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If you’re wondering where last night’s show on time is along with some of the behind the scene audio went, we’ll it’s pictured here:

This is the last phone I’m destroying before I switch over to Squarespace as a website builder. Until then, there will be no new audio here. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I’ve been dealing with this audio upload issue for too fucking long now and it needs to be solved, and J have other issues in meat space to deal with before I get to it. So for now, this site is on hiatus. See you on the other side.

End Times Report: 21 Studios Drones

Apologies, been a hectic last few weeks and having trouble uploading audio certainly didn’t help matters. Anyway, here’s the show about the spergs from the 21 studios crowd showing up on Cappy’s page. Enjoy!

ETR 21 Studio Spergs pt 2

Part 2 (somehow hit the stop button):

ETR 21 Studio Spergs pt 2


15 Minute Philosophy: Triage

Sometimes the only purpose one’s life serves is as a warning to others.”

15 Min Phi Triage

There are 2 previous posts that this serves as an expansion pack to, and while it should stand alone well enough on it’s own, it is better to go back and read/listen to them before continuing further. The first, which contains the definition of Retardism, is The 95% (http://thegoddamnbacon.com/15-Minute-Philosophy-the-95); the second, which might be the most ironic piece ever written given the example to be made of shortly, is Zombie (http://thegoddamnbacon.com/15-Minute-Philosophy-zombie). Assuming you have finished the above (and thanks by the way: I know they are both lengthy but well worth it), let us continue:

Ever have that one or three friends that, before the collective meltdown of the 2016 election let alone the more recent one and the Retardemic currently going on at the time of this writing, you could wind up in an argument you both had a fundamental disagreement with, but outside of that you knew they were good people? Hell, before all the available info in the world could be found on the device you’re reading this on (folks named Carl and Mictubis who downloaded this to their kindle or printed it out: shut up) meaning any argument with tangible reason and evidence could be objectively proven or disproven, you could have whatever debate at hand and still possibly go grab a beer later that day because, again, your relationship to each other let alone what they base their reality on doesn’t revolve around subjects that likely are outside your control anyway.


“In fairness: fact checking during an argument is usually done from a distance online, not in person, which makes it more problematic to go grab a beer afterwards for starters.”

For better or worse however, most interactions these days ARE online, and not only does that provide a physical safety barrier from retaliation of disrespectful behaviour, but in part because of that gives most people the bravado to show their true colours and beliefs, as well as their disdain for opposing ones. Ask me how I know: I’m pretty much out of touch with just about every “friend” I had back when I lived in LA, and this past year burned away entire groups of them, some of which I was very well known in to the point people I never met before recognised me. (More on that here, was a good time being part of the Third Man Militia while it lasted: http://thegoddamnbacon.com/15-Minute-Philosophy-virtue). Honestly, no regrets: much as I miss those connections and conversations, better to find out whose really on your side before shots are being fired than after, and I have gone on to find people that actually would have my back. Lesson being to learn the difference between the two, and to figure out who you can reason with and possibly convince that perhaps they might be in the wrong as opposed to simply doubling down and calling you out on actions they themselves are guilty of. Which brings us back to our example: Two Penny Prince, or just Prince for at least some brevity for once.

“Let’s just say this isn’t our first entanglement, unlike what most wives tell tell the husbands they settled for when they find out who that secret number is, ask Will Smith how he knows!”

Prince is a guy that found the show a few years back, and we’ve had our disagreements but for the longest we had a lot more that we agreed on, and overall he seemed like a solid guy you could go out and get a beer with, someone that didn’t take himself too seriously. Hell, he’s someone that, when his own let’s just say personal issues became too much and he reached out for help, I did what I could to get his message out to those that follow the program. But of note especially in recent days is not just his increasing fervor of politics (take a wild fucking guess which stunning and brave flavour!), but the sheer shameless arrogance of self proclaimed superiority behind them, to the point that it is clear there hasn’t been anyone around him physically to put him in his place for a long time now.

“I’m just saiyan.”

Case in point: the most recent altercation he started on purpose, the reason of which will be revealed as we analyse just what the fuck happened here.

“I can’t POSSIBLY see where this is going!”

