Rock Revival Review: Scorpiknox, AC/DC and Skeletor

Welcome to the 14th edition of Rock Revival! I was looking forward to this one for days: hopefully you enjoy it!



Advanced Dungeons & Dragons


Dude Parties

Prince Of The Blood


Let Me Put My Love Into You

Demon Fire

Kick You When You’re Down


Death To The False

King Of Fear

Birth Of Fear



End Times Report: Dirty Deeds Destinations

“No details: where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?” – Miles Montgomery, The Men’s Room

New charging port? Check. New cigars? Check. Blaming Doc for starting the Livestream late? Check FTWinningNooooo… ( An addition to my “Dextering” list? Check. Preview of the next YouTube video? Check. ( strangest place I’ve gotten it on? Oh. Fucking. My. (… No pun intended.) grab a Cigar and enjoy!

ETR don’t fuck with us

Rock Revival Review: Infinite Squid, A Perfect Circle and Crossing Crusades

Lucky episode 13! As I continue to make improvements to all of the programmes here, mix a Manhattan & enjoy this play list!



Send The Pain Below (CheVelle Cover)



Bury Me

Blue (A Perfect Circle Cover)

The Contrarian

Eat The Elephant

Dog Eat Dog



My Life (99 Problems)

End Times Report: Learning And Burning

“I’d feel bad if they didn’t do it to themselves.” 

That is probably the best summation of the following show. Alpha Hans Gruber? Check. Bowl Of Chaos update? Unholy hell in my wildest dreams and imagination could I make this shit up. Not even gonna bother trying to sum up this one: just tune in below for one of the wildest rides ever, in more ways than one! #WinningNooooo

ETR Learning And Burning

In Memoriam:

15 Minute Philosophy: In Memoriam (RIP Bowl Of Chaos)

Love vs. Sanders: Alpha Male

170lbs To 130lbs:

Mammoth WVH – The Distance

Body Comparison Eye Candy

Rock Revival Review: Ayron Jones, The Glorious Sons, and CheVelle

Episode #12 didn’t quite go as expected, but I enjoyed what I had to work with. Hopefully, you will as well!





Take Me Away

Boys From The Puget Sound

Just Don’t Know (Live)

Lay Your Body Down (Live)



Where You Used To Love

Kick Them Wicked Things

Closer To The Sky



Don’t Fake This

Get Some

Self Destructor


End Times Report: Popcorn And Lemonade

“2020’s There was ”Cleansing Fire.” 2021? ” Popcorn & Lemonade.”

Well, one could say the last 12 months were rather interesting, from global issues to personal ones. Was the struggle real, and is it quite possibly out of (dare I say it) Phase One? Listen down below to find out!

ETR Popcorn and Lemonade

Ring It In Right Eye Candy

Rock Revival Review: Filthy Traitors, Faith No More, and Fitz & The Tantrums

Man, had you told me not only would I be reviewing rock on this program, but I’d be starting the year with the 11th one, not sure if I would believe you, and yet here we are. Enjoy!


Intros: The Failsafe – Head Underwater, Against The Wall



Onto You

Hotel Hell

Down With The Ship

Ruby’s Ditch

Final Straw



We Care A Lot

Superhero (Live)




Head Up High

We Don’t Need Love Songs

Out Of My League

The Walker