The Hidden Landmines Awaiting the Next Protest

“I’m not, by nature, a hater. I generally don’t hate. I try not to hate, but I’ll tell you this:… I’m learning….”

-Stefan Molyneux

I’ve done some thinking on the latest protests, to give them the kindest label I can think of. Much has been said both in favor of and against them, the voices of reason in my opinion being against, because the other side is literally egging them on by calling whoever they attack “Nazis”, thus dehumanizing them and making any act against them justifiable. Sure, they’re throwing rocks and bricks, wielding hammers, setting businesses and cars on fire, shutting down public transportation, outright shooting and beating people that wear head gear they don’t; it’s all O.K., because they’re Nazis, right? They’re faceless enemies, therefore all acts against them are justified, right? Well this is the question I’ve been mulling over in my head today, and it is this:

“I’m next. What happens then? ”

Most of you should know by now that I do NOT agree with the majority, that I openly oppose what these evil vermin foot soldiers of evil, these literal domestic terrorists, stand for. What happens when, not if, they find out about me? I’m nobody right now, I’m just a jackass on the internet with no followers willing to back me talking about what I believe in, but what happens when others hear about what I’m saying? What happens if I become visible enough for the SJW’s to train their turrets of phobistry-laden slander upon me? What happens if an angry mob decides I’m a dangerous brown flavored Nazi, and therefore it’s O.K. to punch me in the face, to hit me with a hammer or a brick? Hell, what happens if I should, like I literally missed by a window of minutes this Friday, happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time? Here’s the answer:

I will kill them all. And I will not hesitate until everyone around me is dead or dying, or I myself cannot move anymore. And that’s the danger these people will inevitably end up facing.

Here’s the thing about most of these attacks, most of the people that have been attacked were not raised in a violent society, were not trained in violence, and for the most part do not have violent tendencies. Most of the people that have been targeted with physical violence were versed in using words, not war; they use reason in lieu of Rugers, and though by Poseidon I praise them for this, that also leaves them vulnerable to these kinds of attacks, with little ability to defend themselves.

So what happens if it’s me? I may have an unbelievably high IQ, I may have spent the past few years learning how to reason, I have learned to be peaceful. But I grew up in the perfect storm of the kind of childhood that has led so many others like me down the path of destruction: poverty, single mother household, black culture, mind and soul crushing education, mass bullying for over a decade, dodging bullies, knives, gunshots, cars, rocks, legal actions, etc. I’ve also been trained for more than a decade in combat martial arts, have been subjected to immense pain, beatings, psychological abuse, and now I have a very high tolerance to pain across the spectrum, and am well versed in, frankly, dismantling other human beings. A recent thought comes to mind of an incident, with some girl threatening me on the other side of a door, and as she pulled it open, I remember thinking about the knife close by, how as she pulled the door handle her hand was too occupied to stop me from thrusting the blade right into her right carotid, and after watching her for that one second that she realizes what just happened, sweeping her too close together feet out from under her and stomping right on her chest crushing her sternum destroying her lungs and possibly jump starting her heart, just so she could suffer the feeling of being breathless as her literal lifeblood bled out before her eyes, as her vision faded to black.

You feel that cold draft, raising the hairs on your back and arms? Feel that intangible sense of danger, that tingling creeping up upon your spine? That’s just an inkling of what I’m capable of.

And I’m not the only one. Out there, right now, there are people not only with my beliefs, but outright Trump supporters, outright against this narrative, who have much better training, much more experience, and much less restraint than I do. Out there, right now, there are Marines, Army Rangers, Navy SEALS, unregulated militia, other combat martial artists including those who trained me, established gangsters, other people who wield violence like you wield toast on Sunday morning, there are people like this out there right now that have close to or the same viewpoints I do, and I know this, because I know people in ALL of these fields. They’re out there. What happens if you attack them?

The same thing that would happen if you attacked me, though I daresay the results would be even worse. And that’s the problem.

