Hatred Of Effectiveness: The Reality Of Plastic

“In order to properly understand the big picture, everyone should fear becoming mentally clouded and obsessed with with one small section of truth.” -Xun Kuang

Ah, plastic. It’s ubiquitous, it’s versatile, it’s demon incarnate according to environmentalists, which at this point, if you’re wary of environmentalists at all, you should be taking that last part with more than a lick of salt. Plastic has been used for decades now, with both good and bad effects on the environment and human health in general, there’s no denying either. But, as stated above, are plastic the worst thing possible for the environment, destined to kill all marine life on the planet and litter us all into an early grave? Or is there more to plastic than what the average person is told about it? To ask the question, in this format, is to answer it, but answer it I shall!

So let’s get out of the way some of the bad effects. The first thing I usually hear about personally, when someone is angry about using plastic, is the big plastic island in the Pacific Ocean. And to be upfront: I’m NOT in favor of wasting resources to the point that they take up a big chunk of the ocean, poisoning other resources rather than being repurposed for even better uses that benefit everyone, let alone the environment rather than being useless blobs in the ocean at best. You also hear about how plastic containers aren’t biodegradable, meaning they will pollute the land the more we produce, with the call therefore to restrict them, along with a billion other reasons to hate plastic.

It is very rare, as far as I can tell, that the benefits of plastic have been portrayed, which not only shows a very important bias, but also the propaganda that it takes to destroy one of the most important materials on the planet, as far as advancing human life goes. I may go farther into the science behind this, but due to the time I have to put this out I’ll simply make the moral case for it.

So when you want to understand something, you want the big picture scenario of it, the bulk of the details. This does not mean ignoring the details, particularly if they’re pertinent. But when evaluating something that’s in question, you need all of the facts you can muster in order to evaluate it as completely as possible, and act accordingly. So to clarify:what are plastics?

Surprise, to anyone that isn’t an environmentalist that wants wind & solar power to kill us all *coughs loudly*, sorry about that, meant to say save the world: It is a product of hydrocarbons, aka crude oil; one of the most common ones to date, just as important as gas and diesel fuels, which is what most people think of when talking about oil. And as far as it’s usefulness goes, well, if you know anything about the free market (I.E. any transaction you make amongst friends and family), you’d understand that it’s ubiquitousness stems from it’s relative cost of production, along with it’s relative safety (over heating releasing dioxins and BPA’s is another problem brought up, will be addressed later) . From easy access bottles, to sterile linings, from the pouches that protected your latest Amazon purchase to the panels in your car that have lasted decades, plastic has had quite the range of uses over the years, and still does to this day.

You probably don’t hear this part of the equation when talking about plastics; more than likely, you generally only hear about how plastic pollutes the environment, and destroys the ecosystem, by people that are typing on products made of plastic no less. In fact, I’m willing to say it’s a very dishonest portrayal on this or any subject, to only talk about the negative aspects of it while ignoring any of the benefits, if they’re acknowledged at all. It’s not educational to take this type of stance, it’s propagandistic to say the least. And while that may help some people to talk about the negatives and what can be done about them, to bypass the positives and how to make them better, to ignore the big picture, is to the detriment of the entire discussion.

So let’s look at some of the culprits usually targeted when talking about eliminating plastic, the alternatives put forward and the results, and some solutions:

Bags: Oh those seagull strangling grocery holders! People only use them once and then throw them away, if not leave them out on the street for puppies and kittens to choke on (that last part may or may not be true). I do agree that it does no real good to just use something once and throw it away, with few exceptions such as syringes.

Alternatives: Usually paper bags, or the reusable variety, which is also made of plastic. Ignoring that this goes just a little bit against the “Save The Trees” narrative, paper has the advantage of being a renewable and biodegradable resource compared to plastic. The disadvantage would be that it is far more brittle than plastic, meaning either you need more material to match the strength of even the thinnest plastic bags, or you need more than one bag, lest you risk dropping all of your groceries on the floor, creating a lot more waste, to say nothing if anything liquid leaks into them (of note, this is just another reason condoms aren’t made from trees). Either way, they still take far more energy to make than plastic, bringing us to reusables: they’re promoted as an alternative to the plastic ones you throw away, which would be more cost effective, provided you use them up to a hundred times because that’s what it takes to break even keeping them around, if they aren’t a wreck by then. Furthermore, though most people don’t, they need to be washed out between uses, meaning either you wash them out which comes with it’s own use of resources, or you don’t and risk getting a side of delicious salmonella with your unwashed grapes.

