HOOLIGANS DRINKING BOURBON: Laughter At Humanity Show Picks On Retards Larping As Activists Special

“Everyone’s a badass on the Internet, until time comes to put up or shut up.” 

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Sunday, bloody Sunday: now with moar premium bourbon! As TJ calls the west side of Cascadia, there’s a certain neighbourhood here that’s literally an “occupied zone”: I’ll let you guess which one. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Alright, everyone figure it out? Good: now you know where and what I’ve been up to the last few days! Meanwhile, seems like everyday there are protests galore on the streets, holding up supposedly “people in the luxury of their own air conditioned vehicles oh wait you don’t have air conditioning because you’re too poor to have it”, along with actual black owned businesses that have to reroute around them. After being talked out of going on the liter war path with these buffoons, I instead found their comms hashtag and began mercilessly mocking and challenging them to spectacular spaztardery! Are these white kids cosplaying as caring people actually helping out the causes they say they are, and are the names and Accusations this cigar smoking darkie celebrating National Bourbon Month was called anything more than projections of twats on twitter? Pour yourself a glass of 1792 on the rocks, spark one up, and listen to me tell the entire planet to go fuck itself to the tune of funeral music, down below!


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