Anger’s Your Savior: Laughter At Humanity Show Just Order It Online Special

When it’s impossible to win the game by playing the rules, change the game.” – Grandmaster Dennis Horton

Plenty of life lessons were learned and cemented in my head this week, and here I am to pass them along to you; you’re very welcome! Is it worthgoing to a retail store to get your stuff anymore, and did someone get offended to the point of actually sliding into my Dm’s because I called him out on his shit? Tune in and find out below!

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Podcast Party Pandemonium: Laughter At Humanity Show On The Road Extravaganza

“When all’s said and done, all roads lead to the same end. So it’s not so much which road you take, as how you take it.” – Charles de Lint

FINALLY took some well earned, well needed time off to get out of the Pacific NorthWest to recoup some of my sanity. So how did I get away from driving for a living to go on vacation? If you guessed even more driving, you’d be correct! Is it worth going to a party some random podcast decided to throw in the middle of a desert, and how did the old family react to their own offspring growing into a real life cartoon villain? Line up a cavalcade of your finest scotches, because this is quite the journey to listen to, down below!

Episode 1: Shit Show Express! Albany!

Episode 2: Three Sheets Brewery! California!

Episode 3: Home Sweet Home! Vegas!

Episode 4: Gary And Dino! Gary & Dino!

Episode 5: Extreme Bar Takeover! Bar Take Over

Episode 6: The Party Continues! bonus hours!

Episode 7: Women’s Rolling Trainwreck! Sacramento!

(Show Note: I have no idea why I named that file Sacramento. Did pass through that city and it’s rush hour traffic however, so maybe that’s why.)

Episode 8: Escaping Communist California! Lancaster!

Episode 9: Oregonian Fire Bender! Oregonian Firebender!

Episode 10: Returning Home Intact! Touchdown!

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Harassing Instagram Models: Laughter At Humanity Show July 4th Postmortem Special

“The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference.” -Rich Cooper

Did you guys make it through the 4th Of July Weekend without losing any digits or in desperate need of skin grafts? I did, and had some delicious wagyu bavette steak strips to boot! Can you tell whether a girl puts in the work at the gym from pics alone, and can guys act like women and be retarded enough to spend money on the dumbest things imaginable? Take yourself a couple shots of 100% agave tequila and listen, down below!

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Models: @daretaylorofficial, @daniellachavezofficial, @sugartabi.

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Wiccan Dog Walker: Laughter AT Humanity Show Never Take Women Seriously Spectacular

“See, I just can’t see why I  don’t trust women anymore….” – The Great One, Himself (paraphrased)

It finally happened: the script of the “we can be friends afterwards” has finally concluded, and I give quite the debriefing. on the matter! Am I just a sexist misogynist that’s salty that the priestess moved on to a guy with a bigger wallet, or are there more examples in the real world that makes me have such a low opinion of the female contingent of humanity? Scroll on down below and hear the full story for yourself!

Episode 1: Wiccan Dog Walker: Wiccan Dog Walker !

Episode 2: Not The Father: Wiccan Why I Dont Take Women S

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Pic Credit to Stephanie Marie who, though even she has bigger boobs than her, is the closest I could find to the dog walker as far as she looked when she took me to her bedroom.

Happy Pride Month: The Laughter AT Humanity Show Father’s Day Spectacular!

“Fuck you Target, I just want some God damned shoes!” – Aaron Clarey

Episode 1. I learned this month was something called National Pride Month. Did you know about this month long holiday called Pride Month? I didn’t, so I decided to look it up! Did I learn more about adversities that homosexuals have to face, and is there real pride in a trait you were born with? Let’s find out, down below!

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Laughter Gay Pride

Episode 2. It WAS Father’s Day, so I decided to talk about terrorizing the family, eating free and delicious food, and other things I’m not technically qualified to talk about to, meaning I am the CORRECT person to listen to! Did I celebrate the holiday in good fashion, and do I have better reasoning and care for kids than even their parents? There’s one way to find out!

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fathers day recording

BONUS CONTENT! Decided to break open the headset to do some in the cockpit recording! How did I have time to set this up while on a freeway on ramp, and will this show end up being roadworthy? Tune in, and enjoy!