Solutions: If you want to get more uses out of them, the obvious one is a small trash can liner, along with carrying other things with them (I use plastic bags to carry clothes and tools, for example). Also of note, you can recycle them to be reused in another form, or simply build an energy plant that can use them as fuel, since after all, sanitary as they are,  they are petroleum products, and actually burn more efficiently than some fossil fuels.

Food/beverage containers & utensils: another big source of litter, the most famous one being the 6-pack ring that murders sea life. It’s hard to make the case for reusing plastic wrappers since most are designed to be single use anyway, but there aren’t too many alternatives to speak of that don’t come with the same problems that finding replacements for bags are, from expense to sanitation; this is among the many reasons restaurant prices are going up, for starters.

Solutions: The easiest would be to do what I usually do, which is shop the perimeter of the grocery store and make meals at home; that cuts out a lot of junk food that usually comes in plastic packaging, and has the benefit of helping you shed a few kilos. Additionally, some can be reused, water bottles in particular: many are thrown out after drinking; I reuse mine, only needing to spray them down with alcohol after a few uses. Many cups and even utensils can also be cleaned and reused fairly easily, especially for situations where you wouldn’t mind breaking or losing them as much (example: on a camping trip vs eating at home). But wait, you may be asking: isn’t eating with plastic harmful to your health?

BPA: Like many things people make a hysteria over, this compound found in plastic has been claimed with many maladies such as cancer, heart disease, and even hormonal damage, to the point that there was a huge movement to remove them from baby bottles and other infant products. I don’t remember every detail on why PBA was the devil that the Hysteria Of The Moment (there was some study on frogs that involved feeding them a lot of the compound, far more than they would ever get, with predictable results), but I do know that there are entire websites devoted to debunking the myths on how BPA will murder your children, one of which will be linked to below. It should be noted, since the biggest story behind BPA was how it could mess up the hormones of developing children, that this is what was targeted, rather than the 500 Billion % increase in soy in just about everything else, that does far more damage in that respect than BPA ever could, if BPA even does what the alarmists say.

Other Free Market Solutions: Otherwise known as solutions that don’t involve guns! Do you want to see less plastic waste and pollution, along with the death and destruction it causes? If so, great! I’m right there with you: let’s make the environment even better! So if you don’t like companies like Starbucks using plastic straws, you can ask for a container that doesn’t need one, in fact they’re working on that at the time of this writing. You can let the place you’re getting a drink from know that you don’t want a straw, or that you brought your own.It goes beyond Starbucks obviously: Every company that is customer serving is subject to said customers; if you, the customer, demand something else than a petroleum product, you’ll get what you want: it’s why McDonald’s actually started selling salads despite all logic of what McDonald’s is known for. Also of note: If you really want to help clean up the environment on top of the other ways, maybe look into getting a bracelet from 4Ocean.com; they actually do go out and clean up the ocean, without even taking government money, as far as I can find at least. This is far more effective than, say, imposing a straw ban, along with other regulations on products that restaurants have to pass the costs off onto you just to stay above water. Which brings me to….

Consequences of banning plastic: One of the most obvious effects I touched on earlier is that, since restaurants in Seattle, California, New York and other socialist hell holes are being forced to use “renewable/biodegradable” utensils instead of the type they chose for a reason, their costs as far as to go order materials has gone up between 2-5 times compared to the plastic variety. But trying to ban plastic has far more reaching effects than making your frappe more expensive, let alone making you look like a fucking toddler because you’re now using a sippy cup: plastic has been used to make a lot of things more sanitary. Let’s take straws, for example, since they’ve been targeted by otherwise useless people as litter: sure, they tend to be one use products, and do end up being litter. But, Starbucks drinks in the U.S. aside, that’s actually a very hygienic way to consume a drink, whether it’s water or a sugar bomb;  even if it’s thrown away to strangle a dolphin or something, the costs of that pale in comparison to what diseases you might get if you’re in an environment that is dirty enough to make straws a sanitary solution.

