Thoughts after the Election

O.K., I had some time to think about the last 24 hours. I got a chance to watch all of The Stupid cry about how the sky is falling, now that Trump was chosen to be president. Here are the silver linings I see:

The Media has been beaten. Whether you like, hate or are indifferent to Trump, the reality is that he was subjected to every single weapon the loser Left had. He was called a bigot, a failed businessman, had a million lies were brought up against him. He was called a racist, a islamophobe, a sexist, a misogynist, a homophobe, had a bunch of trumped up scandals thrown at him, had his personal appearance and habits attacked, had everything he said taken out of context and used to attack him, was implicated in various legal issues he was innocent of, and had the entire government establishment fighting against him. And he still won. He resisted every weapon that could be thrown at him, and weathered them.

What does that mean for us? Well, for me at least, this has brought me great hope, a hope I haven’t had in years. And that hope is that the weapons have failed. You have to understand: the weapons used on Trump are the same ones used against everyone that has an opinion other people don’t like. These weapons, the calls of racism and sexism, the use of that to take away your job, your family, your friends, that silences you. you dare say anything that may be called racist, you will be destroyed. Trump took that on, and won. He showed that you can stand up to those weapons, that you have a choice on how they affect you. And if you can weather the insults, unless The Stupid have a mob behind them to actually face you, they have no other weapons to use against you.

Why am I hopeful about this? Because Trump has left blood on the floor. After all of these years of fighting against the very same evil, his perseverance has wounded the power of the media. He’s shown their weakness, which is the same weakness that religion has; that you have to believe in Hell in order to have fear of it. Like him, or hate him, he has spilled their blood, which is something I have seeked out for years. That blood is now on the floor. And as the great Schwarzenegger once said: “If it bleeds, we can kill it.” It’s weakness has been exposed, put in the spotlight, and fragmented.

This is something I have hoped for years. I have fought to find this flaw for a long time, and now it is here. This is the reason I decided to come back, to use the election to make it apparent to all of you, to show you how you were being controlled. Like I said before: this is bigger than any election, thus extends into just about every aspect of your life, every major belief you have today. This control is, and has been in most every important thing in your lives. And now it has been shattered thanks to Trump. Now, more than any other time, it is vulnerable. Now, it is in the open. Now, it can be attacked directly, and destroyed.

Keep this in mind, now more than any time:

Close your heart.

Open your mind.

You were being lied to.

It has been exposed.

Attack now. This may be your only shot.

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