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construction rant and trip planning 1

Bonus #2: The good times continued to roll after the Father’s Day Live Show, and since I had extra whiskey on hand I decided to launch the first ever Ask Bacon Anything! Does this technically qualify as overclocking, and was the Hot Russian Spy trying to kill me on my own birthday? Dive in to find out!

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near death live stream







Do Nothing Normal: The Laughter At Humanity Show HAO DOO EYE GET DA GURLZ Spectacular!

irl, dating advice, life advice, dating, relationships, relationship, relationship advice, “So what do you have going for you besides your looks?” – Mystery

Millions of boys and men ask this question in a million different forms: How Do I Get The Girls? This jamoke running the site compiles some of his experience, research and painful/pleasurable experience into one episode! Is there really a secret formula to getting laid by the lovely ladies, and did a special guest cast a few doubts on the advice and experience dispensed here? Tune in down below to find out!

How To Get The Girls Here:

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Salacious Sex Stories Laughter

Ah yes, one of the episodes I have been looking forward to recording, at least the second half! Didn’t even get to any articles, but it’s nice to go free form and talk about your own experiences for an hour. Is a devestating heartbreak a requirement to becoming a strong man, and is it possible to get taken home by an post menopausal lesbian and a hot 21 year old within a year? Pour yourself a few glasses of scotch boys and girls, and put in the ear buds!

More Lessons Learned and Fun Sex Stories Here:

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sex stories

Pic Credit: The Lovely Marijo!

Big Isn’t Beautiful: The Reality of the Fat Acceptance Movement

“The number one commodity today behind female beauty, are lies.” – The Goddamn Bacon
The following is an edited conversation with a good friend of the program here on Instagram, who has also provided a lot of the content that’ll be coming up on the next Laughter At Humanity Show. I thought it was good enough to be a good short article here; hopefully you find this enjoyable and insightful:
“Yeah I’ll definitely go a bit deeper into this on the show. But think about it logically: 1. Physically, it’s not healthy, for reasons we don’t need to get into, and 2. Guys aren’t attracted to fat. You can make the case for really destitute times in DurkaDelhiStan where a bit of extra body fat was a good thing (because it meant you were royalty and had excess calories around), or the “exception to the rule” who really is so solipsistic she only cares about her own opinion and likes being “curvy”, even though she feels the need to “broad”cast it (GET IT!?) to the world like that Tacoma chick; we can safely leave those discussions amongst the children to nitpick over while the adults have an actual conversation.
Anyway, here’s the truth of the matter: 1. If they REALLY cared about “body positivity”, there wouldn’t be a need to broadcast it all over the place, and there wouldn’t even be a term like “bodyshaming”: the vast majority of the movement is over something in their control such as being fat or being tatted up everywhere or other bad body decisions, and even if it were for things outside of your control such as a facial deformation or a missing appendage, most people already look down on someone mocking them. And 2. All women know DAMN well what other people want, especially guys. You know one of the reasons I post pictures of hot girls who may or may not be the league of entering my bed? Because those girls, who could be mocked for offering not much else of value, at least acknowledge what other people want, keep themselves in shape, and fucking deliver it. These “body positive” fucks also know what we want, and instead are trying to feed us a fat sandwich when we clearly want lean meat.
That which is a lie has to be propagandized and repeated. Again, those girls I post, some of them barely have to do any advertising, and they’ll headline on here just on clicks alone. These lying sacks have to shout “BIG IS BEAUTIFUL AND IF YOU DON’T LOVE OUR CURVES YOU’RE A FAT SHAMING SEXIST!!!” from the rooftops because they damn well know it’s a lie, both to themselves and to everyone else, and you wanna know why they do this? There’s a deeper reason for this, but the short answer is that they’re lazy. It’s easier to eat like shit and not hit the gym than it is to stay in shape and maybe put down the Hot Pockets every other day. And they’re so pathetic they can’t even do that, and they know it!
Of course, the instant response to this will be the “model” argument. “You just want all women to be skinny twigs!” “Real Men like women with meat on their bones!”. And my favorite: “Well we can’t all look like that!” The whole “Model” argument, as you might start noticing, is just another pivot designed to draw you back to their conclusion and not to convince you of what is true because again, these sacks are lying and they know it: they’d rather control your thoughts than face reality. Just as an aside, you know the reason guys have posters of super fast exotic cars, or when they grow up and become mechanics, signs outside their shop (or, if you’re Rich Cooper, doing podcasts in them)? Because their rare and they stand out. This is also why beautiful women don’t really need to advertise: they stand out. Of course not everyone can be a model: if that were true, there could be no such thing as a model, because they wouldn’t have the rarity to stand out. But you CAN actually keep yourself in shape and eat relatively healthy, since clearly we’re not exactly wanting for food here.
But again, the reason these people are deadset on telling you that they’re beautiful, rather than actually working on being beautiful, is because they’re lazy, and it’s easier to complain and convince the weak minded than it is to put down the ice cream and do some squats. Fine, not every woman is going to look like Danielle Chavez or Gabrielle Union, just like not every guy is going to look like Idris Elba or Chris Evans. But you can damn well at least put in the effort and try! Who knows, maybe to whoever you end up partnering up with might find you even hotter because guess what? The models barely have to work for it: you, by actually working for it, have the extra value of hard work and experience behind whatever good looks you get from hitting the gym and not being lazy, AND it’ll make you appreciate the hard work other people you’re around put in. Not to mention the sheer amount of benefits it gives you down the road of facing reality, rather than running from it.
So which one do you think is going to be the easier path down the road: lifting heavy shit, eating healthy, and putting the effort into giving other people what they want? Or sitting on your ass, subsisting on chocolate cake, and whining about how people don’t believe your increasing number of curves are beautiful?

