Vegans And Vaginas: Laughs At The World Podcast

” Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is sit there and look pretty.” – The Goddamn Bacon

Tee Hee Gents! This this episode of what I’ll call Laughs At The World Podcast, I (shockingly) mock vegans that go back to eating real food, including one Anne Hathaway and her dizty commentary and still decent looks. Apparently 84% of humans [Citation Needed] that are vegetarian/vegan revert back to eating meat of other animal products. Garlic in the front hole is a thing these days because female conformity and reasons. An explanation of the “Why Women Shouldn’t Vote” line is included, along with making fun of guys that buy penis supplements instead of a set of weights. Am I a sexist dick that hates women and thinks vegans should be spatchcocked over an open flame? find out for yourself, down below! Special thanks to Aaron Clarey & TJ Martinell for their help in improving the quality of this cast, and as always: Take Care; Stay Free!

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Sunday Podcast Vegans And Garlic

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One Day Late: Finally Posting The Weekly Sunday Podcast

Recently I decided that, due to the scheduling on my end, that Sunday would be the best day to record and post recordings. So of course that’s the exact moment all of my devices decided to revolt en masse and prevent me from posting yesterday. So here’s the newest podcast, involving how (I believe) spam callers called both of my parents a day apart from each other, chewing out some poor fat front desk manager at a overpriced hotel, and of course, another reading of yet another vegan article. Went a bit over so I had to lower the bitrate to fit it in (uploads are limited to less than 64 MB), but hopefully it is enjoyable for you. Cheers!

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Fuck You Save File

(Yes, that’s exactly what I named the file. No, I’m not changing it.)

Pissed Off Post: Nothing Works Today Because Reasons

Just another pic following the super soaker theme. And because I’m feeling generous, there’s one of a skinny Russian blonde with nice lips.

Unfortunately, today is the day I have been defeated by Fucktardo And The Cavalcades while trying to upload a podcast: there will be no further posts until my technical issues are resolved. For now, here’s a picture of some cute chick with braces and a super soaker. Happy Easter Bunny!


Flashlights And Fisticuffs: The Entertainment Factor of Inferior Humans

A very friendly and not arrogant in any way shape or form Sunday recording, where I go over the joys of using a taser flashlight (No, I’m not calling it a stun gun) to sort out those that see it for it’s intrinsic value of being interesting, and ridiculing those that are intimidated by it to the point of saying “well this is where we part ways….” while being fat to the point of heavy breathing just to suck down a beer. Side tangents galore are also included, the usual making fun of vegans, and something about a peanut butter jelly hot dog. Many shenanigans are had just uploading, converting files, and taking pictures. Listen and be entertained!

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Flashlights And Fistfights The

Reading Morning News: Yet Another Software Test Ramblethon

“If you don’t read the news you’re misinformed; if you read the news you’re misinformed.” – Some Guy Some Time In History

Got bored this afternoon *coughs* morning and decided to get some sthuff figured out on the website and computer! Figured going through the news might be worth it since I haven’t done that in a while. Pre-ramble bitching about how annoying it is having to convert files since nothing I have records in mp3.  Pic of the set up I have in the main room (I call it the Spirit Realm, since that’s where the tequila is ;).

Download here: Test Recording News Read And Bithcing About Formats (yes, I know I misspelled it. Sue me for not getting my doctorate in English in an English speaking country with a minor is Having A Large Penis Studies)