Reading Morning News: Yet Another Software Test Ramblethon

“If you don’t read the news you’re misinformed; if you read the news you’re misinformed.” – Some Guy Some Time In History

Got bored this afternoon *coughs* morning and decided to get some sthuff figured out on the website and computer! Figured going through the news might be worth it since I haven’t done that in a while. Pre-ramble bitching about how annoying it is having to convert files since nothing I have records in mp3.  Pic of the set up I have in the main room (I call it the Spirit Realm, since that’s where the tequila is ;).

Download here: Test Recording News Read And Bithcing About Formats (yes, I know I misspelled it. Sue me for not getting my doctorate in English in an English speaking country with a minor is Having A Large Penis Studies)

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