it would never happen. But it already has. 12 people are dead, 48 more injured, hundreds, perhaps an entire country in mourning for the deaths of those that didn’t need to die! Fuck my hopes; this isn’t even already happening, it’s already happened. It’s been happening for years. And it will continue to happen until we stop it, until we start to say something about this. Imagine; if you could’ve spoken out about, say, a group of people that spelled trouble to you, and could at least avoid them. That you could’ve taken those arrows from those that would call you racist, sexist, xenophobic, some of those bolts fired from the crossbows of friendly arms. To stand your ground and speak out for what’s right, to fight back despite the onslaught of verbal aggression. But you didn’t. You didn’t stand, You didn’t fight, You didn’t speak out.
And then the news comes in.

And you did nothing.

12 people died today, trying to celebrate Christmas. 48 may just join them. Hundreds of their friends and family and fellow countrymen, along with those of neighboring countries will mourn with them. The polish man’s family will mourn as well as wonder if there was something, anything they could’ve done to prevent their husband, their father, brother, friend, from getting into that truck today and being murdered by a madman that went on to slaughter dozens of others . Whatever their resolve, their holiday spirit has been marred, by death, destruction, physical pain and mental anguish. A time of joyous celebration turned into an abrupt nightmare.

Their lives have been altered forever. Yours don’t have to be. You have the power, however great or minute, to alter the future, to help stop this kind of thing from happening again. SO I beg you to ask yourself the question: Will you take that power; despite the terrible responsibilities and consequences, will you use it?

Or will you wait, and see if your family is next?

Thoughts about the people that have Opposed me

“To all the friends I used to have, I miss my past;
but the rest of you assholes can kiss my ass!”

It’s funny how I’ve been looked at over the years. From as far back as i can remember, whenever I held a certain belief, there was one group, at every turn, that would say I was wrong. Not that the belief was, but I was wrong, that I was the evil one. I’ve been called an asshole, a dick, an idiot, a weakling, a faggot, a bitch, a racist, a misogynist, a bigot, a sexist pig, and many other names. Probably the most glaring one I’ve been called was when a loved one I held dear called me a monster. To be fair, I’ve also been called very nice things by loved one’s. But right now, it’s funny how many thing’s I’ve been called in anger. Most notably, “A Monster.”

It’s funny to me, because That’s exactly what I have become. It’s funny because the reason I am viewed that way is that I don’t see things the way you do, through the filters of fantasy you wear. I have worked so very hard to find the truth about everything I could, and now I have made so much progress that, looking back just 10 years ago, I hardly recognize myself. And I imagine, just from the responses i get from you guys here, you don’t recognize me either. And I believe, for many of you, it’s because you still hold on to many of the beliefs I let go of, you still have the same strings attached to you I cut long ago. And it is those beliefs, those strings, the fantasies you live in, the language you let control you, that makes me seem so, well, evil to you.

So when I speak what I believe, when I present facts, when I try to bring reason, often I am met with resistance. And that resistance is because what I present threatens the world you live in, the very beliefs you hold dear, and may well keep you going through the day. Sometimes the opposition is with facts, which I welcome; contrary to popular belief, I like to be proven wrong, because that helps me grow. But most of the opposition is designed to basically shut me up, through personal attacks, through subversive language, through social pressure and ostracization, threats of physical violence, you name it. And the main reason for this, I believe, is because what I am challenging many times doesn’t have a rational defense; it attacks a fantasy you have, a illusory belief, that often you have shaped your entire life around. Whether through old school religion, a social construct, or personal prejudice, I often threaten your personal way of life. And so I am branded a monster.

I embrace it.

What I have come to realize is that, for many of you, you live in fantasy. To use the analogy that every SJW and hipster has overworn, you’re all in the Matrix. And I represent the real world, the reality to your fantasy. You say you can fly like Superman, I remind you of gravity. You try to attack me with a capoiera kick and fireball thrown from your hands, I stand and laugh, before kicking your ribcage into your heart and slicing your jugular open. You call me a racist, thinking that’s enough to shut me down, and I come at you with a thousand bricks and a hammer. To your world, built with cobwebs of fantasy, I bring the fire of truth, and so I am your greatest threat. I am your monster. And the funny thing is that, since I can remember, I have been called some variation of that. I’m not scared of being called a monster anymore, in fact, when that name is used, that means I’m hitting my target.

