Consequence Covering Excuses: Laughter At Humanity Show What Makes A Gal A 10 Anyway Spectacular

” The best way to #metoo proof yourself against a woman is to give her the best ride of her life.”


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Hope your week hasn’t been quite literally as slo and painful as mine has been! Did manage to have fun on Instagram with the ladies and finding an article that backs up what I’ve been saying in that women get worked up in bed the more you do! Is it true that women will cover for other women’s bad decisions so they can in the future, and is it better to rate a “10” by population or objectively? Load up your IV with your pilsner of choice and find out below!

Episode 1: Excusing Negative Actions

MP3 Download Here: Consequence Covering Excuses Show

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Episode 2: Models And Orgasms

MP3 Download Here: model 10 and orgasm satisfaction show

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How To Judge Women You Date: An Objective Guide

How Women Really Want You to Cum, According to Science

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