Homelessness And Cigars: The Laughter At Humanity Show Double Special

“I love it when people suffer. Because if they don’t eventually we all will.” – The Goddamn Bacon

Man, Saturday was so jam packed with fucktardery I didn’t even get to the seafood sickness stories I had in store, which in retrospect is probably a good thing! Part One is the recording about the human manifestation of bubonic plague that is the homeless population here: one about how just one of them costs untold thousands of wasted hours, another detailing why I was up until 5am and not involving a woman in bed. Part Two is the late night bourbon fueled story telling about the misadventure of bringing a cigar to the smoking area populated by cigarette smokers and why an off duty police officer got involved. Did accidentally raise more hell than I actually solved, and were any homeless encampments mysteriously set ablaze? Find out, down below!

Part One Here:

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Hating The Homeless Laughter A

Part Two Here:

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drunk fighting show

Article here:

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Ideology Vs. Reality: The Case of Veganism as a Religion

“Stray far enough from Reality, and Nature wipes you out.” -Stefan Molyneux

So I had another entire article ready to be edited and ready to be published, but this couldn’t be let go, not without answer. I’ve spent the last few weeks with this guy on instagram with the handle @mk_macabre (such an uplifting handle if I’ve ever seen one) tagging me in every PETA vegan animal farm video he can find. I can only imagine he did this (and still does) to target my name, because I doubt he’s scrolled the rest of my feed,  else he wouldn’t have called me some of the names he did. That’s right, shocker! A vegan guy not only called me names (repeatedly), but doesn’t know when to stop; it’s my opinion he’s pretty much a drone with zero self awareness. So much so, that I started taking every post he tagged me in to start a Q&A session called Ask Bacon. As you can imagine, it started a wildfire of anger, because I dared to offer information that you don’t get if you’re under the religion of veganism.

Not surprisingly, this is about Vegans, their recent targeting of me, and the reality, as the title states, of how veganism is a religion even though every vegan will deny it. The reasons they do will be explored, but first, let’s go through some definitions, because if you are to have a productive conversation with anyone, you need hard objective definitions to figure out the reality of the situation, and draw answers from it. Otherwise, if you only stick to subjective answers, that means everything can be interpreted differently, meaning there can be no answer or conclusion to be drawn, in which case what’s the point of having the conversation in the first place?

Religion – Obviously we have the deity version, but for the sake of conversation we’ll go with the more open version: “A personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices. “I’ll leave the definition of “scrupulous conformity” alone because I hate repeating myself, but it is my view, using reality as the lens (which means no lens), that veganism acts the same way, whether their practitioners want to admit to it or not, which I hope to prove later.