So thank you, I guess, to everyone of you, who called me every name you could find. You depressed me at times, you made me feel low, you hurt me, made me want to die even. But you gave me the resistance, the tolerance to keep going on in spite of the arrows shot in my direction. Thanks for all of the attacks, because you have now made me near unstoppable. Call me whatever you want. Attack me with whatever you like, threaten me with your greatest weapons, because I will step through them and still touch you.

To everyone that kicked me when I was down, who opposed me at every step, thank you. You gave me the weapons I needed to destroy you. You made your own personal monster. And though I am thankful for the weapons you gave me, I will feel no remorse in using them. I know many of you I have and will oppose and take down will be friends. You will even be family, blood related or not. I loved you all, and I may lose you all, but I can no longer hold back. You’ve done enough damage, to me and to this society. And now I see your fantasy, and I am coming with the fire of truth. I am coming, and you will fall. I will sleep soundly upon your ashes

For I have no guilt.

There will be. No. Sympathy.

Thoughts on extending reason between the Left and the Right

To the people that listen to reason, both on the right and on the left:

Look, we all have our differences. I take neither side, and subsequently have to fight both sides on issues, and even I can find a way to get along with both groups. My ability to negotiate may be a part of this, but the fact that I can do business with, get along with, and even make friends with people that have wildly different ideas and politics says a lot, particularly because I’m the kind of person that will tell you the truth with little regard as to how it will affect myself. And its here where I will say the appropriate cliché: If I can do it, so can you.

If I, the guy that celebrates when I piss off a friend with facts and vicious attacks to the point that they unfriend me, can communicate with people I vehemently disagree with, you can too. Honestly, just about everything the Left crusades for, as nice as it sounds, is fucking stupid. They’re insolvent, destructive, and harmful to just about everyone they affect. They still have good ideas we need to work on and promote. And though I just said all of your ideas are shit, most of the people on my friend’s list are on the Left; they believe this. And if my experience still holds true, if I showed up at a party held by them, I would be welcomed with open arms, quite literally with some of my favorite people.

Just the same with the Right. There are many things you Eighties get, well, right, but there areany thingsyou get fucking wrong. I don’t need to say them, I think you know what they are. Yet even though some of the things you believe in piss me off, we remain good friends. And more importantly, there are things both you and the Left agree with. And that’s what, through so many words, want to bring out here.

To all of you, I get that you’re on the Left, or the Right, for a reason. You both have opposing views, some of them things you will never be able to see eye to eye on. I understand, its the way you were raised, what your experiences were, yada yada yada. But talking to both sides, and quite a few more, there are so many things that you both agree on. And for the people, on both sides, that choose to use reason, facts, and evidence to both present their ideas and listens to others, we need to come together. No matter what your beliefs are, everyone has goals that coincide with others, and whether you disagree on how to get to them or not, you can still negotiate and work towards those goals. Despite our differences, you can still help make the land wwe live in better for everyone. That not includes your political enemies, that also includes your friends, your family, your coworkers and bosses, your customers, your store clerks and warehouse workers and delivery drivers and road workers and IT guys and plumbers and electricians and musicians and bloggers and actors and, well, go down the list.

To those that can be reasoned with. You’re better than all of this. You’re better than the fear, the anger, the envy, the feeling of injustice that The Stupid have been making you feel. Deep down, and I realize I’m making a wild assumption here, you care about other people. Even if it’s a selfish belief, just to make sure other people are there to help you, you still care. For better or worse, we as human beings are social tribal creatures, and a good side of that is that we evolved to stick together to help each other out and therefore progress as a species.

