Thoughts on the Verbal Weapons of the Left

A message to the media, the Stupid, and the fearmongerers:

Yes, you are now my mortal enemy. I hate what you are doing, the extent of which I will explain in detail later on. But I want you to do just one thing, and I believe you are and will continue to do it well:

Keep doing what you are doing.

Keep pushing the exact same points you’ve been pushing for over a year. Keep up the race baiting, victim baiting, and calling everyone that has actual facts that disagrees with your narrative a racist sexist misogynistic bigoted islamophobic xenophobe. Keep saying that, essentially, everyone that you disagree with are evil people. Keep demonizing everyone you don’t like, who live in the real world.

Keep doing what you are doing. Because I want you to continue destroying yourself.

Like I have said several times now, for the longest time you have used your weapons of mental and social suppression well. When someone said a fact you didn’t like, you could call it racist or sexist or the other dirty words, and either have it silenced through shame, or have that person socially destroyed. And while that’s a good power to have, like most powers, it has corrupted you, and you have abused it in ways that are increasingly absurd.

Enter The Donald (in your pussy, probably). He jumps in, runs fofor the most powerful position (tee hee) on the planet, and all of you throw everything you have at him. You used every weapon you could think of and trump up against him. And despite your best efforts, he beat you.

And what did you do in response? Did you do any self reflection and try to figure out why you lost? No, you doubled down on the same language that just failed you. The same weapons you tried to use on Trump that didn’t faze him, you continue to use on the people, to try to take him down and keep us under control.

Go ahead. Keep doing that. Because the people are starting to wake up. They’re starting to recognize the tricks you’re using to evoke a response in them, and they are finally starting to resist. And the more you keep using the same weapons, the more the people become resistant to it, to the point that we will become immune to it.

So keep going. Keep calling Trump a racist sexist bigot. Keep using those words. Saturate us with them. Because one day, probably soon, they will become meaningless, and you will have played a great part in disarming yourselves. You will have destroyed the arguments you stood on because in the end, you had no real ground to stand on, no facts, only words.

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