Ideology – The back up word I usually go to when vegans get angry that I call their beliefs a religion: “a. A manner or the content of thinking characteristic of an individual, group or culture. b. The integrated assertions, theories and aims that constitute a sociopolitical program, and c. a systematic body of concepts especially about human life or culture. ” See too many differences between the two definitions? Yeah, me neither. Let’s get to the next one, which is the most important one so far:

Persecution – This is where, I propose, an ideology becomes a religion, in that it starts to do the following to non-believers: “the act or practice of persecuting, especially those who differ in origin, religion, or social outlook.” In other words: “You don’t believe in my belief system!? YOU’RE A NAZI!!!!!” But wait, there’s one more important word that needs defining, which is important not only to the argument here, but to veganism specifically, because the argument is often used that animals are:

Sentient – There’s two versions of this word. The first: Responsive to or conscious of sense impressions; in other words, you can process sense data. the other: The capacity to feel, perceive or experience subjectively; meaning to be able to conceive abstract concepts. Relating to the first definition, which is the most recognized, is that it would involve every living species today: the reason they are still alive and not extinct today is because they can perceive the real world and adapt accordingly, including plants. Meaning no matter what, you cannot use the “sentient” argument whilst pursuing the veganism narrative. The other, of course, is a uniquely human trait, since we are the only ones able to abstract things not even present in reality. Meaning that, sure, cannibalism is off the table, but also that no other creature isn’t, because they aren’t sentient, animal, plant or otherwise.

Good luck convincing a vegan with this argument though., due to the following definition:

Cognitive Dissonance: Psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously.  Or as better explained here: “The mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information. The unease or tension that the conflict arouses in people is relieved by one of several defensive maneuvers: they reject, explain away, or avoid the new information; explain away, or avoid the new information; persuade themselves that no conflict really exists; reconcile the differences; or resort to any other defensive means of preserving stability or order in their conceptions of the world and of themselves.” In other words, no matter how well reasoned it may or may not be, it doesn’t matter: science, or reason and evidence, is always self-critical; ideology, and religion, is always self reinforcing. Related to this is the often used technique known as Projection, where the person will accuse you of the behaviors and attitudes that they themselves are responsible for; for example,  accusing you of using ad hominems, while also calling you names. So why do I keep comparing veganism to religion? Aside from the fact that it really gets  under their skin, there’s one definition I forgot to mention, which I will put here:

Secular – 2. (for clarity) “Not bound by monastic views or rules; specifically of, relating to, or forming clergy not belonging to a religious order or congregation.” In other words, it doesn’t need a church to impose an order. What this has to do with veganism is that whenever you compare it to any religion, vegans will inevitably use the argument that veganism has no god to follow (more on this later), therefore it isn’t a religion. That only holds water until you realize that religions, or cults, or ideologies, can be what they are without a deity, as defined here. Like many ideologies, they also live more in language rather than reality, meaning they place more value upon what is said, rather than what is done. So now that we have some definitions to work with, what’s really going on here?

My own quote: “the moment an ideology becomes a religion is when it starts persecuting nonbelievers.”

Quick question: if you eat meat, do you come after people that only eat plants? Sure, people do it in a joking way, as people do everywhere, but as far as I know (which is not empirical, understood), I don’t see too many people giving a moral argument that eating just plants is wrong. You know what i do see? Public transport buses with VEGAN billboards over them. people like the ones on Instagram who continue to come after me, simply for my name. It should be noted that I didn’t even start my page to come after the vegans, yet they came after me. You know who else solicits their own beliefs, uninvited, in order to convert others to their cause? Namely in this country, Mormons, Scientologists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc. (I’d include Islamists, but they tend to be more stabby). Yet most vegans I come across tend to be more of the secular variety, meaning they’re usually against any religion that has a god, or any overarching values to guide them.