Right there from the cover pic we can see whatever he was doing online beforehand was bait he knew someone was gonna take him up on, which someone clearly did. Today’s topic? Can’t exactly tell because Prince (for reasons we’ll get to) didn’t include the original post, but given the caption reads “Context: one of us doesn’t believe in vaccines.”, we can take a wild guess what hot button topic he wanted to make conflict over. We continue:

Asked, and received he did pushback from whatever he was doing: someone stepped up and answered him with historical context on the failings of medical authority way back when, especially with a particular group of persecuted people at the time. And given the comment led with “we get it, you just don’t care about” and ended with “well behaved house pet”, I can imagine this wasn’t the first online altercation these two have had. Response?

“Full Retard Mode: ACTIVATE!”

First order is, of course, to open up with projections out the gate with “without a sense of irony” (don’t worry: it continues), than not only to (in his mind) a false comparison, but an immediate jump to the Tuskegee Airman and the Retard Remover. It should be noted, in case you’re unaware, that the Tuskegee group the other guy was referring to was not in fact a famous pursuit group that operated in the European Theatre for the Army Air Corps during WW2, so why that was the offhand response by Prince is anyone’s guess, other than maybe he deep down thinks most black groups of people are the same hey did it just get dark in here?

“Sorry if you were mining bitcoin while you were reading this.”

He continues with the personal attacks (which means the argument would’ve been lost had one been started in the first place), making actual false comparisons between white and black issues even though the other guy made no mention of race (huh, for such a non-racist that seems to come up a lot), then finishes with a ton of negative labels and accusations, stating after that he was “done with this post”, which I guess was his way of “walking off the court” after a “victory”.

Now let’s look at the caption: first order of business was to correct his mistake of mislabelling which group was referenced (too little too late in my opinion), then in one of if not the most ironic of examples of idiocracy I have ever seen, proceeds to paint this viral zombie apocalypse scenario which ends with some black scientist says “Tsk Tsk Honkie” before shooting some non-believer white republican IN FRONT OF HIS DAUGHTER, adding partisan discrimination on top of racial prejudice, which apparently is something no one could’ve POSSIBLY have seen coming.

“Apparently you have to be ”really stoned” to think up this academy award winning script. Still wondering why I said read Zombie before this?”

He continues with the example of deaths from smallpox as reasoning for why you should get the Retard Remover, which he does state has killed over 900 people so far and compares that rate to being” safer than driving”. For starters, not even taking into account how long it took to create the vaccine for smallpox or literally ANY ailment compared to this one for the Retardemic aside, the fact that it by his own admission outright killed almost a thousand people within a few months of being given out should be enough to give ANY sane person pause. Conveniently left out are all of the pregnancies that were terminated within HOURS after getting the jab, and if early reports alongside this are any indication, let’s just say infertility might be a hot button topic in 2022; I call it the Retard Remover for a reason.

“In fairness he was “wicked baked” at the time: some things slip the mind when that happens.”

But wait: THERE’S MOAR (are you shocked even though he said he was”done”? I for one am FLOORED!). Someone else rightly points out the difference between the airmen and the syphilis group that was experimented on, albeit with his own personal attacks on Prince, though given the clear misstep was somewhat warranted. Prince (of course) not only retroactively covers his tracks, but then tried to reverse the shame on the guy that pointed it out and explained it, basically saying he “should’ve figured it out”, as if it was his responsibility to figure out his intent.

“Again, how did you think making a fuck up that bad would go over? I’m just asking for a friend here.”

It should be noted that this was post that brought all this to my attention, and the caption should show why this became an entire thing: aside from his “favourite argument tactic”, he also states why he didn’t include whatever sparked all this off, sorta:

Perhaps the idea is that it’s to “protect” the other guy from retaliation from others reading all of this, make no mistake: this also not only leaves out how he started all this (never found it by the way), but unless the other person finds this, makes it impossible for them to defend themselves, meaning Prince can say whatever he wants with more or less impunity, which in my opinion is just short of cowardice. And he even fails at that, as not only Splinter who’s a mutual friend pointed out, but I myself reached out to the original guy for the context Prince didn’t provide.

“Spoiler alert….”

He then continues with a entire victory parade of self indulgence and ridicule, which I’ll just let speak for itself:

“Oh you made a “bad choice” alright homeboy.”

There’s plenty to pick apart in this: projections galore for starters. The one I found the most delicious however is the use of the Dunning – Kruger Effect, which basically is the dumber you are on a subject the smarter you think you are. Given how this entire argument (at least what he posted) went and to anyone that actually knows how to make an argument let alone knows what one is in the first place, the clown world cavalcade of irony he thinks he’s aware of is sweet enough to throw a room full of lifelong carnivores into a diabetic coma in minutes.

