Thoughts on the Left’s care of their supporters

To the people that thought the Trump supporters were violent, particularly the Bernie Butt Buddies:

I have to say, before we get into this, this may end up being refined as another article. It certainly bears beingnoreserved as much in my opinion. Continue reading and tell me if I’m right:

To the people that thought the Trump supporters were violent, particularly the Bernie Butt Buddies:

By now, everyone on the planet has heard of the riots. No, I’m not calling them protests; these motherfuckers are violent asshole sore losers calling for assassinations of the president, the rape of the first lady, and are currently causing (I’m guessing) millions of dollars worth of damage to property, healthcare costs to people they assault, tons of pollution from clogging up freeways, etc.

Has anyone spoke up about this? Yeah, I’ve been vocal about this, and other people have brought up points I will bring up here, but not enough have made this an issue. It’s crazy that the liberal left made such a ruckus about Trump supporters being violent racist assholes that would rape and pillage the country if he didn’t get elected, how many of you reading this now said that they were the worst people in the galaxy. And the head honchos of the left, like Bernie, Obama, and Hillary herself, made their voices heard that Trump should denounce the violence of his supporters and not spread hatred.

But lookee here: whose burning down businesses? Whose pulling possible Trump supporters out of cars and beating them? Whose throwing rocks at police officers? Whose clogging up freeways actual working citizens use to get to and from work? Whose saying people need to die because Trump won? You guessed right: liberal leftist Hillary supporters, led maybe by professional rabble rousers. And everyone on the left have been demanding Trump call for peace and call him a supporter of all of this because he doesn’t, even though he actually did anyway, and as if the same assholes that hate him would listen to anything he says. You know who isn’t saying much about this? The 3 people I named earlier.

What has Bernie said about this? He actually spoke positively about the riots! He, in passing during an interview, equated the destruction to people exercising their 1st Amendment. Obama, meanwhile, pondered all of this civil unrest across the country he is presiding over during a weekend of golf. That’s right: while shit was being wrecked in his own country, he was off playing a game of 18 holes. And Hillary? Try as I might, I couldn’t even find any activity from her; she’s basically ghosted the population.

It is important you understand this: all 3 of these people say they love you and have your best interests in mind. All of them said that Trump was the violence inciter, and held him accountable for the actions of his followers. And where are they now that THEIR followers are the ones inciting violence? Where are they now that THEIR followers have wreaked havoc across the country?

My opinion: apparently they don’t give a shit, at best. At worst, they’re loving it, and are even using it as fuel for more anti-Trump hatred, using the violence as evidence of Trump being the harbinger of doom. In other words, they’re being used as pawns.

Look, this has gotten ridiculous. Like it or not, the reality is that he won. The battle is over, you lost. And none of this protesting bullshit is going to change that. All it does is disrupt everything that makes this country run. And while you people are burning shit, your leaders and idols don’t even care enough to tell you to stop fucking up the country over an election you lost. They don’t care about you enough to tell you that what you’re doing is wrong. Funnily enough, as much as many of you say Trump is evil, as least he stepped up as said let’s work together and unite! What has YOUR side said during this? How have THEY addressed this where the FUCK are they?

Well, you know where they stand, or rather lack of. In the time of your greatest need, when you are at your most hurt, when you are at your angriest and need the most love and guidance, when you cant believe what has happened and want to scream and destroy the world around you, where are they? Where are your leaders? What are they doing to show they care for you, to comfort you to this troubling time, to guide you though this as the leaders and statesmen they are supposed to be? At the moment of your greatest need, where are they?

I have to ask: as engulfed in the emotional rage as you are, have any of you ever stopped to ask this? After all, these people are the ones you rallied around and supported for your own ideals, people you voted for, gave money, time and energy promoting, showed up at rallies for, perhaps even lost friends and family you held dear defending. When they needed you, you stepped up and delivered to the best of your abilities, you gave it your all because, right or wrong, you believed in them. And make no mistake: whether I agree with your politics or not, that level of commitment, that willingness to put yourself out there for what you believe in, I respect that.

Now I ask you to ask yourselves: now that you need your leaders, the ones you fought and bled for, where are they? Are they by your side now? Or now that you need them, are they nowhere to be found?

Angry you may be, are these really the people you want to lead you?

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