End Times Report: Saturday Car Escape & Banned From Gary’s Drinking Party Spectacular

Got a few things going along this Saturday, including outlining a few ways to get out of dodge, either to invest into greener pastures or to escape the Simpson’s Dome and the incoming murder everything in nature. Also somehow managed to get kicked off the GnD Zoom Drinking Party even though I said literally nothing, so I drank beers and margaritas in my courtyard & balcony and smoked my cigars with Vince & Rob of MasculineGeek.com & Robsays.net along with Jack Napier (PersonalStrengthConsulting.com) and Nick August instead; guess I’ll be saving £10 to go to extra cigars. Give it a listen down below, and stay hydrated on libations!

Saturday Afternoon Car Talk

MP3: ETR-Sat-Car-Escape-Talk

Saturday Night Courtyard Special

MP3: ETR-Kicked-Off-GND-Zoom


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