“Speaking of SafetyPhD.com as someone that may know a bit on the subject matter…”

Now one could say maybe this guy at another time could be reasoned with. Unless you’re someone like me that not only has been at this for the better part of 2 decades (literally on a debate team at one point for what that’s worth), but has had multiple skirmishes with him over the past couple of years, often leading into side fights with his “friends”, who surprise surprise utilitise the same sophist tactics he doesn’t realise he uses:

“I’ll let you judge for yourself. Though as you can see, his buddies ain’t much better.”

“Meanwhile, when it’s time to put up or shit up….”

One of these in particular stands out, as not only as an example of Prince clearly not learning from his mistakes, but as one of the same baiting tactics. That’s right: he’s done this before:

“I hope you were sitting down for this.”

One can only guess as to what the point of these “gotcha” posts is other than for a quick dopamine hit he clearly isn’t getting elsewhere: my guess is this is his display of intellectual and political prowess and knowledge. But as you can see, intellectual honesty ain’t in his deck of cards, as being corrected, argued with, even mocked and ridiculed did about as much to change him as a paintball marker could do to knock down a brick wall. And given that not only is he unwilling to learn a damn thing even though he states as much, but is actively trolling for sport, what do you do with a “friend” like this?

“Underrated scene.”

Triage. As defined by Merriam-Webster:

“2: the assigning of priority order to projects on the basis of where funds and other resources can be best used, are most needed, or are most likely to achieve success. (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/triage)”

In other words, focus your efforts on areas, and in this case people and your relationships with them, where they would make a difference and away from where they won’t. It should be obvious by now that Prince isn’t gonna learn a damn thing until he has to start paying for it, to the point he’s blatant about it, so why even bother? In his case, even for someone like me that likes getting into arguments for fun, this shit has gotten so repetitive that’s it’s boring, and if it continues I’ll probably just mute the guy so I don’t even see what BS he’s posting about; even if I’m on social media I have better things to do than see the same shit over and over again. But I know those of you reading this have otherwise decent people like this and don’t want to necessarily cut them out of your lives for whatever reason. But ask yourself a question:

How much is your time worth?

Understand time is the only commodity you never get back, therefore truly is the only commodity we all have. Question is how much time are you spending having arguments like this with these “friends” vs actually enjoying your time with them, which is one reason why I would imagine you became friends in the first place. The other being how much could you could depend on this friend in a time of need, in particular if it come downs between you and their politics: which one would they choose over the other. Until recent times, going back to Prince I figured, given real life examples like L.A.W. that I can hang out with, maybe we could grab a beer. But now I’m not quite as sure, and I’m not really motivated to find out for myself, especially since I only know him online; I’d rather meet with Splinter in person who doesn’t pull shit like this.

As far as friends in real life you think is worth saving: my recommendation would be to have a Come To Jesus conversation with them; better to hash this out up front rather than let it go on over time. That alone will save you time let alone headache, and if you end up losing them over this, we’re they really your friend in the first place? I know for myself I have better things to do. Money to make. Projects to work on. House/car fires to put out. Workouts to perform. Podcasts/livestreams to listen to. Investments to manage. Actual family and friends to spend time with. Impulse purchases from etsy.com/shop/lazarusrazors & wearethefailsafe.com to make.

“Women sliding into my DMs that look like this.”

Hell, even taking the time writing all this, mentally stimulating and entertaining as it is, was time that could’ve been allocated elsewhere, and even if I thought this would help Prince or anyone else like him literally ANYTHING ELSE would have a better ROI. Isn’t that worth chasing instead?

“Obviously women are suppose to chase you not the other way around, but I digress….”


End Times Report: Anarchy

“There’s a reason I go by Unbound” 

A very tired Bacon tries to give some sort of explanation on what a truly free society looks like, argues against the usual reasons people argue it won’t, benefits of it, and why it won’t. Hope it makes any kind of sense, enjoy!


Check out:



End Times Report: All Over The Place

“This is what happens when you don’t have a show topic beforehand….” 

A smorgasbord of topics picked randomly from a hat that was offscreen, which somehow ended up on the subject of creampies. Check it out, down below!

ETR ALL Over The Place

End Times Report: Getting Back Into It

“Don’t run the machinery into the ground!” 

Finally getting my upload data back! Chatting with an old friend of the show! Behind the scenes health excuses*cough*updates for why show content took a dive  FTWINNING… Nooooo? All that AND MOAR, DOWN BELOW!

