World’s Greatest Nutritionist: Laughter At Humanity Show Ringing In The Roarin’20’s In Right Spectacular

“There are scant better feelings than being proven right.”

Show note: Apparently the glitches plaguing the device I record on have infected the shows, meaning the following episodes will have chunks of the audio missing, which is why it will sound a bit choppy. My apologies for this, and thanks for listening!

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It’s here! It’s not queer! And it’s got perfect vision bitches! The twenty teens saw me getting into plenty of panties in more than one way, into bottles of wine, and into and out of hairy situations, again, in more than one way; let’s see what the Roaring 20’s have to offer! Was I proven right about everything I’ve said about nutrition, and did a bikini barista get her panties in a was when she was told it’s too late to get a husband up to her standards? Pop the cork of that bottle of red you’ve beeen saving, and tune the fuck in, down below!

Episode 1:

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New decade show 1

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Episode 2:

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New years 2

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