End Times Report: Anarchy

“There’s a reason I go by Unbound” 

A very tired Bacon tries to give some sort of explanation on what a truly free society looks like, argues against the usual reasons people argue it won’t, benefits of it, and why it won’t. Hope it makes any kind of sense, enjoy!


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End Times Report: All Over The Place

“This is what happens when you don’t have a show topic beforehand….” 

A smorgasbord of topics picked randomly from a hat that was offscreen, which somehow ended up on the subject of creampies. Check it out, down below!

ETR ALL Over The Place

End Times Report: Getting Back Into It

“Don’t run the machinery into the ground!” 

Finally getting my upload data back! Chatting with an old friend of the show! Behind the scenes health excuses*cough*updates for why show content took a dive  FTWINNING… Nooooo? All that AND MOAR, DOWN BELOW!

ETR Getting Back Into It