ETR Getting Back Into It

Rock Revival Review: Bruiser Brody, Judas Preist, & Sevendust

Back at it after a break for a few weeks with the 15th edition! This was a pretty decent one I think, so make yourself a manhattan and enjoy!





Don’t Go There On Your Own

Right Before My Eyes

Everyone’s Dead



Race With The Devil

Dissident Aggressor

Raw Deal




Not Today

The Day I Tried To Live (Soundgarden Cover)



End Times Report: Return On Investment

“You always lose money chasing women; you never lose women chasing money.” 

Aged Cigar and ale! French Fries back from the dead and shenanigans ensue! A look back into dating phone lines in the 00s! Accidentally flaking (sorta) on a girl travelling a sizable distance from her home to a nearby town to drive in the snow! All that AND MOAR, DOWN BELOW!


15 Minute Philosophy: Zombie

“They cannot be convinced through words, they only respond to physical violence. So stop fucking trying to reason with them!”

15minphi Zombie

If you’ve been following me any time recently, you may have noticed my sentiments as far as engaging with others I don’t know personally in particular has rather drastically changed. I wrote an entire article called 5 Years, where I talked about about all the crazy things that happened I never could’ve predicted even with my imagination. But I don’t think I really talked about how that same 5 years, let alone this one at the time of this writing, has changed me. I write and speak about many different topics, from morality to vice to wellness to whatever is on my mind or the minds of others, and so forth. But the underpinning of all of it is philosophy. A refresher course for those of you that don’t know or are miseducated, like The 95% of the human population (another important article to read after this one): philosophy deals with directly addressing reality and how to make progress for the betterment of humanity, in particular through language and the use of nonviolence and negotiation as a means to change and channel and correct people to a better course of action, for themselves let alone for society; can’t be an asset to others if you don’t have your own affairs in order, for long at least.

15 Minute Philosophy: The 95%

“You can read that here: ”

Notice: I said correct “people”. When I talk about humanity theses days, I take the time to make the distinction between humans and people, because they are not the same. And the statement I am about to make is not one, as stated above, I never thought would be coming from my lips or any outlet of expression I have at my hands. But it needs to be said, and if you’re one of the 5% worth trying to save and keep around, you better fucking read this at LEAST 5 times over as if it is your morning mantra:

Philosophy is dead as far as changing humanity goes. Language based on reality has no effect on progressing humanity anymore.

Dare to ask me how I know? This site and whatever place you’re getting this content from has been live for over 4 years at best. But make no mistake: I have been making arguments in person for almost 20 years now, and in public at least 14 years as far back as I can trace. First place I can recall? A Goddamn online dating forum: DateHookUp.com back in 2006 if I remember rightly, my first ever engagement starting with some chick going off in the forums about how men were trash and a million other complaints about Males, and my response being “So your argument is that men are always complaining about women, yet everything you’re doing is complaining about men?” I then moved on to the MySpace forums, where I branched out quite a bit, and back when I used my legal ID and the handle Power2theQ (stolen from another guy because I owned the same car he modded professionally at the time) really made a name for myself. Then there was Facebook, and man did I really get into some real kerfuffles there, notably at mind the Fight For 15 group that I literally was fighting 17 on 1 over 3 different pages, which hopefully I have saved on my old desktop. Then Instagram became all the rage, and between that in the background I got my own site started (thanks to AssholeConsulting.com & FreeDomain.com for the motivation), made quite the canon of work as far as arguments and philosophy let alone other content goes, and am also now on my third twitter account (probably 4th or 5th at the time you may be reading this).

“Spoiler alert….”

There’s quite a bit I’m missing here, but let’s just say I’ve been around the block. And as far as this particular series goes, at this point I’ve made just about every argument and case and pointed out every bit of relative evidence that can be done.

And I have failed. Not because I was wrong: I did my due diligence to ensure I was right. But I was preaching to the wrong audience. As I have said before although maybe not officially but more offhand: “People don’t care about what you think unless they share the same belief or they can profit off of it.” There’s a reason I call them The 95%: when you’re the outlier, you’re either a novelty or a danger, and when you challenge a belief someone has literally had bred into them and has been indoctrinated into their entire lives let alone depend upon it for their very survival at least in their mind, let’s just say you might get a bit of push back.

Hence the title: Zombie. You thought you wanted a Zombie Apocalypse? Maybe you fancied yourself as being Tallahasse from Zombieland, and there is still a chance you (and I) might get that opportunity. But make no mistake: you were already in it. As I’ve said about pretty much all of 2020: the depersonification of humanity was already here; this year and everything that has happened only revealed it.