So the problem, of course, is that people need a belief system to follow: just because traditional religion is gone doesn’t change that fact; people still need some belief system to fall behind. And that’s where things like veganism come up, along with other accompanying ones like environmentalism (which, if I were to name a deity for this along with veganism, it would be Gaia. ) along with socialism/communism, which brings up another point:

There’s the argument that’s often brought up, which is when a vegan acknowledges that animal products were necessary for human survival, they’ll say it’s time to “progress” beyond them and “GO VEGAN!” The obvious short of that argument is that the solution is aways to take away things that help the human body and replace them with an inferior product (Even Domz Thompson, a noted vegan bodybuilder, says he would be even bigger if he ate meat, meaning he’d have more muscle mass if he had an actual balanced diet that helped build what his body is made of, which is meat not plants). But this narrative of an argument follows the same pattern as people who argue for environmentalism, usually against fossil fuels (“well fossil fuels helped humanity flourish and grow, but now it’s time to move beyond them and Go Solar Panels!”), along with Communism/Socialism (“Well Capitalism helped us grow out of poverty into clean cities and excess resources, but it’s time to move beyond it and collectivize: Go Democratic Socialism!”) Hell, you can even see veins of this narrative in Atheism: “Well religion helped us stay together as a community, but it’s time to grow out of believing in sky ghosts while throwing out all of the accompanying principles and be Atheists!”, the irony being that they still make it an ideology to follow.

And like any ideology, it must go after things that go against it’s narrative: environmentalists rail against fossil fuels, Socialists are against Capitalism, and Vegans are against animal products. Notice a pattern here? Though they  can and will deny this, nearly every religious system not only need something “good” to believe in, but must have something “evil” to oppose, whether it’s Christians denouncing Satan and any behavior associated with it, or Islamists opposing anything they consider as infidels or infidel behavior. This is an important distinction from methods that seek knowledge such as the scientific method or philosophy (in other words: reality), both of which when done properly rather in name only, look at the whole picture, all sides of the conversation.

So in the case of veganism, do they look at any of the positive aspects of using animal products (such as meat containing quite a few key nutrients that plant based diets alone cannot provide, or their uses as building materials), or any of the negative aspects of plant based products (such as the huge damage added sugar and vegetable oils do to the body, which a lot of off the shelf vegan products have)? Some do, but in general no; the narrative is usually Meat Bad, Veggies Good. Do they employ freedom of choice: meaning do they provide all of the facts in an unbiased manner (yes, I laughed out loud typing this) and let you choose to follow the reason and evidence on your own? Or are you told that you must accept it as thee written gospel, and if you go against it, as stated above, you must be in favor of the mass rape, torture and murder of those poor, innocent animals (actual accusations I’ve gotten), or ad hominems and name calling in general, such as you’re super unhealthy and will die a horrible death (which, in fairness, is better than telling me I’m going to Hell)?

It’s demonstrably obvious that veganism, while there is merit to some of what it preaches and people have had improvements to their health, is flawed at best(not going to get into  it now, because this article is already getting too long as it is. for starters, check the Healthline link below). So why does it exist at all let alone continue to be a pervasive diet, let alone ideology? As explained above, the loss of a belief system led to veganism becoming what it is, but there are a couple of other reasons  I think are important to note:

Emotional Coercion: I will say some vegans will present actual facts, flawed or otherwise. But, as my recent experience has been, chances are you’ll get a gut wrenching picture of some animal in a pen or a hanging carcass, or something along those lines. This usually goes alongside the arguments of how animals are treated and that they suffer for your love of bacon and wings. While I’m a philosopher (and insane) and therefore am pretty much immune to emotional arguments, the vast majority of people tend to be at least somewhat affected, which you often see with vegans that become public figures. The doublethink here, of course, is that plants also want to live, also have feelings, and also defend themselves from attackers. (again, links are below) “In order for you to live, something has to die”. It is simply picking one form of life to eat rather than the other.

Bad Childhood Diet: As I’ve written about before in the War On Fat article (which is an important one to read), many of the health problems seen today popped up in the last 40 plus years, chiefly from replacing some of the healthy foods used the last hundreds of years with new, more manufactured ingredients, with predictable disastrous results. This not only harmed the adults that adopted the diet, but many people that grew up during that time period  also had it during their childhood, myself included. As noted in the Fast Food article, it is so damaging that just about any diet, including the vegan variety, would be a better alternative, since even vegan cuts out a lot of the deadly ingredients. So people, who usually start out as vegetarian and then go vegan, will attribute veganism as the cure, when in reality it is just damage control.