That’s what I am asking for now. Yes, The Stupid are the majority today, and they don’t think this way, I understand that. I’m not talking to them here; I have another presentation on how to deal with them coming later. This is for the actual humans that think, the intellectually honest, the rational people. You’re here, you’re reading this, and you may be on a side that disagrees with the opposite side, but you CAN STILL THINK.

Use that ability. Think. Be open. Ask the other side for their side of the story, and work toward a solution that works for you both. Learn to stop seeing each others as enemies, and maybe embrace each other as friends! Stranger things have happened, after all, and if two opposing armies can have a friendly soccer game and give each other presents during Christmas, you can invite over a Leftist or a Conservative for dinner and have a reasoned discussion about things you can agree on. I know it can be scary. I know you may not want conflict. I know it can go wrong. I know, all of that has happened to me personally. Do it anyway. Reach out for those you were told were your enemies.

Because deep down, when it comes down to it, they’re really your friends. If disaster strikes, whether they agree with who or what your vote for or not, they’ll be there to help you, and you them. And right now, we, all of the people capable of reason, all of is that use philosophy and facts and evidence and free and good will in our lives, all of us need to band together. All of us need to set aside our differences and work towards what we agree with. It may not be pretty. But it’ll be a hell of a lot better than what we have now.

Let’s do this. I have little faith in humanity, and yet here I am, on no side, no team. Here I am, with my hand extended. Will you take it?

Thoughts on the Left’s care of their supporters

To the people that thought the Trump supporters were violent, particularly the Bernie Butt Buddies:

I have to say, before we get into this, this may end up being refined as another article. It certainly bears beingnoreserved as much in my opinion. Continue reading and tell me if I’m right:

To the people that thought the Trump supporters were violent, particularly the Bernie Butt Buddies:

By now, everyone on the planet has heard of the riots. No, I’m not calling them protests; these motherfuckers are violent asshole sore losers calling for assassinations of the president, the rape of the first lady, and are currently causing (I’m guessing) millions of dollars worth of damage to property, healthcare costs to people they assault, tons of pollution from clogging up freeways, etc.

Has anyone spoke up about this? Yeah, I’ve been vocal about this, and other people have brought up points I will bring up here, but not enough have made this an issue. It’s crazy that the liberal left made such a ruckus about Trump supporters being violent racist assholes that would rape and pillage the country if he didn’t get elected, how many of you reading this now said that they were the worst people in the galaxy. And the head honchos of the left, like Bernie, Obama, and Hillary herself, made their voices heard that Trump should denounce the violence of his supporters and not spread hatred.

But lookee here: whose burning down businesses? Whose pulling possible Trump supporters out of cars and beating them? Whose throwing rocks at police officers? Whose clogging up freeways actual working citizens use to get to and from work? Whose saying people need to die because Trump won? You guessed right: liberal leftist Hillary supporters, led maybe by professional rabble rousers. And everyone on the left have been demanding Trump call for peace and call him a supporter of all of this because he doesn’t, even though he actually did anyway, and as if the same assholes that hate him would listen to anything he says. You know who isn’t saying much about this? The 3 people I named earlier.

What has Bernie said about this? He actually spoke positively about the riots! He, in passing during an interview, equated the destruction to people exercising their 1st Amendment. Obama, meanwhile, pondered all of this civil unrest across the country he is presiding over during a weekend of golf. That’s right: while shit was being wrecked in his own country, he was off playing a game of 18 holes. And Hillary? Try as I might, I couldn’t even find any activity from her; she’s basically ghosted the population.

It is important you understand this: all 3 of these people say they love you and have your best interests in mind. All of them said that Trump was the violence inciter, and held him accountable for the actions of his followers. And where are they now that THEIR followers are the ones inciting violence? Where are they now that THEIR followers have wreaked havoc across the country?

My opinion: apparently they don’t give a shit, at best. At worst, they’re loving it, and are even using it as fuel for more anti-Trump hatred, using the violence as evidence of Trump being the harbinger of doom. In other words, they’re being used as pawns.