“Just Saiyan.”

But there are, like Resident Evil is good at doing, different kinds of zombies out there, some more dangerous than others. And there are 3 I have identified specifically.

The Nerfs.

The Attack Drones.

The “Intellectuals”.

Of note: none of these are mutually exclusive of each other and in fact they often go hand in hand.

The Nerfs: they are the mostly inert automatons that otherwise aren’t hostile, but are basically operating within their own programming and regulations put upon them or, as Dictionary defines it: “(in voodoo)
the body of a dead person given the semblance of life, but mute and will-less, by a supernatural force, usually for some evil purpose.”, or: “informal – a person whose behavior or responses are wooden, listless, or seemingly rote; automaton.”. Not to demean them: as Cappy and other have stated, they are the cogs keeping the machines running, the shelves stocked, and the trash taken out; something that should NEVER be downplayed. But as far as changing their minds on anything they don’t want to believe, even if it is to their benefit? Again trust me on this: I’ve tried in just about any way you can imagine. Let alone trying to get around any rules and regulations they think they have to follow, again ask me how I know. “Follow the damn rules!” as the Liberal Alpaca Wrangler says, no matter how retarded they may be in reality, not even considering all the new made up ones this year alone *coughs*#FaceCoversSaveOthers*coughs*. And come to think of it, these are the same people that think painted lines on the street will protect them from tons of steel and fire coming toward them should they not heed them, but couldn’t recognise an actual threat standing right in front of them, but that’s another point we’ll get to later.

“The memes that came out of this will never get old.”

Peak example of this happened at the “safe zone” Safeway in my old town that’s one of the only places I shop in person: I went in on an off day because I had the time (first mistake) and because for whatever reason the Walmart I get curbside from kept running out of the booze I usually get so I wanted to stock up there. So I figured I’d go ask one of the women working the registers (second mistake) if I could get ahead of the line since it wasn’t busy and just get the booze now, continue doing my shopping and then pay for it all when I was done (it should be noted I asked her face to face with my respirator and eye protection off). She responded rather pleasantly: “why sure! You can get it at the register now or later, whatever you prefer!” All good so far, right? But as we started walking to the liquor section a switch flipped in her head: “You need a mask!” Stupidly thinking I could power through it because again, she was perfectly fine up until that point, ai kept walking towards the booze. But her programming was already triggered and running: she literally went behind the money service desk and started digging into the drawers, while repeating “He needs a mask! Where are the masks! Let’s get this man a mask!” It was at that point I just said “If you’re gonna be that kind of retard you don’t deserve my money.” and walked out, going to a neighbouring Albertson’s, where I was able to get what I needed without further incident.

“Third mistake: NEVER trust a woman with a face shield. (best shot I could get without being obvious. Will update when I can.”

And that’s not the only instance I’ve seen this auto switch flip: it’s been noticed at several places, but the notable standout is a burger chain called Dick’s Drive In, which has like most places a mask mandate even though with one exception, most locations are OUTSIDE. Half the employees working there (alongside their security), upon seeing even the semblance of a nose line, will rattle off the following: “your face covering must cover your nose and mouth completely to do business here.”, even if they previously couldn’t hear what you’re saying with it on and that they’re behind plexiglass; it’s as if they go off a script. Of note: if you just try to hsow them your screen with whatever you were ordering from them they have the scripted line “I need you to read off the list to me to I can put your order in.” Again, they rattle off these lines with the deadest of eyes: as if there is no person behind them, chiefly because there isn’t.

The Attack Drones: these are the “fast zombies” as far as this goes or, as defined here again by Dictionary.com: “(in popular culture) an undead creature with a reanimated human body, typically depicted in science fiction or horror stories as contagious to the living by bite and vulnerable only to serious head trauma”. If you’re facing this particular softneck, it’s because something you said or did “triggered” them: committing acts of “wrongthink” out loud (usually online, for reasons we’ll get into), or took some action like failing to “social distance”, “wear a mask” (Nick August’s livestream literally was the only reason that I didn’t take my hammer and crack the jawlines of a not exactly social distanced CROWDED elevator that wouldn’t let me on), or park slightly off the lines in an EMPTY PARKING LOT (Another reason I know these fucks don’t understand a threat to their very lives standing in front of them: the retard security fuck mouthed off to me IN FULL UNIFORM). Let me say it again for those in the back: they DON’T EVEN RESPOND TO CREDIBLE THREATS TO THEIR LIVES.