Laziness: This doesn’t just apply to veganism as a diet, but other diets as well, fad diets in particular; it’s far easier to adopt a system or methodology rather than create your own. And, at the risk of repeating myself, when you don’t have your own values, any prefabricated value system is far more attractive to follow, which veganism is today; even the Keto movement, though it may very well go down the same path, is fairly unique as a movement more than it is a diet or lifestyle. Which, whether they say it or not, leads to:

Consequences: There’s a grocer I talk to regularly that I get into arguments with constantly. Lovely lady, someone I enjoy talking to about most subjects.  But even just taking our physiques into considerations, I kind of have an unfair advantage: the fact that I actually exercise regularly certainly helps, but it’s clear I’m in far better shape than her. Also, to be fair, she is a little older than I am, but given the scores of bodybuilders out there in their 60’s & 70’s, that’s not being used as an excuse. She also exhibits many of the visible symptoms explained above not to mention any underlying physical problems, so unfortunately I don’t have much faith she will listen to reason until it is too late. And that’s the fear I have for many of the people that follow this religion today.

Speaking of which, Poor Lierre Keith. She followed the doctrine of veganism, and as she said herself, it ruined a lot of her life, let alone her health. She now has a book out speaking against it, and apparently now has vegans making death threats against her, though I doubt any of them have the energy, let alone the ability, to carry them out. I do suppose, had she not taken the vegan route, her story about what NOT to do wouldn’t be here today for you to learn from but, and I don’t know about you, I’d rather people avoid these kinds of consequences  and suffering in the first place, rather than having to learn from them.

Roses: Someone brought this up while we were talking about the Instagram kerfuffle, so I thought it was worth bringing up here. How many vegans buy roses for their loved ones, even though that’s death to said roses? People tend not to even eat them, instead merely using them as decoration and a way to get laid. So while vegans will rail against anyone that dareth to use anything that any creature that falls under the animal kingdom once breathed on, and at the same time many of these very same people will kill plants for no other reason than vanity. Let that sink in for a second: vegans will shame you for enjoying bacon because it cost a living creature’s life, yet they will take a creature’s life because it looks pretty in a nice vase?

Last thought: carnivores in nature tend to be smarter than herbivores, since it takes far more brain power and coordination to hunt an animal than it is to eat grass. Funny enough, r/K theory could apply here as an example alone: rabbits (the symbol for the r) can meet their nutritional requirements just by grazing on grass and other grains that are readily available and can’t put up much of a fight rather than their own chemical warfare. Wolves on the other hand (the K example), have to find, hunt down and catch said rabbits and other prey sources of food, which takes a lot more coordination and intellect than just eating grass. Humans not only evolved to be apex predators, but are THEE apex predator, and one that helped make other life on the planet flourish. Vegans, through virtue signaling for their own egos and religion in lieu of actual human progress, want us to go backwards in time, making us all become prey once again. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather myself and my loved ones prevail over all others. So if you’re really worried about minimizing the human footprint instead of making life better for your own species, I have a question for you: which of your own family are you willing to sacrifice for your own ideology to prevail?


Definition links:


Article on nutrients you can’t get from plant foods:

Evidence of plant life being able to sense and feel pain or damage:

“My current size is actually my vegan size.  What I mean by vegan size is that if I was to eat meat, I would actually be a lot bigger than what I am!” -Domz Thompson

Mr. December

Lierre Keith interview with Steven Crowder:


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Following Rome’s Footsteps: The Reality of America’s Freedom

Well it’s about that time, folks: It’s that time that we celebrate events that happened around the North American continent around the 4th of this random summer month. It involved some group that moved here from some of the European continents, who wished to escape monarchy rule and taxes, often risking their lives to do so. It’s funny, living in this (once)great country myself, that literally billions want to move to, I have to write the following, about the demise of the freedom of the U.S. as it stands today.