Expanding on that, how many plastic products keep humans alive and kicking today? First thought is IV bags: good luck making those out of wood or hemp. Same for phones, computers, car parts, camping equipment, filters, even gun parts for the gun nuts: wherever you go in a developed place, plastic has a very prominent place as a building material. A quick side story involves Tom Leykis and his FJ Cruiser: I haven’t looked this up just yet so take this with a grain of salt, but apparently his truck was targeted by rats, not just because it was a spacious place, but because Toyota moved away from plastic based wiring insulation to soy-based, which attracts rats far better than the petrol based variety (yes, soy ruins things once again).

There’s at least another 20,000 words of content I can put on this, but I get the feeling there’ll be another story on plastic that I’ll have to cover, so let’s stop here. After all, don’t you have some groceries to get?


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Silence, White Boy: The Reality of Western Censorship

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” -Socrates

Well here’s a sharp right turn, from the boulevard of nutrition right into the dark alley of politics! And I’ll be as honest as ever here: I was very incensed at what motivated me to write about this, and I am going way over my usual word count in this: line yourselves up a few highballs of scotch, this is a very long NSFW one!

It started with a conversation with a very dear friend of mine that will stay unnamed, whose on a very different spectrum as far as politics goes; it’s great comparing our arguments to each other. It started with a game on The Men’s Room called Profile This, where you basically have to guess the race of the person they name from a notable story, usually in Florida. The reason I picked this was because, as I have observed, when actual racism was insinuated, the perpetrator was always white, because as I said, only white racism matters, particularly if they’re also male and into women. I’m not the only one to make this case, but I’ll add my own perspective , because I get the “privilege” of being a mixed black guy saying this.

So I made a very brief argument of the above, actually closer to a confirmation of it: she cited several people she talked to that had the sentiment that, if you were white, you were unfairly attacked and felt that you were the only race that’s O.K. to malign. It’s still funny to me that, since she’s also (mostly) white, and lives in an even whiter city than I do, she haves the opinions she has, ironic to say the least. So people in her community opened up to her and shared their grievances, the details of which I was not made aware of, but I can only guesstimate based on what white people keep getting called out on with increasingly ridiculous regularity. Was her response to try to understand where they were coming from? Was it to offer a rebuttal to their claims, if they were false? Is it possible that she agreed with them, sharing the same tribe and all (there’s a reason I mention this)?

Nope. She accused White/Males of blindness of other perspectives, or not registering them as important. To be open, perhaps she did talk about the actual issues when in the heat of the conversations; I’m going off the information I was given and, given my inquisitions to her methodology,  her responses as such. The responses  which manifested in naming mental/physical heath struggles, #MeToo and other women’s concerns, gender variations, minority concerns (Guessing she wasn’t talking about White South Africans persecuted by black people), immigrations/refugee policies, and addiction issues. She did acknowledge some of the complaints of the people she talked to, such as having their lives ruined if they offend someone, but didn’t even bother to address them, instead dismissing them as “Entitlement & Hubris”, because apparently other people’s problems take precedent to their own, in their own lives, in their own country and culture (more on this later). To be fair, she did state it’s not just white males or those to the “right” that say this (and she’s right; more on THIS later), but it should be obvious at this point which group can easily be picked on, and I recognize C.Y.A. (Cover Your Ass) statements through my own use of them. And the fact that she stated that they (white people) should pull their heads out of their asses and maybe take a look around for once and realize they are part of a larger world, that kind of solidifies what this narrative is really about:

“Shut Up, White Boy. Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter, Only People With Vaginas And More Melanin Matter, Not You.”

So she spent several days talking about how you should listen to your enemy, even if it’s just to understand them, yet she, as far as I can tell, didn’t even take her “enemy’s” argument seriously, opting to dismiss it in favor of literally everyone else’s arguments first. She talked to guys she presumably cares about, about how they felt scorned, and the conclusion was not to understand where they are coming from, but to tell them to understand where their source of scorn is coming from. Was every other race and gender held to this same standard? Short answer: NO. And furthermore, when I gave the stop gap question of “compared to what?”, which is a very important question  to ask for your beliefs, I was accused of giving a snarky answer so I didn’t look like a douche to everybody else who can see me standing there with my head up my ass (here’s a hint about that statement: NOT AN ARGUMENT.)