“Though I suppose these zombies are easier to deal with than actual fast zombies (real encounter with one of these softnecks).”

The third is one you run into almost exclusively online: the “intellectual”. This particular breed puts on the facade of actually debating using reason and evidence. In reality, as the simple tell that they always have a conclusion they’re trying to convince you of or a reality they’re trying to obfuscate (or both) shows, they are nothing more than adapted sophists to the current climate, whatever their underlying motivation or vested interest may be; essentially they’re passing themselves off as actual people while pushing a narrative. The obvious ones to point out these days is the #WearAMask and other covid related horseshit, but (and for the life of me I can’t find the screenshot, maybe I forgot to get one) talk about the vaccine was one I particularly remember: my response to the zombies was fairly libertine, saying they could get it if they wanted but I’d rather focus on, as Drew @ Baye.com says, making myself harder to kill. Their response: “Well wouldn’t a vaccine make you harder to kill by default because RoNa ReAsOnS?” While I should’ve went with “The vaccine is for taking the retards out of the gene pool”, I actually tried to explain that if you took care of your body you stood a better chance at beating any disease, let alone one that sucks at even taking out the “at risk” humans. I’ ll let you take a wild guess how that went over, once you’ve gotten off the ground from laughing at my attempt to actually use logic with thinly veiled retards.

“Still can’t believe I didn’t get the shots: oh well, these will have to do.”

So why do these zombies exist in the first place? A statement I made on Mark Zolo’s (NaughtyNomad.com) chat: “there not only is no consequences or natural selection for humanity anymore, but there is no lessons let alone “rites of passage” for us to prepare us for them.” In other words, what risk is there to being wrong and and saying let alone acting in a way that would’ve at least gotten them a punch in the face for their troubles, when not only can most people even throw a punch let alone take one, but are actively and passively protected from any adverse effects of their actions? Given “fighting words” ain’t even a thing anymore, it’s no WONDER why they act the way they do: wouldn’t YOU do whatever you wanted if you were invulnerable? Yet that’s how they feel, therefore that’s how they act: if you have a better explanation for why these fucktards have talked to me despite me being physically bigger and stronger than them and outfitted with tactical gear, armor and VISIBLE WEAPONRY. Case in point: some masktard who I could’ve easily choke slammed one handed pissed me off to the point that I told once WROL is a thing I’d find him and cut his fucking head off. His response: “WeLl ThAtS a ThReAt Of ViOlEnCe (side note: no shit sherlock) AnD yOuRe On CaMeRa SaYiNg It So Im RePoRtInG yOu To ThE PoLiCe!” given that SPD and I are still on good terms, even if that softneck tried, pretty sure he found out most cameras record video and not audio.

“Meanwhile, the employees don’t even cover their faces when in the back making the food, which goes to show how much they care about their personal ‘safety’ let alone the food they’re breathing on.”

Another, related reason that I thank the Liberal Alpaca Wrangler for making me think of: media. Specifically, movies and games that are violent in nature, particularly military and war themed. No, I’m not saying Call Of Duty or Black Hawk Down makes kids violent and mass shooters like a bunch of single moms trying to figure out why their kids became gang members and car jackers tried to rationalise because the father was unavailable for comment. But think about it even in the sportsball sense, American football for now given the biggest franchise just had their ultimate game known as the Superbowl: it’s one thing to actually be on the field and physically playing the game, it’s another thing entirely to just push buttons and learn patterns to “score a touchdown”. Now extend that to “sport” fighting, specifically boxing or even MMA. Again: easy to control a character simulating literally the most taxing form of physical exercise that is fighting, another altogether to be in the ring and taking actual punches; you BETTER know what the fuck you’re doing if you’re gonna square up with an opponent. Finally: war games. Any kid can be the bad ass sniper taking you out from across the map or the trigger happy grenadier spraying and praying and racking up kills. Not only is it completely different being on a two way rifle range, but there’s no respawning in real life. Point being, that disconnect from what is reality and what is simulated and what most humans see and interact with on a daily basis let alone have grown up with has gotten to the point that they literally cannot tell one from the other: they equate playing Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto as being an actual badass in real life.

15 Minute Philosophy: Threat

15 Minute Philosophy: Tough Guy

“There’s a reason I’ve written about this more than once.”