I’ve looked at the people that have been attacked in the past few days, people I listen to, even have corresponded with, people I look up to:

Lauren Southern, pushed and shoved for standing up for her beliefs;

Mike Cernovich, pepper sprayed and narrowly avoided having his party suffering from an acid attack;

Roger Stone, poisoned;

James O’Keefe’s attorney attacked;

Gavin McInness, forced into a fistfight;

A son and his father beaten at the University of Washington, where a gay jew was having a speech, where meanwhile a father was beaten trying to save the son of his that was being attacked for wearing the wrong fucking hat!

Hell, just looking this up again, a poor dog walked by it’s owner was beaten in NYC, and I’d guess it had no idea of why it was attacked and now has a straw in it’s neck to help drain a wound.

The list goes on and on. People that have the “Wrong” opinions, are the ones targeted, and in general they aren’t the ones that don’t use physical violence. What happens when it’s one of us? What happens when they throw a brick at one of them, and they snap and kill everyone around them? What happens when you’re clicking the buttons in your SJW Minesweeper, and end up hitting an actual live mine?

You see these people are using the collectivist weapons of shame and mob backed attacks, because they have targeted people that don’t generally fight back. It is only a matter of time until they run across someone that can and will return fire and take down everyone that will make the latest mass shooting look like a party favor fight. I would even guess they have run across people like this, and the reason you didn’t hear about it is because they didn’t go off, so to speak; they kept themselves restrained, they didn’t act on their base instincts or training. I guess this based on what i know of myself and the many servicemen I’ve known; they hold back a lot, let me tell you. But that resistance is fading, and fast. They are getting tired of this, of being attacked, of being marginalized or beaten, they are getting close to their breaking point. Even those that are champions of non-aggression are tiring of this, are starting to harden under the heavy rain of your attacks.

That quote at the beginning of this? That’s from Stefan Molyneux. He’s literally the guy that promotes the non-aggression principle and peaceful parenting. He’s someone that I’ve lightly chided for actually being surprised, possibly for show but given his track record was genuinely shocked, by the irrationality of those he was trying to reach. I’ve made fun of him for not realizing the reality I figured out a long time ago that many people are incapable of reason, but I never held it against him because he, like I did, was doing everything he could to reach every one of you with reason and evidence, because he believed that if it was laid out enough you would listen and change your minds on your own. It’s truly a noble cause, and I’ll champion it until the moment I die.

You’re hardening even him. Your irrational mob mentality efforts flavored with pussy hats, along with this entire election and the idiots and rumors and outright lies, have hardened him. You’ve taken the most peaceful person on the fucking planet and are sharpening him from being a shield into a sword. I have to say, he’s a lot like myself: I would not make a quote like that without substance, and the fact that he even entertained saying that, much less said it out loud, is frankly chilling.

If you can do this to a peaceful person like that, just what do you think you’re doing to those that are veterans of fucking WARS? Many of them, like I do, just want peace, but everything you’re doing is bringing the war RIGHT BACK TO THEM. What to you think is going to happen when you have belittled these warriors, and once one of them shows up at a rally, or happens to be passing by, you attack them? Like i said, if it’s me, I’m killing everyone. I’m not stopping until I’m stopped; if my hand is forced, if I have no other option but to fight back, if I am forced to choose between survival and death or dismemberment, I will take out everyone in my path, and I will not stop until there is no one left that can move or I am dead, because at that point my legal problems will not matter.

And keep in mind: even in my classes and squads, I was always the NICE one.

Keep protesting violently. Keep attacking people. Keep relying on the fact that while there are thousands of people behind you, those you attack generally don’t fight back. You know what., keep being violent assholes, keep picking on innocent people. Because one day, soon I’m guessing, you’re going to pick the wrong person to lynch, and he will behead your entire mob. And that’s the only way you will even begin to learn your lesson; because you don’t listen to reason and evidence, you have to learn through experiences that are painful and costly. The only way you will learn that trying to enact change through violence is to experience violence against yourself. You won’t get it, until you are threatened with death, assuming you survive it.

Do me a favor, folks. If you do nothing else for me, please do this:

Prove me wrong. For the love of God, don’t prove me right.

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