This all happened with one friend of mine, but I am posting about it here, rather than addressing her directly, because I believe this is too important to not talk about here. This is common basic anti-arguments, designed to attack you, not the arguments. What does this mean, when you address someone based on their race, or gender, and not on what they’re actually saying? It means they have lost the argument: if they had a good argument based on reason and evidence, they would’ve used it by now. And again, to be fair, she is very smart and can argue very well, which makes it all the more conclusive: the fact that people haven’t, and instead reach for their race/sex, and attempt to shut them down, means they don’t have a good rebuttal to what they have to say, so they have to shut them down with ad hominems and other name calling (calling the arguments right wing talking points, far right, nazi, white male privilege, conspiracies etc.). even worse, as what happens all the time with SJW’s, if you really want  to silence them, you use the tactics of shutting them down online, trying to get them fired or otherwise take away their source of income, get them alienated from their family if not make threats upon them, even get physically violent and make death threats. (of note: all of the above have happened to me.)

I’ll make the case later why it’s not just skin color, but why does race matter at all? In this case, simple: In Group Preference. Doesn’t matter who and where you are really, everyone has it in some form or another, and race/ethnicity is one of the oldest and strongest groups there are, and likely will continue to be for the foreseeable future. My own race certainly has it’s in groups, from the Black Panther Party of the past, to the Black Lives Matter movement today. Mexican residents here definitely do, La Raza (translation: The Race) being a great example. Asians have such groups like the Asian Community Alliance and the COA, while American Natives obviously have govt funded reservations amongst their own groups. I’ll leave it to you to guess what comes up when you google Caucasian support groups. Hint: the first five results I got  didn’t even mention Caucasian. As far as gender goes (no, I’m not counting gender fluid people) there are male support groups, whether they get mocked or otherwise. But there is no mistaking the sheer amount of attention the female support groups there are: try comparing the Susan Komen Foundation (which makes male NFL players wear pink for an entire month) to the Movember Foundation (which of note, does not make swimsuit models or WNBA players wear mustaches).

(Reference for the support group argument: https://www.instagram.com/p/BmRs0l8D6BR/?taken-by=thegoddamnbacon)

So it’s pretty clear: white people, particularly males, are being shut up. And there are plenty of examples as to such. The biggest case at the time of this writing is Alex Jones, whose show has been taken down from pretty much every platform you can google. Another example is Stefan Molyneux’s tour in the Aussie area along with Lauren Southern, who looks quite like a young white  fairly attractive woman despite what her ID says. They were threatened with jail time if they showed up at their planned venue just to speak their viewpoints and invite anyone else to criticize them. This is followed by (against my advice) him and Southern trying to debate with an idiot with a sign on the street, only to (surprise!) get shouted down and having the police escort them away. This isn’t a surprise to anyone that’s been on the front lines lately (like yours truly), but this happens to anyone that has any viewpoints that align with people like them: sure, Alex Jones is super loud and doesn’t know when to shut up at times; he’s the biggest target that could possibly be erected, and now he has been taken down, for now at least. I don’t have a problem if you don’t like him (THEE Ted Smith, talking to you!), I don’t follow him myself, and he’s been wrong on several occasions, but to shut him up, rather than address his arguments as the bad arguments they may or may not be, is nothing short of cowardice and laziness. And even more important, if you’re cheering his take down because you disagree with his viewpoints, don’t worry, you just set a precedent for you to be taken down for yours; trust me, you’re next in line.

And if you think this is just a White Male thing, no, it’s not: This is, as I have always said, a culture issue, which doesn’t care what race or gender you are. There’s plenty of examples outside of myself that fight on the same side, despite not sharing the same melanin levels or kindred scrotums. Candace Owens, for example, repurposed the tweets of an Asian woman named Sara Jeong, a (presumably) South Korean woman that said very horrible things about white people, to say the same things about other races, even pointing out that her tweets were meant to point out the sheer racism in the tweets she was addressing. Candace’s account was suspended within hours, and was restored only once she deleted the offending tweets; Jeong’s original tweets are still live.

(if you want more on this: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/aug/5/candace-owens-mimics-sarah-jeong-gets-suspended-tw/)

Candace Owens, if you haven’t looked her up yet, is a black woman that was doxxed, and had to start fighting on this front as a result(she goes by the handle Red Pill Black, if you want to check her out). And She’s far from the only not white male person fighting for this culture, or even against the mainstream narrative: People like R.C. Maxwell, Thomas Sowell, Tommy Sotomayor, Jesse Lee Peterson, Anthony Cumia, Becky (Blond In The Belly Of The Beast), and Walter E. Williams, amongst many others, like myself, that see the value in this culture and wish to preserve it.

