Who is The Goddamn Bacon?

  • Bacon is the guy that spent over a decade working in various fields, such as bullshit customer service, restaurant serving, aircraft/auto/bicycle maintenance, sales, martial arts, personal training, and about a million other jobs. He also got an abundance of experience from real life situations; education, formal, observed and self taught; and over five billion arguments online that were researched beyond a shadow of a doubt and objectively won nearly every debate he’s been in for the last 10 years. Now burned out from trying to help his friends and others on social media, and even trying to “save them from themselves”, he brings this experience here to you, for your benefit and education, along with his benefit and sense of public service to you.

Note: This is not politically correct, impolitically correct, or any other correct but the correct that is the pure, honest, goddamn truth. This is his opinion, which is not legally binding or to be legally substituted for a consultation of a certified experienced professional. But keep in mind: his “opinion” is objectively the fucking truth. It’s what he honestly believes, and what he practices as well as preaches. Though he continues to learn and keep himself updated and educated, he knows his shit, and does not care how you feel about it, or in his own words: “Fuck your feelings; you’re the problem.” Take it and thrive, or die a impotent and sad death.