Parks After Hours: Laughter At Humanity Show Why 1099’ers Are Superior Spectacular

“Gonna run behind a man rather than face the problem you voted in, huh? Typical of a woman….”

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I had some extra time, so I decided to record some impromptu shows with said extra time! What does labor day mean when you don’t have a set schedule or commute, and did a woman get what she wanted in her now all gender bathroom? Finish the bottlecap challenge on your finest bottle of malt liquor, and tune in down below!

Episode 1: Equal Rights Bathrooms

MP3 Download Here: technical issue episode

Media Player Here:

Episode 2: 1099 Labor Day

MP# Download Here: 1099 superiority episode 1

Media Player Here:

Bonus Episode: Return On Investment

MP3 Download Here: return on investment

Media Player Here:

Link To 1099 Article Here:

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