So why are they being shouted down? This isn’t about just white people. This is about Western culture, of smaller govt, freedom, actual progress in lieu of what, frankly, evil people and stupid people think of as “progressive”. The culture that, amongst other accomplishments, helped free any place it had an influence on, let alone ruled. The only culture that has, for better or for worse, promoted freedom, of actual equality along all lines of features we have no choice in. And while there are plenty of people like me and the above mentioned who are on the same side, the culture that made this possible was the culture of white people, and continues to be so to this day. Not even gonna bother saying this is my opinion this time: this is why they are target for any kind of racism, or anything they can possibly be targeted for, despite the white culture being the most self-critical.  And I’m fucking sick of it.

There’s other things I wanted to talk about. Like the Understand Your Enemy concept that my buddy talked about; That’s a valid point she brought up, and I agree. But like all cases of ethics, it’s a relationship: to give far more than you get is to assure your own destruction. Or giving Agency to other groups: if you only ascribe transgressions to one group, after all, then only that group can be responsible and, therefore, is that only one that has power; that makes that group superior to every other group, and that dehumanizes every other group that doesn’t have said power, which is the worst possible crime you can ever do to any group. And, on a personal level, it is destroying the only place, culture wise, I have to call home:

So in case you don’t know: I come directly from Black Culture; I was born in one of the major cities often named in rap music, among other unsavory things. It’s funny, which is how I view it so I don’t collapse under the sadness, that I didn’t really know just how bad the environment I was in. And i’s even worse, given that my lineage is one of the only black families that was massively successful: they had great careers, large happy families, acres of property, plenty of disposable income, go down the list! Fast Forward to today. What has happened? (openness comment here: shed a tear writing this) The best that my peers had, as many in my community had pointed out that you could do better than, was to aspire to be a athlete or a rapper; very few were inspired to go into STEM or anything useful, and many fell into gangs and drug sales. So many I have lost contact with, more than I care to even want to know have probably already died; as some of them did while I was still in school. Most, to be honest, I don’t even remember, let alone care about; my culture was not very kind to me, and they’re one reason I have such a high pain tolerance to this day, for what they did to me in my childhood. I watched the businesses started by Black culture, that ended under black culture, and (thought I didn’t think of it at the time), Islamic culture, which is now invading both black and Latino culture.

To even hear rap music sickens me to this day, it is so corrosive to me, and I once wrote a paper demonizing British people about racism while I was still in a black majority school; indoctrination is a hell of a drug, especially when you’re still growing up, and I still feel badly about writing that to this day. I now stand against my own culture, my own background, with no other background to fall back on. The only place I’ve found to be the most accepting has been people in Western culture, which is mostly white people. The same white people that my black peers demonized, who said they were so racist and hated black people like me, and so unhygienic to boot (true story: heard more than once that white people don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom), have been the most welcoming, the nicest to me; there is no group I’ve found that has been more accepting of me as white people in Western culture. And forget ever going back to my own culture: (limited) family aside, not only has my previous culture called me every name in the book (racist, sexist, misogynistic, etc.), the majority have disowned me, with the remaining members likely not even knowing the friction I’ve sown just for trying to speak the reality as I have seen it, and likely would do the same if they did. My own background is now hostile to my own existence on principle alone; there is nowhere else for me to go. And so this is my last refuge, my last ditch to make an effort from. This, my friends, is why I defend you, even from yourselves.

And it is here, where your own past, your own culture and accomplishments, needs to be defended. My friend accused you of not being sensitive to other races and groups’ needs. The question I asked her: Compared To What? The other cultures, that have no problem being self-focused on goals beneficial to them? The other groups, with their own in group preferences, that don’t really care about your own group, if they don’t already hold them in contempt, South Africa Style? Are white people really that evil? You’re supposed to judge people as individuals, not as their background, unless you’re an actual bigot, but O.K., let’s say that’s suddenly moral to do. Do you judge white people based on the the fact that, in the U.S., only 4% at most actually owned slaves, and most white people actually hated slavery and worked to get it repealed, through various wars that cost the lives of mostly other white people? On the same vein, do you give white people a break since they were the primary driving group that ended slavery across the planet? Do you judge them for creating the Magna Carta, followed by the Bill of Rights, which gives you the freedom to call white people that created the freedom to say this in the first place racist? As far as demonizing white prejudice, at least half of the people I know personally who criticize white Western culture are white themselves, including the friends that inspired this article; are you really so brave that you criticize the one group that is so critical of itself that it’s willing to bring about it’s own destruction, just to appease other groups that do not hold the same views they do?

