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LESBIAN DATING ADVICE: Laughter At Humanity Show Thanks All 13 Actual Mothers Out There Spectacular

“We’re getting closer and closer to the hill where the guns and blades come out….” 

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Beer By The Lakeside:

MP3: Lakeside-Beer-Prelude

What a weekend Fornicators! From talking to guys on the East Coast at midnight PST, to dealing with a warm up exercise to summer, to getting the boot from the 3rd Man Militia chat and talking to the Masculine Geek squad instead, so chatting with my mom for a while, to being right about the superflu as per usual; action packed! Speaking of which, what’s it like dealing with moms: being raised by one, how they are dating and in bed, and whether just getting one past her goalie qualifies getting gifts! Is it getting more ridiculous in Cascadia by the minute, and do lesbians know more about dating straight leaning women than men that date straight leaning women do? Crack open a scotch ale and tune in down below!


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End Times Report: Saturday Car Escape & Banned From Gary’s Drinking Party Spectacular

Got a few things going along this Saturday, including outlining a few ways to get out of dodge, either to invest into greener pastures or to escape the Simpson’s Dome and the incoming murder everything in nature. Also somehow managed to get kicked off the GnD Zoom Drinking Party even though I said literally nothing, so I drank beers and margaritas in my courtyard & balcony and smoked my cigars with Vince & Rob of & along with Jack Napier ( and Nick August instead; guess I’ll be saving £10 to go to extra cigars. Give it a listen down below, and stay hydrated on libations!

Saturday Afternoon Car Talk

MP3: ETR-Sat-Car-Escape-Talk

Saturday Night Courtyard Special

MP3: ETR-Kicked-Off-GND-Zoom


Embrace The Horror, Part 1

Think I make these up? Watch below and think again! Play this in the background for max effect:

15 Minute Philosophy: Deathcare

In case you thought I was crazy for not trusting our current (((healthcare))) system, here’s the audio from a front line nurse that’s not doing tik tok videos. Listen for yourself:

MP3: 15MinPhi-DeathCare

But wait, there more! Someone got me the full audio of her 23 minute recording, and I decided to record that as well:


15 Minute Philosophy: Origins

During the Masculine Geek live recording, Rob of somehow brought up the idea of my origin story of why I’m called Bacon these days. He asked, and I deliver! Also of note: found out live on the show that I am banned from going live on the instagrams due to a Karening. DM me for the back up account, which is where I’ll likely be streaming from.

MP3: 15MinPhi-Origin-

CRAPPY MAY 4TH: Laughter At Humanity Show Goes All Night Long And Talks Geeky Spectacular

“May the 4th be with you.” – Darth Vader, allegedly 

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You asked for it, and now it’s here: this show now goes all night long and leaves you messy downstairs and in dire need of a cigarette you never knew you’d need! Is it worth knowing how to work on your ride, and which kind of character can you really get along with? Crack open a craft Crowlers, break out the discount champagne flute, and tune the fuck in, down below!

Sunday Beer By The Lake Prelude:

MP3: Sunday Lake Preramble

And now, for the main show:


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End Times Report: Reno And Rantfest

But wait: there’s moar! Found a positive story about Reno, and did a completely spontaneous show where I ended up creating another group of superfriends; the first 5 minutes alone is worth tuning into! Check em out down below!

MP3: Positive Reno Story Show

Impromptu Saturday Night Rant Fest

MP3: a lot of you fucks show