What’s more: the “happy hormones” you get from actually doing these physical activities rather than simulating them from the safety of your couch actually came at the cost and effort of putting the work in to get the results: getting that X-Box trophy ain’t quite the same as winning a boxing match or getting da gurlz, but does result in relatively free oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin & others, which goes to the talk about addiction to video games and porn come to think of it. Given that mental/emotional rewards with next to no risk is literally at most human’s fingertips, let alone that most discourse they have is from the safety of their smartphones and screens. Hell, going back to playing video games: even going back to the 90s and early 00s, there wasn’t “tea bagging” let alone the shit talking kids do now back then; given your options to play with other people involved physically being there in the same room, most of that unacceptable behaviour would’ve earned you a punch to the face, which is also something most humans today have never experienced. Given this level of removal from reality and the consequences of actions that stray from it, it’s no wonder why these people exist and act the way they do.

“Nothing costs more than Free.”

Given this is the zombie apocalypse we have to deal with on an everyday basis until WROL kicks off (honestly, although I enjoy the nice days of relative peace, it can’t come fast enough), what options do we have to navigate through this? In descending order based on the option to: 1. DontBeThere-Jitsu, ShutYourTrap-Fu, & DenyEngagement-Kune-Do: unless the benefit is worth the cost, avoid areas of possible and certainly probable confrontations, blend in if possible & don’t say anything to them especially if you know it will out you as not one of them(also applies to any flavour of politics), and don’t even bother acknowledging them if they try to initiate some talk or movement of Retardism or you somehow fuck up the first two, whether online or in person. Or to boil it down, research Gray Man tactics. Yes: outside of work and dating I actively don’t practice any of these vital martial arts, at least for now. The reason, aside from the sheer entertainment value and I can usually get away with it unscathed, is to reveal these zombies for what they really are (see: Tough Guy, Patriot & The 95%). Given you and the average person has better things to do than get in entanglements with these spergs let alone get in trouble for it, why bother if you don’t have to?

“Pictured: my form of entertainment, well, until I get permanently banned off ALL the platforms.”

2. Agress: if you end up in a situation where the REEEEE has been triggered and you HAVE to engage, show that you have the capability and willingness to off them if you have to. Not that for most of them will understand let alone stop, but at least you did your due diligence and used your voice first, showing you at least tried to de-escalate the situation before it got kinetic. Either way, better to stand your ground rather than turn your back, Ask Me How I Know story coming up later. Of course: if at all possible, just leave or escape: again, most confrontations aren’t worth the physical, mental let alone legal consequences that might come up because of them.

“DenyEngagement-KuneDo (mostly) in action while filming the joggers in the streets. Only reason this retard in the background didn’t get extra moving parts in his jaw beside me not caring what he was saying is because I was on the clock. Another reason I hate black culture and am glad I left.”

” Meanwhile, this literally happened the night after this was announced on Instagram. Still don’t believe me? That was only half the confrontation where the fuck actually threatened to throw a drink into my cabin at one point. ”

3. Use force, preemptively. (Side note for the FBI agents and local sheriff deputies reading this [thanks BTW!], I am NOT saying go around and commit copious amounts of felonies, just to be clear.) If violence is clearly unavoidable, don’t wait for them to throw the first blow; take them out first. This is of course if you’re unable to get away from the situation entirely, but you don’t know if you can return fire if they get the first shot, and even the cops will tell you as such given they don’t wait until being acted upon. Also on that note: always one up the confrontation. To quote one such officer I used to talk to before Walmart stopped running 24 hours (this was pre-retardemic) and therefore didn’t need to hire off duty policemen: “If you punch, I kick. If you kick, I grab a stick. If you have a stick, I draw a pistol. If you have a pistol, I grab a rifle. If you have a rifle, I run you over with my truck.” To sum that up: if you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn’t plan well enough.

” In case you thought I was kidding (seperate issue, but easily resolved and cleared up). ”

“But is there another way to de-escalate the situation?” Nope, not when they’re intent on it. Ask me how I know? I was attacked by spergtards armed with skateboards while on duty. I did every de-escalation tactic I know (did I mention I was a martial arts instructor and taught not only fighting tactics, but de-escalation ones as well? See: Martial Art), including arcing a stun baton (it should also be mentioned I’m 6’2″ and probably outweighed both these spergs in lean mass by myself). That quickly got broken in 2 with the first swing. They only stopped when I kicked one of them, and they STILL kept running their mouths, albeit at a sizable distance.

“I’d blame the terrible pic quality on the adrenaline dump, but given I’m trained to be calm in hostile situations and the past performance of this stupid fucking Oukitel phone’s cameras, I’m blaming it (16 megapixels my ass!).”