Let’s be blunt, just right upfront: the two rights that set the U.S. apart from literally every other country are the first two amendments in the U.S. Constitution. The first, of course, is about Free speech: to explain it in case it goes away, it means you are not subjugated to the use of government force if you say something that other people don’t agree with (for example: you can wear the Stars & Bars here in the U.S. without fear of prosecution; you cannot wear Nazi gear in Germany). The Second is the right to bear arms, and the reason it specifies that is because firearms, when your state has them, is the best way to defend yourself against not just another government attacking your country, but your own government attacking you. Sure, you can use knives or alarms from a drugged out burglar; try using that against a SWAT team; it’s there to keep the government from taking you over without your say so, it is literally the right to defend yourself with what is available.

It is those two rights, in my opinion, that really makes the U.S. the greatest country in the world, even today. It is very unfortunate, then, that those rights are under attack right now.

The hacking down of the Second of course is pretty open, as we are seeing with the outcries of the mass shootings that have happened in this country alone. The one in Parkland, Florida being the biggest example: that horrific murder spree happened, and suddenly people like David Hogg and Emma Gonzales have a voice that causes places like Deerfield, Illonois and Boulder, Colorado to ban an arbitrary class of firearms that aren’t even used in most shooting deaths, let alone total murders. People often liken weapons like, for example, an AR-15, to a sporting and hunting rifle. Of course, a rifle like that, as the Left has rightly portrayed, is very good at dispatching well armed humans, given the usual rounds they use. I’ll leave it to you to figure out who the armed humans I am referring to.

The First, however, is being undone more under the radar, through passing laws about hate speech, and particularly with the internet as it stands today. In case you didn’t know, the ICANN agreement, which basically controls the way you are able to access any website by typing the name into a search bar (like leading you here instead of, say, typing an algorithm that’s hard to remember), has been transferred away from the U.S., which invented the internet and still has some free speech laws, to the E.U., which does not. There’s a fight, right now in the E.U., about a bill called Article 13, which basically introduces hate speech laws into websites and forces them to comply with them, before anything even gets published; in other words, you can be censored before you even say anything online, you will be silenced if you say anything the wrong people don’t like.

So what does this have to do with the U.S., since that was about the E.U.? Because the U.S. has not only given crucial freedoms over to other people, but is now following the same path, as seen up above. And since, as previously stated, those two rights are the most fundamental to making this country free and open to making great things, and therefore the most important tenets that should be upheld today. If these should fall, as the forces that be are pushing for, we shall follow the same path as Rome.

Rome, of course, was one of the biggest and most successful societies on the planet at one time, that started as a small government country that had more freedoms that other countries didn’t have and, as a consequence, were conquered by Rome. Rome also grew it’s government grow to the point that it was insolvent, to the point that the barbarians they hired in place of their own army had to sack it. This is not dissimilar to what the U.S. is headed towards: the U.S. started as the smallest government possible, and now is the biggest the planet has ever seen, with the capacity to destroy us all many times over. And, in my opinion, the only thing holding this back is the First and Second Amendment; lose the ability to use your voice to defend yourself, not to mention losing the ability to defend yourself physically, and there is nothing protecting you from pure evil taking you down.

No, this isn’t something you might want to think about during this holiday of fun. While you’re barbequing today, while you’re drinking light beers during the day, while you’re watching a bunch of fireworks going up and exploding, these aren’t pleasant thought to think about. It also doesn’t make this reality go away. So while you’re enjoying this holiday (Trust me; I will), keep in mind that the freedoms you celebrate today, the hard won rights that so much blood and time and relationships have been broken and spilled for; understand that the rights that made this holiday possible are the very ones being attacked right now, and if you really care about this place you call home and celebrate today, it is the time now to stand up, and fight for what made this country so great. Lose this fight now, or desert it, and we all go down in darkness; Enjoy The Decline, as Aaron Clarey put it, will be a certain reality, and whether you live to see it or not, your children, or the kids you care about, will have to live through the consequences of your inactions.

Celebrate the Fourth of July! Embrace it with open arms! I will, even I have no loyalty to any country, I will have loads of fun today! But understand what exactly gives you that freedom to have that fun, how fleeting that freedom is throughout history, and how easily it can be stripped away from us all in the blink of an eye. You have the ability to celebrate your country, your freedom, for a reason; are you really willing to watch it burn to the ground?


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