CORONAVIRUS PANIC FEAR: Laughter At Humanity Show Knows What You Should Be Afraid Of Spectacular

“You’d think a population that went through Snowpocalypse just a year ago would’ve learned it’s lesson….” 

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Dear God, the end has arrived! Run out into the streets, run to Costco, grab all the toilet paper and bleach, stay inside, panic fear panic fear panic fear! While the herd drives up Dow’s stock prices over the weekend, Nick finds a new side hustle for his lazy classmates, and I explain why alcohol by itself doesn’t cause fatty liver while sampling delicious beers from a top 10 brewery! Is bacon really overrated, and should you overdose on vitamins to not die from pandemicamonium? Crack open that bottle of Knob Creek, pour it over that oversized ice cube, and tune in, down below!

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Corona virus PANIC FEAR!!!

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Overdosing on vitamins episode

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