Another unrelated but important interaction: long story short, some guy that took offense to me talking to his girl always tried to keep starting fights with me every time he saw me at the old local bar, even when I tried to be the “bigger man” (hey, now that I mention that, I think I know what his source of insecurity is now: if she only knew….) and walk away, which only made him more aggressive, despite me flashing a stun gun in one hand and a large knife in the other (there’s your Ask Me How I Know story of why knives are assassination weapons). Final comfrontation with this retard was after closing time, and knowing he was gonna try and start something I decided to walk away with a group of friends, figuring that might give him pause. Nope: sure enough, we saw him crossing the street after us, and after one of the girlfriends tried to get him to back off he punched and shoved her to the ground, prompting her boyfriend to get in the first scuffle with him.

BUT WAIT: THERE’S MORE! The guy clearly didn’t learn his lesson, and for whatever reason tried to attack the girlfriend who was ON THE GROUND HAVING AN ANXIETY ATTACK. He only stopped when I (finally) got in his face and I between him and her, after which he got in another fight with the boyfriend, this time ending with him getting knocked smuuv out (the lights were on, but no one was home). Especially watching his complete lack of skill and how actually standing up to him at least gave him pause, I should’ve just knocked him out the first time, which probably wouldn’t have led to that situation that got ALL of us 86’d, but hey, any confrontation you can walk away from is a good one.

“My weighted get up at the time. Missing an opportunity to see what 6.5lbs of extra weight can do to a jaw FTWinningNooooo….”

Final story that EVERYONE should have heeded if they somehow haven’t heard of it: Kyle Rittenhouse. Remember that kid? He happened to be one of the employees that volunteered to stand armed guard at his place of employment across state lines which was in actual danger of being burned to the ground like other businesses around it that night by literal mobs, that at the time of this writing is being charged with murder. Why? Whatever your disposition on if he was in the right or wrong about why he was there and what he did, fact of the matter is that he opened fire on members of said mob. After running to avoid several of them chasing him (defeating the entire purpose of him “standing guard”, but he’s a kid for fucks sake). After being knocked to the ground. And beaten with skateboards (sound familiar?). And having a LOADED GLOCK POINTED AT HIM. Despite being armed with and open carrying literally the most terrifying and dangerous military style assault weapon of war ever invented on planet earth that no human being but the government itself should ever own, an AR-15, they STILL didn’t stop, until they were either cured of their breathing addiction or LITERALLY DISARMED.

“If this doesn’t cement my point, nothing will, and chances are you’re who I am describing.”

Point being: the ONLY thing that will make these zombies stop, if standing up to them doesn’t, is physical force to the point of incapacitation or curing them of their breathing addiction; any other action at this point is foolish at best and can GET YOU KILLED AT WORST. Speaking of which: if you haven’t watched one of the greatest horror movies of all time I Am Legend (yes, I know they changed the ending: don’t @ me because you missed the fucking point), do so IMMEDIATELY after finishing this; in fact, watch it again. There’s a reason I keep referencing this in regards to today’s humanity:

“”Looks like they don’t wanna be saved.” – L.A.W. While watching this clip. Spoiler alert: they’re not gonna stop. ”

Notice how, after he had that revelation, the only thing that stopped them was him taking them on with an active grenade. Hopefully you won’t end up being a martyr, but that’s what it took. I know this sounds extreme, and maybe you still have hope that things will all blow over or be solved peacefully. Perhaps, you don’t think it ain’t war time until we’re all in a 2 way rifle range.

“Seriously: I’ve had this conversation.”

“The ” comedian” I was referencing by the way.”

I’m (literally) here to tell you to kick that mindset and adopt one that understands that fighting can break out at ANY time, especially when you least expect it, and to plan and prepare accordingly. That confrontation with the skateboard spergtards was a lesson I only had to learn once: I immediately repaired my metal armor and vastly upped my EDC & in car armament; I do work where marches and riots break out on a semi-regular basis, let alone where CHAZ/CHOP was for a few weeks, and like hell will I ever be caught off guard again. I suggest you do the same: do you really want to wait until shots are being fired before you take this seriously? And, perhaps, you think I am completely wrong about this: there literally CAN’T be zombies walking among us, let alone be most of Humanity, of which the switch can be flipped at any time and turn them against you!

“No caption needed.”

Given what the Retardemic has revealed that you apparently cannot see, and my plans for WROL, you really wanna out yourself as one of them right now?

“My current disposition towards you. If you’re lucky.”