I’ll go out on a limb here: I think , if you agree white people should be attacked as a whole, based on this: you’re a fucking coward. You’re a pussy: a thin labia’d vagina with narrow walls, scant lube, and zero experience. And the reason, to provide context, is that you pick on the only group that is willing to pick on itself, rather than literally any other group that has no problem playing itself up as the best group on the planet. And to pick on the white people reading this, that think I’m wrong on this: understand you’re in a culture, the western kind specifically, that allows you to criticize it; you do NOT get this privilege in other cultures, so if you want to look for what could be called “White Privilege”, this is it: It is White Privilege to complain about white western culture even though you are only here because of it, let alone what’s left of my old culture.

Speaking of which: it’s not just me, or my own culture. It’s plenty of others that rely upon white culture to pay for them. There’s someone I know who grew up, and still lives, on a reservation right now (guess the race), and currently cannot escape it, let alone her own family, that wishes to leech off of her productivity even though they have the benefits paid for by your tax dollars at work. I truly feel for her, because like my own culture, hers has been destroyed as well, not by white western culture, but by govt programs. I feel especially as much for her, because I was eventually able to get out at some point and forge my own path;  she doesn’t have a choice at the moment, she’s stuck there, and suffers as a result. We both share the same void in a culture to fall back on, and we both look upon yours, which you are seemingly intent on destroying.

Here’s where I’m willing to find common ground: if you really want to attack white people that are evil, go after the ones in government. You know, the ones that continue to push for more welfare and wealth redistribution for minorities like mine, the same programs that helped destroyed their culture. How about going after white people that go for affirmative action programs, that does the same damage. Maybe take on white people that lobby for corporations, not to mention the white people that grant such favors for said corporations. I myself have been going after the black people in power that have been doing damage against black culture, people such as Maxine Waters, or Louis Farrakan, or Tariq Nasheed. Fine, if you want to attack your own race, do it in that way, because that’s actually useful.

But this attack on Western culture, which came about and still exists because of white people, this cannot stand, because it’s the only culture under which most of our progress has been made, and subsequently everyone else on the planet wants to move to. One last point I wanted to make, which I touched on above: To only tack responsibility to white people for the atrocities of the world, is to strip people like me of any power to change it; you are literally saying I have no power, because I am not white. If that’s the argument you want to make, you might as well say I am worth nothing; subject only to the whims of those with infinitely less melanin than I have. And honestly, I doubt you really believe that, but if you do: fuck you. I refuse to be held down, by people like you, just because of your virulent hatred of white people, to the point that you want me taken down as well.

That may sound harsh, but you know what, the time for caring about your feelings, this pathological altruism at the expense of your own culture, this needs to be stopped. It took over 2,500 years, and untold amounts of bloodshed and destruction, to create the freest society on the planet, which subsequently people in every other culture and country now wants to move to. And so I have a very important question this time: Are you going to defend that which was so very hard won, or stand by, and watch freedom slip back into the abyss, perhaps never to resurface again?

Picture Credits:

https://kopitiambot.com /2018/08/09/snapchat-monitors-infowars-as-alex-jones-promotes-censorship-gag-ar-filter/





Nutritional Cheat Sheet: The Ingredients That Ruin Fast Food, Revisited

“Bacon, one day you’ve gotta write something short.” -Thee Ted Smith

Alright Ted, I’ll give my best shot at writing something short!

I wrote a short article a couple of years ago titled “The 3 Ingredients That Ruined Fast Food” outlining three of the most damaging things generally added to fast food, packaged dinners, etc. (http://thegoddamnbacon.com/the-3-ingredients-that-ruined-fast-food) In this article, I’ll be plagiarizing my own work, adding a couple of more, and looking at some of the food additives or ingredients that are unfairly demonized. Enjoy!

Added Ingredients to Avoid:

  1. Added Sugar: sugar, sucrose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, evaporated cane juice (not making that one up), agave nectar, rice syrup, molasses, cane sugar, cherry/pineapple/orange/ any fruit juice, pineapple juice powder, etc., etc., etc.Generally, if you follow the advice of any decent nutritionist and only shop the perimeter of your local grocery store, it’s fairly easy to avoid these, but even some processed meats might have added sugar (corn syrup solids in hot links, for example).  Of note: this does NOT include naturally occurring sugars you get from fruits, as the fiber in them slows down the breakdown process of sugar in your body.