Look, this has gotten ridiculous. Like it or not, the reality is that he won. The battle is over, you lost. And none of this protesting bullshit is going to change that. All it does is disrupt everything that makes this country run. And while you people are burning shit, your leaders and idols don’t even care enough to tell you to stop fucking up the country over an election you lost. They don’t care about you enough to tell you that what you’re doing is wrong. Funnily enough, as much as many of you say Trump is evil, as least he stepped up as said let’s work together and unite! What has YOUR side said during this? How have THEY addressed this where the FUCK are they?

Well, you know where they stand, or rather lack of. In the time of your greatest need, when you are at your most hurt, when you are at your angriest and need the most love and guidance, when you cant believe what has happened and want to scream and destroy the world around you, where are they? Where are your leaders? What are they doing to show they care for you, to comfort you to this troubling time, to guide you though this as the leaders and statesmen they are supposed to be? At the moment of your greatest need, where are they?

I have to ask: as engulfed in the emotional rage as you are, have any of you ever stopped to ask this? After all, these people are the ones you rallied around and supported for your own ideals, people you voted for, gave money, time and energy promoting, showed up at rallies for, perhaps even lost friends and family you held dear defending. When they needed you, you stepped up and delivered to the best of your abilities, you gave it your all because, right or wrong, you believed in them. And make no mistake: whether I agree with your politics or not, that level of commitment, that willingness to put yourself out there for what you believe in, I respect that.

Now I ask you to ask yourselves: now that you need your leaders, the ones you fought and bled for, where are they? Are they by your side now? Or now that you need them, are they nowhere to be found?

Angry you may be, are these really the people you want to lead you?

Thoughts after the Election

O.K., I had some time to think about the last 24 hours. I got a chance to watch all of The Stupid cry about how the sky is falling, now that Trump was chosen to be president. Here are the silver linings I see:

The Media has been beaten. Whether you like, hate or are indifferent to Trump, the reality is that he was subjected to every single weapon the loser Left had. He was called a bigot, a failed businessman, had a million lies were brought up against him. He was called a racist, a islamophobe, a sexist, a misogynist, a homophobe, had a bunch of trumped up scandals thrown at him, had his personal appearance and habits attacked, had everything he said taken out of context and used to attack him, was implicated in various legal issues he was innocent of, and had the entire government establishment fighting against him. And he still won. He resisted every weapon that could be thrown at him, and weathered them.

What does that mean for us? Well, for me at least, this has brought me great hope, a hope I haven’t had in years. And that hope is that the weapons have failed. You have to understand: the weapons used on Trump are the same ones used against everyone that has an opinion other people don’t like. These weapons, the calls of racism and sexism, the use of that to take away your job, your family, your friends, that silences you. you dare say anything that may be called racist, you will be destroyed. Trump took that on, and won. He showed that you can stand up to those weapons, that you have a choice on how they affect you. And if you can weather the insults, unless The Stupid have a mob behind them to actually face you, they have no other weapons to use against you.

Why am I hopeful about this? Because Trump has left blood on the floor. After all of these years of fighting against the very same evil, his perseverance has wounded the power of the media. He’s shown their weakness, which is the same weakness that religion has; that you have to believe in Hell in order to have fear of it. Like him, or hate him, he has spilled their blood, which is something I have seeked out for years. That blood is now on the floor. And as the great Schwarzenegger once said: “If it bleeds, we can kill it.” It’s weakness has been exposed, put in the spotlight, and fragmented.

This is something I have hoped for years. I have fought to find this flaw for a long time, and now it is here. This is the reason I decided to come back, to use the election to make it apparent to all of you, to show you how you were being controlled. Like I said before: this is bigger than any election, thus extends into just about every aspect of your life, every major belief you have today. This control is, and has been in most every important thing in your lives. And now it has been shattered thanks to Trump. Now, more than any other time, it is vulnerable. Now, it is in the open. Now, it can be attacked directly, and destroyed.

Keep this in mind, now more than any time:

Close your heart.

Open your mind.

You were being lied to.

It has been exposed.

Attack now. This may be your only shot.