Why It’s Bad For You: There’s a myriad of issues added sugar have, ranging from spiking insulin levels and contributing to insulin resistance, to fructose (the most dangerous part of sugar) destroying your liver faster than ethanol can, without even the nice buzz you get from a delicious IPA. What’s more: it’s actually as addictive as some hard core drugs, such as cocaine; that’s one reason, I believe, that people who abstain from alcohol for an extended period of time start to crave anything with high amounts of sugar in it. Of note: while High Fructose Corn Syrup has been given the finger for the explosion of diabetes, most versions of HFCS are actually about 55/45 fructose/glucose (for comparison, sucrose, or table sugar, is 50/50). One of the “healthy” replacements mainstream experts have put forward is agave nectar, which can go up to 80% fructose.

2. Vegetable Based Oils: vegetable, core, peanut, rice, grapeseed, rice, sunflower, safflower, canola and soy oil. Also: Trans fats, partially or fully hydrogenated oils (usually from canola or soy), particularly margarine and vegetable shortening. Again, shopping the perimeter cuts a lot of this out, but you will see this, again, in cheaper meats and prepackaged foods, such as jerky (looking at you, Walmart’s Great Value Jerky!). NOT to be included: olive, avocado, coconut and palm oil, as well ass any of the above oils in their natural forms, such as nuts or legumes.

Why they’re bad for you: Far from being a healthy alternative to butter, these types of oils are polyunsaturated, meaning less stable; some bottles of cooking oil are actually spoiled while they sit on the shelf, before you even buy them. And while some PUFA oils are good (omega-3 in olive oils, for example), others, like omega-6 are bad if consumed at a far higher ratio, as they contribute to inflammation and cellular damage due to their oxidative properties. Canola is the least offending subject here, but your average commercial oil have omega 6/3 ratios as high as 16:1.

Refined Wheat: bleached/unbleached wheat powder, wheat flour., etc. Obviously used to make bread and other bakery products, it’s also used as a thickening agent in other things, such as gravy and some imitation dairy products. Not to be included: Whole wheat, actual grains, durum/semolina wheat, such as pasta and couscous, and fermented products, such as sourdough (there’s your out if you love sandwiches!).

Why It’s Bad For You: The biggest effect is that refined wheats is that it acts in much the same way that added sugar does, spiking blood sugar levels, along with the other fun effects of metabolic syndrome. And one of the reasons it does is the species commonly used isn’t the healthy ones we had in the past, such as einkorn or red, but dwarf wheat, which is nowhere near as nutritious.

Soy: This one should be fairly easy to spot, even if you’re not in the ethnic food aisle. I’ll give edamame a pass on this one, but again (Great Value Jerky, you goddamn disappointment), you see this added in cheaper packaged foods, such as burger patties, as it is generally used as a cheap filler or a substitute for meat based protein. Other products are tofu, tempeh, and other replacements for things you actually want to eat, such as milk. Whole or fermented soy products aren’t nearly as harmful, but the refined concentrated versions certainly do.

Why It’s Bad For You: Particularly in oil form, they share some of the properties that other vegetable oils do as stated above. Another issue is, though soy does have decent nutrients, it also is high in a compound called phytates, which acts as a sponge for said nutrients, both from soy itself and whatever else you’re eating; it’s found in many plants and acts as a self defense mechanism, which is why people on a “raw” diet look half dead most of the time.  One of the most damaging effects, for men at least, is that some of the compounds in it act like estrogen in the body, leading to a whole host of problems you get when you disrupt hormonal balance. This is particularly bad the earlier you  consume soy, up to and including as children; it even has effects in the womb.

Unfairly Demonized Ingredients:

Salt: It’s usually attributed to excess water weight, heart disease, stroke, etc. The reality is that, unless you have kidney issues or eat a salt block, you urinate out any excess.

Excess protein: Along with salt, it’s called on as hard on the kidneys,  but again, unless you’re on dialysis, your kidneys can handle them.

MSG: an ingredient used to enhance the savory/ umami flavor in foods (such as Chinese food). In excess amounts it might have neurological damage or overeating, but it’s hard to get that much from diet alone.

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